Innovative Ways You Can Use A Rollator To Gain More Independence

When your mobility becomes diminished, either due to advancing age, a health condition, or maybe even a serious accident, your restricted movement can quickly become a source of frustration and dismay. You might feel as if your autonomy has been taken away, and become disheartened that you can’t do everything you used to. 

While these feelings are entirely understandable, and perhaps to be expected, the good news is that there is help available. Mobility aids such as rollators can quickly give you back your independence, and can also help you to regain your physical strength over time. 

That’s not all; with the help of a rollator and the new freedom it gives you, your mental well-being should also be restored, and your confidence in your own ability to get around safely will increase. 

Keen to find out more? Read on to discover the innovative ways in which a rollator can enhance your mental and physical health and allow you to regain your independence. 

You Can Build Up Your Fitness Levels

When your mobility diminishes, your muscles can lose their strength over time due to lack of use. This is why it’s vital that you keep moving as much as possible. 

When you buy a Rollator from an experienced manufacturer such as Rollz, you will immediately begin to move around more, with the help of your lightweight and easily manoeuvrable mobility aid. As a result, your muscles will slowly but surely regain their strength, and your endurance levels will also increase, meaning you will be able to walk further and further. 

The key is to take it – quite literally – one step at a time, and focus on building your fitness levels gradually so as not to put any unnecessary strain on your body. With your new rollator providing a light but stable frame for you to rely on, you can slowly but surely increase both the length of time and the distance that you can walk. At the same time, both your stamina and your independence will also steadily increase. 

You Can Try New Activities

As well as providing you with a walking aid to help you move around your home and perform your usual daily tasks, a rollator also has the capacity to assist you with other forms of exercise and activity. 

With the help of a rollator, you can once again resume your favourite activities – whether it’s popping to the shops, going for a ramble in your local park, meeting friends for coffee, or stocking up on reading material at the library. 

The key is to choose the right rollator for the right task. For instance, some rollators are well-equipped for shopping trips and other errands, with a lightweight design and a shopping bag attached to the frame. Meanwhile, others have been designed to serve as an ‘all-terrain’ mobility aid, equipped with pneumatic tyres, so they can provide stable support on uneven ground. This makes them perfect for walking your dog in the park, or exploring a local beauty spot. 

In addition, if your physiotherapist has provided you with a gentle exercise routine to follow, your rollator can provide assistance with this too, serving as a sturdy support for you to use to ensure you don’t lose your balance. 

You Can Take Advantage Of Specialised Features 

Rollators, such as the versatile aids designed by Rollz, have been equipped with special features that make them suitable for people of different sizes, ages, and health conditions. As a result, you can easily find a rollator that will suit your unique circumstances and symptoms. 

Lightweight rollators designed for shopping trips and gentle exercise are ideal for those with reduced mobility who just need a little assistance while out and about. On the other hand, a rollator-wheelchair combination provides an essential form of support for those who find it hard to walk very far and may need to sit down and rest at any time. 

Some rollators have even been designed to provide neurological support to help patientssuffering with serious disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. While the stable frame prevents any loss of balance, the rollator uses cues to help break the ‘freeze’ that can be a characteristic of a neurological condition like Parkinson’s, allowing the patient to resume their walk. These cues are threefold and consist of vibrations in the handlebars, a metronome, and a laser line projected onto the ground to guide and encourage movement. 

Broaden Your Horizons

Last but not least, another significant benefit of a rollator is the freedom it gives you to experience life’s many wonders. Rather than being confined to your home, with a rollator you can get out and about, and even travel long distances with confidence. 

This is because rollators are easy to fold up into a compact bundle. They are therefore both convenient and portable, capable of being stowed in a car boot or on an airplane, ready for you to use on your holidays. Whether you want to explore the gentle hills of the Sussex Downs, or relax on a sun-kissed Greek beach, there’s nothing to stop you with your rollator by your side.

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