WIN: Product of the Year Award Hamper

The 2022 Product of the Year Award winners have been announced, and it’s time to celebrate.

This is the largest consumer-voted awards program, that showcases the most innovative products on the market. Whether you’re looking for value for money, eco-friendly options, or time-saving products, the winner’s list is worth checking out.

The awards cover a range of areas including food, beauty and homecare items.

Want to get your hands on some of the top supermarket goodies?

We have two Product of the Year Award Hampers up for grabs, valued at approximately $100 each. The contents will be selected at random from the winner’s list.

In the comments section below, tell us about a product that you’ve recently purchased that you can’t stop raving about.

Good luck. We will contact you via email if you’re a lucky winner.

Competition closes 23rd of June 2022. Australia only. Prizes cannot be exchanged.

70 thoughts on “WIN: Product of the Year Award Hamper

  1. I am addicted to the chocolate Twisted Licks ice creams . Sugar and gluten free they are great to keep in the freezer for my coeliac grandchildren . So tasty ,smooth and chocolatey I enjoy my ice cream snack after dinner .

  2. Just tried Beautifully Butterfully Salted Butter 250g from Aldi and its just like the butter of my memories. So tasty and perfectly embodies what good butter should taste like and at a good price as well

  3. Noshu Low Carb Peanut And Caramel Nougat Indulgence Bar! Delicious, lo-carb, fat and sugar, so it’s a legitimate diet snack. There’s also the Cherry & Coconut and Coconut Bliss, but the Peanut and Caramel Nougat is my favourite. An afternoon delight with a cup of coffee.

  4. My daughter is vegan so she introduced us to the impossible burgers from, and we love them!

  5. I go through a lot of tissues, especially as my son and his family are temporarily living with me. 3 little boys use them to wipe everything, and one per teeny blow of their noses. I saw a man loading up on Coles own brand of tissues and asked what they are like, as I usually buy a premium brand for softness. He couldn’t speak highly enough of them. So, I grabbed a few boxes. I too, cannot speak highly enough. Super soft, full size, pretty boxes to suit any decor, but most of all, all of that for just over $1.20 for a box of 224, 2ply tissues. Try them. I’m confident you will love them too.

  6. Cobb’s popcorn, I love popcorn and I’m loving their individual packs to take to work for part of my lunch!

  7. I purchased some Plantitude Ice Cream and it was so creamy and delicious. If you get served this without seeing the packaging, you would believe it is gourmet Ice Cream and not a vegan/dairy free product. I adore it!!!!

  8. I can’t stop eating Aldi’s pretzel chocolate bar! It’s so good! I buy it for every occasion for everyone and they all love it too!

  9. Listerine ‘Go Tabs’ are a game changer! I get self-conscious after having a coffee, because who wants coffee breath! I usually suck on mints, but after finding these tabs, I’m hooked! It’s like being able yo brush your teeth on the go! Platable, fresh but not too overwhelming, just love them!

  10. Not sure if it is new but it’s the first time I have seen it last month when grocery shopping. Natvia Salted Caramel Smooth Topping Sauce and I can vouch that it is absolutely delicious on my ice cream. What is even better, it’s only 5 calories per serve so I don’t feel guilty eating it. I have been using Natvia sugar since it came on the market but not tried any of their other products.

  11. My husband and I love something sweet after dinner and I discovered the Licks brand of ice creams and we are so impressed. There is always a pack living in my freezer!

  12. Gluten free Arnott’s Tee Vee snacks. Being coeliac, when a new exciting gluten free product is released you just have to try it. They have just hit the shelves, and I think they are delicious. Pretty close to what I remember them to taste like.

  13. Healthy Choice Vegetarian Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, gosh this frozen meal is delicious, plenty of sauce and ravioli cooks up great in the microwave

  14. The ready made bag of Green Goddess Salad, makes for an easy, quick and nutritious dinner

  15. Arnotts Gluten Free Mint Slice! They taste so good and are healthier being gluten free so I can eat more, right?

  16. The new Dark Chocolate Mint Tim Tams are luxurious and such a special treat as I love all things mint.

  17. My Vegan daughter got me onto the Connoisseur Plant Based Hazelnut Chocolate ice cream and it tastes so delicious, I’ve never tried any ice cream that compares to this.

  18. Tasmanian Tamar Valley dairy kids yoghurt is a healthy, convenient treat. Many flavours to choose from. Perfect size. I often pack one for myself.

  19. Sunbites Snack Crackers, both my daughter and I love them. Made in Australia using Australian grown whole grains and they taste delicious. I buy the 12 pack box for $5 which has 3 different flavours in perfect snack size packets. My daughter takes them to work for part of her lunch and I love them as a low calorie afternoon guilt free snack. Crunchy and yummy!

  20. YoPro mint protein ice creams. Low calorie and high protein. They are a nice treat and I love that they don’t give me a sugar high and set off my cravings

  21. Hands down – I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, Darrell Lea Bullets Liquorice Dark Chocolate is the bee’s knee’s it tastes sooo good, it has all the benefits of eating dark chocolate the added benefits of flavournoids in the liquorice, couple that with a glass of red and you have the perfect TRIPLE WHAMMY health kick

  22. Aldi’s prepacked PUMPKIN RAVIOLI. Super tasty, great priced and the kids actually liked it. Not gluggy or tough and the pumpkin added that extra sweetness to tempt our fussy Miss 11. Experiment with different sauces and you won’t be disappointed.

  23. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure and I’ve recently discovered Darrell Lea Rum & Raisin Dark Chocolate! OMG if you love Rum & Raisin ice cream you MUST try this, it’s so good! Dark rich smooth rum flavoured chocolate and juicy plump raisins, it’s just perfection!!

  24. I work with special needs children and as wonderful as they are the negative side is that you are also dealing with a lot of body fluids. I come into contact with drool constantly and so need a good hand sanitizer. Ive found the gel ones really do a number on my hands so i like the liquid spray ones. The problem that I also had was that certain scents the kids dont like as they are very sensitive but the ‘So – Saba Organics Hand Sanitiser in Rose and Kakadu Plum’ is special needs children approved and its gentle on my hands.

  25. Old El Paso Tortilla pockets – perfect for lunch boxes or lunch on the go – completely do away with the hassle of whether the wrap will stay in one piece. And they are very tasty.

  26. Mayvers Peanut Butter!
    Contains 99% peanuts. It’s vegan friendly, with no added sugars or flavours. NO artificial additives. To make it even better it’s Australian made! Wahoo!
    I swapped to Mayvers last year and will always buy this brand now.
    Good for your health and good for Australian producers.

  27. My family and I love to indulge in the Coles brand Chai sachets. They must be popular with others as they seem to fly off the shelf. Would highly recommend this product.

  28. My rave worthy product is Lipton iced tea sachets! Tea is aparently the in thing atm too as per my teen daughter so perhaps….I’m cool haha!

  29. Woolworths Thomas Dux Truffle Brie,
    Costs only four dollars fifty,
    Its perfectly blended, it’s texture is spot on!
    It seems to grow legs in our house,
    as I blink once and it’s gone!
    Definitely a gourmet tasty delight,
    Just buy one each,
    And there won’t be a fight!

  30. Chocolate clinkers once a week I have a night to myself no kids no husband and I love to watch movies and munch out on clinkers there crunchy sweet coated in chocolate there my favourite go to munchies x

  31. We recently tried the frozen ‘Potato and Bacon Bake’ from Woolworths, it’s just like homemade ‘Oakhill Potatoes’. Very handy to have in the freezer for those times you need a convenient meal, great for the barbeque too.

  32. Coles Ultimate 40% Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies are by far the best and they are truly the ultimate choice for a packaged product. At $3.50 they beat any other brand in quality and price. I have to hide them so I don’t finish the whole packet. Trust me, coz I have definitely researched this and have influenced friends and family to purchase them and they all agree.

  33. McCain Rustic pizza salami and 4 cheese is so delicious and the base is crunchy and fluffy on the inside. It is a great snack for the family and easy to prepare by just cooking it in the oven.

  34. Al Wadi Rose Water 300ml it is absolute heaven! It is an authentic Middle Eastern all purpose product. The scent is divine. I use it for cooking, drinking and as a skin toner! It smooths and hydrates my face. I have even sprayed it in my hair!
    I put a teaspoon in my tea to give it a lift instead of using sugar and it is very delicious and refreshing in ice cold water.
    The price is very affordable at $3.00 for such a variety of uses.
    Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  35. denada Ice-cream in a tub, soooo many flavours, so creamy, so tasty! I love that it’s great for our household – keto, dairy intolerant and gluten free. All natural, available almost everywhere and it’s an Australian company!

  36. The Leggos Organic pasta sauce especially the Tomato and Basil simply delicious and great knowing it’s got less sugar and salts added to it.A healthier meal to love.

  37. I remember seeing one new product of a certain year and the product was Listerine solid tablets. I was intrigued so went in search of them and they were fabulous. Just wondering if anyone has seen them around now though as the only Listerine ones I can find is the piece of paper ones that sit on your mouth and dissolve.

    The one I am looking for is Listerine solid tablets that transforms into a liquid once you chew it and it can then be swished around the mouth and swallowed. They were great when I was in hospital and couldn’t get up all the time to clean my teeth.

    I am always on the hunt for them.

  38. Woolworths little ones baby wipes are amazing. They have just the right amount of moisture and come out of the packet singular. So much cheaper than leading brands.

  39. Love the Plantitude Coconut Mango Frozen Dessert, it’s dairy free, full of flavour and mango coconut deliciousness, it’s my favourite.

  40. Old EL Pasco Pockets Tortilla Kit is my favourite dinner kit to enjoy Mexican food at comfort own home . My whole family can involve it . I love use different ingredients to maximise healthy benefits and flavours too. It’s a great product with affordable prices and no mess .

  41. Lakanto Maple Flavoured syrup is a new love for me. It tastes amazing but has no added sugar as it’s made from monk fruit. Great on pancakes but also fantastic on my plain yogurt to add a sweet hit. Guilt free happiness in a bottle.

  42. Smith’s Double Crunch Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings Potato Chips – the name’s a bit of a mouthful and the double thickness is too! These are delicious and I stock up on them whenever they are on special. They are thick, super crunchy and have a great balance of flavour with a chilli hit!

  43. Kit Kat Biscoff, hits my new sweet craving spot on. The combination of biscuit and choc has me adding one to basket in supermarket every time.

  44. Birds Eye , fries in a box for the microwave – was sceptical at first but they are yum and crunchy

  45. The ‘Protein’ variant of Mayver’s Peanut Butter in the aquamarine colour on the label- so easy to spot in the supermarket and also natural and vegan. I have to be vegan for medical reasons so the extra protein in this one is highly welcome! Amazing on warm toast in colder weather and a dollop of it on a celery stick for extra crunch and health both make delicious, super easy and nutritious snacks between meals that gives satisfying energy doses. Guaranteed to ward off hunger pangs between meals. It’s also a relatively low cost snack that appeals to all ages and all diets. My 22 year old daughter loves it for her gym-going lifestyle for extra protein (she’s always looking for ways to up protein in her diet) and I love it for aforementioned vegan reasons. My husband loves it’s taste (as we all do!) and my 17 year old loves it (God knows she needs as much quality nutrition as she can get) and she doesn’t realise it’s so good for her. Great for senior citizens too who need to boost their energy for everyday living, A little bit is all it takes – and yes, I am raving yet again about it!

  46. Chris’ Heritage Camembert Cherry & Walnut Dip it’s so good! Sweet and creamy it reminds me of cheesecake!

  47. Blackstone Deli style chips multi packs because they’re so tasty and everyone fights for their choice/s!

  48. I recently bought some ajvar which I’ve never tried before but it’s delicious. It’s a Croatian capsicum paste/spread that you can use as a dip or as a condiment or even in cooking. It’s great as it’s not too spicy either!

  49. Licks Ice Creams! Finally an Ice Block for Diabetics and its chocolate and really tastes like chocolate… if you have not tried these you need to … a guilt free and 99% sugar free snack, what more cna Is ay but YUM

  50. I tried Nachos flavoured Twisties and absolutely loved the taste. I really hope they keep them as a product, not just a limited edition.

  51. My latest discovery is Coles’ chicken kiev balls. These are great! You keep them in the freezer, so they’re easy to have on hand. Toss them in the oven, and they’re cooked in 20 minutes – chuck some frozen veggies in the steamer and you have a pretty healthy meal with almost no effort. The kids love them, and the size (picture a slightly large meatball) makes it easy to portion out the right amounts for different appetites. Leftovers are great for lunchboxes. They’re also great to have on hand for unexpected guests – depending on how you serve them, they’re snack friendly too. These are really fabulous. Oh yes, and they taste good.

    My lifetime favorite product though is my book covers: plain colored covers that you can slip on whatever book you’re reading. I have one in hardback/trade paperback size, and one in paperback size and oh my goodness I LOVE THEM. I think they were intended to let you read stuff like “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the train without blushing, but for me they provide protection against very curious very voracious little readers: my kids. Not that I read anything too outrageous, it’s just that it’s often not very suitable for primary aged kids. My kids have lost all interest in what I’m reading now it’s always sheathed in a plain green wrapper, and I no longer have to be careful about where I put my book down. I am in love.

  52. Fry’s Brioche Burger Buns. These are amazing! I find regular burger buns too heavy and ‘bready’ and other brioche buns are either too sweet or turn to moosh and the burger falls out of the bun. Not so with these. They aren’t sweet and are nice and light and hold the insides well. I like to put them in the toaster for just under a minute. Found in the bread aisle of Woolworths. These are the only buns I’ll ever buy! You’re welcome 😉

  53. I’m not usually a fan of frozen pizza but a friend recommended I try Dr Oetker pizzas and I quickly changed my mind! My husband and I absolutely love the Ristorante Spinaci with the Ristorante Mozzarella a very close second. I honestly thought spinach pizza would be yuk but it is bloody delicious! Cheesey, spinachy and garlicy it is soooo good. The bases crisp up lovely (but not too much!) in the oven and only take around 10-12 minutes to cook. A really easy and totally yummy dinner that gets demolished every time we have it. Have tried other frozen pizzas now but they are all very ‘meh’ and pale into comparison. Always have some in my freezer now, I can’t talk more highly of them!

  54. Arnott Gluten Free mint slices! My husband has missed mint slice biscuits since he needed to go gluten free. I must say I can’t tell the difference between them the GF ones are so good.

  55. I have recently discovered Splits Crispbread and I’m not sure who loves them more- my 2 year old or myself! First time I tried the tomato ones she had a bite then took the whole plate. I’m happy she’s enjoying a healthy option!

  56. Fruit-tella Gummies are my current snacky obsession. Natural colours and flavours and gluten free, while being oh-so-yummy!
    Highly recommend!

  57. Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets highlight creativity and ingenuity, one of a kind
    As we appreciate those treasured moments that will always beautifully remind
    Dinner times where family is adored and bought together joyfully as one
    Amidst fabulous food fascination and culinary delightfulness that’s happy and fun
    Fill the marvellous pockets with all your favourite ingredients easily and mess free
    As all little and big hearts are enlightened with love as they smile, wonderful to see.

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