Lockdown Beauty Treatments

With the Greater Sydney and Melbourne lockdown dragging on for what seems like forever, keeping up a beauty routine can seem a bit pointless. No one is going to see you anyway, right?

Yet there’s actually no better time to start a beauty regime and build your post-lockdown confidence while you have all this spare time at home. 

With this in mind, here are a few of the best and most affordable lockdown treatments that you can do in the comfort of your own home:

Start with a smile:

Research from SmileDirectClub shows that two in five Australians believe that improving your smile will give you a much-needed confidence boost, and the easiest way to look and feel great in lockdown – is with a smile!

Start your confidence journey with a SmileDirectClub dentist directed impression kit, delivered straight to your door. Taking your impressions is easy, it only takes 30 minutes and SmileDirectClub has helpful videos to get you through the process.

Self-care is important during this time, and it’s the little things that help you feel the most confident, so be sure to wear your smile loud and proud – even if there’s no one around. Use code SMILEATHOME to order a $20 impression kit, a saving of $59, offer ends 01.10.2021.

Step-up your skincare routine: 

During lockdown, it can be easy to fall into bad habits when you’re stuck wandering around the house all day, and it’s even easier to lose self-confidence when you’re not on top of your beauty routine like you’re used to. NIVEA’s Naturally Good range is the sustainable skincare change-up you never knew you needed.

Revamp your lockdown morning routine with the NIVEA Naturally Good Micellar Face Wash with Aloe Vera, which is great for getting that fresh feeling before starting your day.

Pair the face wash with the NIVEA Naturally Good Oat and Nourishment Body Lotion after a shower to keep your skin silky smooth.

The best part? This lotion is formulated with up to 99% naturally derived ingredients that are free from parabens, mineral oils, and silicones.

Pamper yourself: 

Tired eyes can be the first sign of over-working, so what better way to treat yourself than with a midday or night-time pamper session? Hydrogel Under Eye Pads by Spascriptions are gentle, hydrating pads that work as an effective under-eye treatment to help moisturise and revitalise your eyes, especially after staring at that screen all day.

It also only takes 15 minutes – pop them on at lunch or as soon as you finish work and give yourself that much-needed break!

You can find these online or in-store at BIG W, who are providing ways for Aussies to shop safely during lockdown with Contactless Pick Up and Direct to Boot services available.

What are your top lockdown beauty treatments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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