The Best Streaming Platforms in 2021

As the pandemic hit the world in late 2019 and primarily in 2020, there is no doubt the economy around the world also declined. With people losing jobs and having to isolate themselves in their homes, people turned to streaming platforms for entertainment in the extra time they had away from work.

Although many stayed as viewers, some decided to take up streaming themselves, increasing the popularity of streaming while riding out Covid-19 into and through 2021. Some even managed to change their vocations full-time and were able to find sustainability in streaming and content creation. Here are the best streaming platforms of 2021.


Twitch has grown exponentially during 2020 and 2021. Not only in terms of viewership but streamers also, due to people being stuck at home during the lockdown.

Twitch Interactive was acquired by Amazon back in 2014 and changed the way the platform operates, by letting smaller streamers also make money from streaming. With perks such as an Amazon Prime account, account holders can subscribe and support their favourite streamers.

YouTube Gaming:

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world so obviously, they would also throw their hat into the live streaming game.

Originally set up by three ex-PayPal employees back in 2005, YouTube was then acquired by Google in 2006. YouTube Gaming was set up to compete with Twitch, and as long as you have a Gmail account, it comes with a YouTube/YouTube Gaming account. 

Facebook Gaming:

Facebook remains the largest social media platform to date owning Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook/Messenger, and of course Oculus VR. With these properties, Facebook has access to billions of users every day. So, their ease of access to viewers and consumers of content makes them a heavy hitter in the industry. Facebook gaming was launched in 2018 to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Microsoft also had its own streaming platform, originally named Beam, then rebranded as Mixer. This was discontinued in 2020 before they redirected all streamers to Facebook Gaming. 


Netflix was founded originally in 1997 as a subscription-based service for DVD rentals and sales by mail. In 2007, they expanded into a content streaming platform, which then started to grow and reach countries worldwide.

They started their own content productions in 2013 with House of Cards and many more have followed since. Netflix has a range of genres in their content, which are always being updated, ranging from sitcoms, comedy, drama, horror, and gambling-themed tv shows or movies.


TikTok has gained popularity worldwide for its short-form video sharing platform, launched in 2016 in China. It wasn’t so well-known until it merged with another Chinese social media platform in 2018, where it became available worldwide. TikTok, just like any social media platform growing at such a rate, has produced a new wave of content creators and influencers giving them access to the ability to make money and “go live” for their followers and viewers.

While the pandemic is passing and lives are returning to normality, there is no doubt these platforms have benefitted from the spare time everyone had during the lockdowns.

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