5 Eco-Friendly Products New Moms Should Have

Growing your family is a wonderful experience that can change the whole trajectory of your life. If you have always wanted to have kids, then this milestone becomes even more special for you as a new mom. 

But if you are environmentally conscious and considerate of climate change, the responsibility of being a new parent becomes a bit more challenging. With these factors on your mind, you need to strike the perfect balance between caring for the planet as well as your newborn. 

Thankfully, the emergence of innovative products makes that feat easier to achieve than you may think. To help you explore these options, here are 5 eco friendly products new moms should have.

1. Environmentally Friendly Diapers

Traditional diapers are made out of plastic, which makes them inherently bad for the environment due to their inability to decompose. Even when you adopt other measures, such as considering the benefits of renewable energy, depending on single-use plastic creates a burden on the environment. 

By using diapers made from alternative materials, such as bamboo-based diapers, you can resolve this problem effectively. Since these diapers are made from natural materials, they can decompose easily and limit the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

You can get these items through a diaper subscription service, which ensures that you don’t run out of necessary supply at any time. Eco friendly diapers allow you to take care of your newborn without compromising your values. 

2. Get Eco Friendly Feeding Bottles

Plastic bottles also present the issue of being incapable of natural decomposition. Due to this reason, their use in your baby’s daily feeding routine can go against your environmentally friendly approach. 

To counter this, make it a point to use an eco friendly baby bottle. Primarily made with stainless steel or glass, these bottles employ minimal use of plastic or silicone. This can help reinforce your baby’s health while also lowering your ecological footprint. 

In addition to being long-lasting, these bottles come with the advantage of not retaining foul odors. This makes them an all-around excellent choice for new moms in terms of affordability and convenience alike. It is similar to adopting a toothbrush made from recycled plastic.

3. Look Into Sustainable Clothing

Some baby clothes are made using synthetic materials that place a strain on the environment due to their production process. While these clothes remain popular due to their widespread availability, they’re not the most eco friendly option on the market. 

By looking into sustainable baby clothing such as an organic romper, you can find baby clothes that look great, are affordable, and have the added advantage of being sustainable. This means that they are made to eliminate their larger impact on climate change. 

As a result, these clothing choices make sure that you feel as good about buying them as your baby looks after wearing them. With several types of clothing and knitwear options, you can easily find something that appeals to you.

4. Buy Natural Rubber Toys

As your newborn gets a bit older, they will need recreational activities to keep themselves occupied. Instead of giving them plastic-made toys that are harmful for the environment, you can look into sustainable toys made from natural materials.

A natural rubber bath toy stands out as an excellent example in this regard. These types of toys are also painted with food-grade colors, which lets you rest easy knowing that your baby is not being exposed to harmful substances. 

The endurance of these toys allows your child to use them for at least a few months, even with constant play. Even when you are moving your home with a newborn in tow, these toys can continue to be a constant source of comfort. 

5. Use Natural Oils for Aromatherapy

Lack of sleep is often a troubling issue for newborns as well as their parents. This is especially true when you have no prior experience of parenting or handling a baby. 

That is where the use of aromatherapy can help. With natural scents such as lavender and mandarin, you can provide your baby with a good night’s sleep without the use of plastic-based crib mobiles or toys. 

You can access these natural aromatherapy measures through essential oils. However, you should only use essential oils after a discussion with your healthcare provider. This makes sure that you are not taking any risks with your newborn’s health. 

By using these measures, you can adopt an eco-friendly parenting style without much difficulty. This lets you obtain an optimal approach for taking care of your child and the planet that you will be leaving behind for them. 

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