CLOSED: Win with No Pong

An all-natural way to be pong-free this summer!

For Australians young and old, summer means holidays, the beach, spending time outdoors and maybe even a summertime romance, but for many, if not all, the season also means overcoming sweaty situations in soaring temperatures.  

As we head into the warmer months, many of us may find ourselves overdoing the deodorant or anti-perspirants to avoid sweating and smelling. 

Australia’s favourite anti-odourant, No Pong, is here to help! No Pong is giving away 10 x twin packs of its original formula and a bicarb-free formula to ensure Beauty and Lace readers can be pong-free this summer. 

Unlike its anti-perspirant counterparts, No Pong is an easy to apply lotion, developed and made in Australia. All-natural ingredients work together, neutralising odour rather than blocking pores and obstructing the body from doing its job. 

Natural products have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the ethical and health benefits of natural skincare and beauty products. However, many remain sceptical with common misconceptions including the ineffectiveness of a natural alternative and a higher price tag.  

Melanie McVean, Co-Founder of No Pong is out to set the record straight by busting these myths and explaining how her brand is addressing them.   

“With the abundance of beauty claims, tips and old wives tails out there, it’s no wonder consumers are confused,” Melanie said.  

Melanie addresses the three most common assumptions about natural products to help you make an informed choice:   

  1. Natural products are not effective  

Long gone are the days when choosing an eco-friendly product meant sacrificing scientific results.  

“Nowadays, many products have pushed the boundaries of conventional skincare, finding new ways to extract the effectiveness of natural ingredients such as oils, herbs, berries and fauna to achieve results.  Many conventional products use chemical preservatives to extend the lifespan which means you may see short-term, temporary results but unlikely to achieve long-term benefits,” she said.  

“No Pong is made of simple, natural ingredients and we’ve had thousands of customer testimonials backing the effectiveness of our products”.  

  • Natural products are designed for vegan, hippie types 

“Natural products are never designed for just one audience in mind!” 

“Natural products provide just another option for all consumers to consider. We have a very diverse customer base and our product continues to stand up to the rigours of all their different lifestyles; from lounging around at home to elite athlete training.  

“We’re seeing Aussies demanding more ethical alternatives to every product they consume. It’s our mission to provide them with an extremely effective, all-natural deodorant product that they and the environment deserves,” Melanie said.  

  • Natural products are more expensive  

“As with any product, you may find high-end organic skincare products but there are also natural alternatives that cost less than your conventional products. At times, the price difference can be made up from the fact that the natural product contains a high concentration of natural ingredients meaning less product needs to be used, making it last longer.  That being said, we work really hard to ensure that No Pong is affordable for everyone,” said Melanie.  

Not all natural products are created equal. When considering a natural product Melanie recommends: 

  • Reading the ingredients on the product– this is a great indication of how ‘natural’ a formulation truly is; 
  • Familiarise yourself with plant-based ingredients – becoming aware of the effectiveness of certain ingredients and looking at where they are positioned on the ingredients list will let you know how high the concentration is; 
  • Research the brand and ask questions about their ethical ingredient sourcing policy. 

For more information on No Pong, visit: today! 

76 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with No Pong

    1. I have already made the switch to natural deodorants but are finding it hard to find one that works in the warmer months when I start to sweat a lot and pong. I’ve heard good things about No Pong and would love to try their products.

  1. I have spent hundreds of dollars in search of a best deodorant that would last more than 2 hours and is natural but my search is never ending!
    Only heard of No Pong at Beauty and Lace and the reviews look very promising, hoping to try No Pong really soon.

  2. With 3 kids between 10 to 16 years of age, I’m always worried about the chemicals in the regular deodorants they use. So really want to try an effective but safe one.

  3. For my smelly teenager ! He works long hours and his work uniform reaks of B-O and have heard great things about No Pong .

  4. I am worried about the alleged correlation between chemical deodorants/aluminum and breast cancer, so would love to go natural especially for my tweens.

  5. I have been hearing about the movement about people switching to natural deodorants for health reasons , I would like to try out a natural alternative and see if no pong brand is the answer to the switch.

  6. Health issues have made me reassess what I put inside and outside of my body. Our bodies are designed to sweat to regulate our body temp and detox but the downside to sweating is the pong. I’m all for No Pong.

  7. All the deodorants I use give me unbearable rashes and itching. Then I get the sting and I feel completely miserable! If I don’t wear any deodorant at all I stink like a workhouse on steroids. It’s enough to drive me to absolute despair!

  8. would love to try No Pong. as i sweat all day working on the farm, there’s nothing worse that underarm pong

  9. I am eager to try No Pong as I am always trying to find a deodorant that is natural and works especially in Summer.

  10. This would let my armpits be free and not have to worry about chemicals being absorbed into my body. it would be great to try in summer to see if it really does work for me.

  11. I would love to try this! a recent health scare so- i’m trying to be more aware of what’s’ in and out and on my body! Love to try a cost effective natural alternative for our whole family! PICK ME PICK ME!

  12. I work in an industrial kitchen! In summer everyone in that kitchen needs No Pong. And how absolutely fabulous its natural no nasty stuff!! Love it x

  13. I would love to win this for my husband. Many deodorants give him a skin irritation, so No Pong could be perfect for him

  14. Living with stage 4 Breast cancer I am now super aware of anything I put in or on my body. No Pong is ticking all the right boxes

  15. I love the name! I’ve been trying to get the perfect natural deodorant and one that doesn’t block the pores, hard to find so this would be the best fit for our summer heat.

  16. I would love to win this prize because I’m a nurse and can’t wear perfume as it’s overpowering for sick people, deodorants can also be quite strong. I love that this product is natural, my other half won’t use anything chemically enhanced either so I know he will be all over this product.

  17. After numerous inflamed cysts from using roll-ons & sprays I’ve been putting up with the discomfort of using nothing (phew)…..oh how I’d love to smell sweet without the pain, No Pong for me!

  18. Would love to try this. I have been looking for a natural product for ages that suits me. Hope my pong will be eradicated with this product.

  19. This is an Australian made and founded, natural ingredients and an effective, sweat resistant all day deodorant. I believe in keeping our dollars in Australia. I would LOVE to try it please.

  20. I confess I have tired and rested this product and used it now for about a year. After a few different brands and the same cost (if not cheaper) I find No Pong 100% effective! I chose to switch to natural after a family member died of cancer it made me think more about what goes into our bodies and what I want to be able to get my children to use.

    I can use it in the morning go to the gym get all hot and sweaty and by the end of the day not be stinky at all! It’s truely amazing! I have 2 preteens and would love to win this product so I can stock pile some!

  21. Our bodies are the most important to things we have so we need to look after ourselves! I try to use Natural products and love that No Pong Is a natural deodorant!

  22. I am becoming more aware of what I am putting on my body and into my environment. No Pong eases my conscience on both counts!

  23. i work out everyday
    would love a good natural product to keep smells away
    no chemicals for my family
    Perfect product for sweaty old me

  24. I want to make the switch as I’d rather use a natural product than one full of chemicals. It’s better for the environment and better for me.

  25. I’m struggling to find a deodorant that really does work; one that doesn’t aggravate my underarm eczema. So far, I’ve had no luck!

  26. I feel it’s kinder to my body to use natural products, plus it would benefit my work colleagues when I finally sweat it back out in the office.

  27. Trying to transition to natural deodorant but finding the right product for me is proving difficult – I’d love to try no pong!

  28. I’ve been making the switch to all natural products over the years but deodorant has been the one hurdle I just can’t jump. If I won this No Pong prize it would be the kick in the bum to make the switch and ditch the harmful stuff I use at the moment.

  29. With a young teenage girl I am keen to put her into natural alternatives for here everyday items and no ping has a great reputation.

  30. I have had horrible health problems over the last decade, including challenging pregnancies and a stroke when I had no evident risk factors. Although there is no clear cause for these, during my first pregnancy I began the shift to more natural beauty products where ever possible, to minimise the chemical load on my body, and I’ve continued that. As part of that, I want to shift to a natural deodorant – but I haven’t yet found one that actually works. So I’d love to win and try these!

  31. My teenage daughter and I would love to try No Pong. We are trying to make the switch to as many nature based products that we can for both our health and the planet’s.

  32. I have sensitive skin and would really love to try No Pong as I believe that a natural deodorant would be beneficial to me and would also benefit the environment. I haven’t as yet found a deodorant that doesn’t aggravate my skin and keeps me fresh all day.

  33. I have just introduced my daughter to deodorant, however we have found that she reacts badly to it. I’ve been looking getting some natural deodorant for her, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Fingers crossed that this might be a good way for her to give it a go.

  34. This year is a time to try new, staying at home (not entirely by choice), increasing my home chickens with new breeds, up-growing vegetables and smelling better without chemicals…this could work

  35. I want to change to natural because I have sensitive skin and I get rashes on many of the other deodorant types.

  36. Making the switch to natural deodorant was for me
    Highlighting the importance of being cruelty free
    Backed by science and with the environment in mind
    It is so beautifully treasured, gentle and kind.

  37. We have taken a few steps towards a healthier lifestyle this year including mainly plant based with our food and shower gels, shampoo and even cleaning products so I would love to try this and see if myself my husband and our 11 year old son and 15 year old daughter love it.

  38. I’d love to have the confidence that I’m going about my day with ‘no pong’ and no guilt. I want something that I can trust works, without the worry of harming animals, the environment or my body. I really worry about all of the chemicals we’re exposed to these days and this looks like the ideal deodorant solution. I would love to give it a try!

  39. No PONG about it, I would love to WIN one of these amazing packs PLEASE.
    My friends and i have wondered how good ‘No Pong” would be and to now have a chance
    at winning and trying it out. Thanks for the chance xx

  40. When I was young I had an embarrassing moment using a deodorant that wasn’t effective. It scarred me! Ever since, I’ve been searching for a deodorant that is ultra effective as well as being all-natural. I’d really relish the chance of trying No Pong. It may be the answer to my life-long search.

  41. My girlfriend’s daughter, has really bad BO. I’ve purchased her crystal deodorants, would like her to try this too.

  42. I suffer from really bad anxiety so I am constantly sweating excessively. Up until recently I was using other brands but now I’m trying to live more sustainably

  43. I’ve become more environmentally conscious lately and can’t stand spray-on deodorants. I have Crohn’s Disease and sometimes experience hot flashes randomly throughout the day or night sweats, it’s horrible! If I had these all natural deodorants I’d be able to wear them out so I won’t feel horrid after a hot flash and also wear them before bed so that I can wake up feeling good! Both the fragrance (love spicy chai!) and non-fragrance ones look amazing, I need these in my life!

  44. In the hope it actually works! Lately I’ve been noticing that my usual brands aren’t working as they used to, either changing formulations or I’m starting to stink like a man!!!

  45. i would love to try natural deodarant before i saw this competition i didnt know you could get a natural alternative

  46. I love to use natural products, especially Australian made and environmentally friendly. I would love to try this product

  47. My daughter is just starting to get abit of a smell under her arms and I don’t want to use anything harsh on her skin with her being so young. Would love to give this a go and see if it helps

  48. i’ve recently started going to the gym and working with an exercise physiologist. a natural deodorant would make me feel so much more confidant and i’d know i’d be using the best product out there

  49. I would love to make the switch! I am trying to begin a low waste, eco-conscious journey and I believe these are a step in the right direction

  50. Any product, designed and totally Australian made is considered an EXCELLENT investment for this almost 70 year old! Now, more than ever we need to encourage and support home grown initiatives and businesses.

  51. I switch on and off between natural deodorants as its hard to find ones that help in the sweaty sweltering hot summer. I would love to see if No Pong lives up to its name.

  52. I used this time at home during COVID to detox from traditional anti-perspirant deodorant and switch to natural ones. I’ve also realised how important it is to support local Australian brands since the bushfires and during this pandemic! Would therefore love to try No Pong as I’ve heard good reviews and I’m finding it hard to find one that works in hot weather/stressful moments and smells great, too!

  53. I need something beautifully natural and raw like these to combat the unnatural aroma I emit. My armpits give PONG a whole new meaning!

  54. I sweat like a pig, without a doubt,
    So deodorants are something I can’t live without,
    But I worry about the chemicals I’m using,
    To try No Pong would be my choosing.

  55. I feel the heat terribly and am always sweating. i need something natural to stop the pong. Hopefully your product will be the one

  56. Sprays, make me sneeze, so I can only use roll ons, but I would love to use something more natural, and hopefully keep my smell away, as at the end of the day I am pretty sure I smell.

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