7 Steps To Defining Your Own Style

Defining and developing your own style can be a tricky business. It’s so easy to get swept away by dispensable, easy fashion fixes and swing from one look to another.

Clothes shopping is going to be a lot easier when you know what you like and what works for you. You’ll only need to buy specific pieces and you won’t waste money on garments you’ll never wear.

#1. Get Fashion Inspiration

Firstly you need to work out which look and style you like. Browse online and in magazines, and pick out the images that you feel most drawn to. Pinterest is a great place to start and find which designers you like the best.

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on an all designer wardrobe, many high street brands and labels take ideas from these high-end items. Work out what it is about these looks that you like the best. Is it the retro, vintage patterns, or the clean and modern fits? You don’t have to be too strict with yourself, but get an idea of the look you want to emulate.

#2. Sort Out Your Wardrobe

Now, before you go out shopping for new clothes, you need to clear out some of your old ones. Don’t chuck them all, but sort out all the garments you haven’t worn in the past year or are looking a bit worse for wear. Be ruthless here, and if you don’t love them or wear them on a regular basis, get rid! You’re going to need to make space, and if you are buying clothes different to what you used to wear then you’re not going to want to mix-match too much.

Take all your old clothes to the charity shop, or give them away to friends. Just because you’ve gone off them, doesn’t mean they might not be perfect for someone else!

#3. Experiment with Fashion

Try on different clothes and styles that you haven’t before. If you’re a bit unsure in the shops, take a friend or ask an assistant.

Ignore the labels of clothes, really look at them and decide for yourself how you feel about them. Dress sizes and designer labels don’t matter, use your creative side to see past things like these.

#4. Stick To The Basics

Now it’s time to start filling your new wardrobe. Try not to get too carried away here, though. Online shopping is a great idea, as you won’t be too distracted by all the other items in a normal shop. Take your time, and only choose well-thought-out items.

Stick to the look and tones that you chose earlier. Only buy items that you love, you’re better off with fewer things that you were often than clothes that are wasted and regretted. Start off with the basics, and try more adventurous items as you become more certain.

#5. Try New Accessories

Once you’ve got a good wardrobe built up, accessories are the perfect way of adding a bit of personality and uniqueness to an outfit. Again, don’t overdo it, and select each item carefully.

Try to image which outfit each piece would work with, rather than buying on a whim. Don’t stop with jewellery; scarves, shoes, handbags and make-up are all easy ways to finish off any look and create your own personal touch.

#6. Cater To Your Lifestyle

You’ll need to make sure your style and look fit in practically with your lifestyle. If you work all day in a corporate office, striking colours and prints might not go down too well.

Adapt your style and find fun ways of injecting your own personality into work clothes and uniforms. Make sure you have enough outfits to suit you for everyday wear, work, and evening do’s

#7. Own It!

Most importantly of all, have confidence in your appearance! Don’t let your body shape, personality or the people around you dictate what you can and cannot wear.

If you like outrageous clothes or vintage styles, then wear them! A style is about reflecting your own passions and morals. So ignore what the latest fashion or trend is, create your unique style, and own it!

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