BOOK CLUB: People Like Us

Author: Louise Fein
ISBN: 9781789545005
Publisher: Head of Zeus

People Like Us also titled Daughter of the Reich is a beautiful, heart wrenching love story written by Louise Fein.

Set in Leipzig, Germany 1930’s pre-World War IIHetty Heinrich is a young girl living with her father Franz, a high ranked SS officer, mother Helene and older brother Karl who is in the German Air Force and a member of the BDM.  Hetty is heavily influenced by her family; being young Hitler wanted to create a generation of young Aryans who were physically fit and totally obedient through programmes such as Hitler Youth in which her family supported. Hitler believed the German race to be the superior race, and people could be separated into a hierarchy of different races, where some races were superior and others were inferior. He believed he was god-like, and Jews were filthy pigs, which made it hard for Hetty as her brother’s best friend Walter Keller is a Jew.  When Hetty was eight Walter saved her from drowning and she formed a crush on him.  Over time they lost touch and Karl turned his back on Walter for being a Jew. 

Years later Hetty is reunited with Walter and they fall in love.  Under the Nuremberg Laws it is prohibited for them dating or marrying, they keep their relationship a secret from all. Time spent with Walter who encourages her to see the discrimination and prosecution of Jews, Hetty begins to question her upbringing and all that she was taught to believe and stood by. 

Her family firmly believes she should marry a German but as Hetty falls deeper in love with Walter she realises she must sacrifice herself and her life by fighting against her family, brother and the Hitler ruling. Anyone against Hitler was either sent to prison or executed. Hitler wanted to take all actions necessary in order to make Germany prosper, and with Jews being sent to concentration camps and complete annihilation of the Jewish population Hetty is faced with the ultimate decision to try and save Walter at all costs.

If you enjoyed reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz you will definitely love this book filled with history, loss, secrets, heartbreak, loyalty, suffering, and sacrifice and most importantly love. 

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