Review: Blondi Beach Hair Rescue Oil

The Blondi Beach Hair Rescue Oil is designed to be used as either a short-time treatment (washed out after two hours) or an overnight treatment. Either way, it’s an effective treatment that is easy to use and made an obvious difference to the condition of my hair.

I’ve used this three times now, twice washing it out after two hours and once using it as an overnight treatment. Both approaches work well, although not surprisingly, the overnight treatment had a more dramatic impact on my hair.

The hair oil smells glorious. It’s no hardship at all to have this on your hair for a couple of hours or even overnight. It’s a slightly floral aroma, but not overpoweringly so. And although I found it strong when first applied, the scent quickly fades into the background.

The oil is easy to dispense. It’s packaged in a pump pack that’s a comfortable size and shape to hold. The pump doesn’t dispense too much at once, so it’s relatively easy to manage to get the amount you want and not wasting any.

One small bugbear for me was that the instructions advise you to pump out the “preferred amount” of oil. I like instructions that are a little more specific than that. It’s not that hard to overcome – I used a small amount and then added some more until I felt I’d achieved enough coverage. It’s just that when using a new product, I like some guidance on how to use it.

It’s spectacularly easy to use: massage some oil into your scalp. Smooth some through your hair from mid-strand to the end of your hair. And then wash it out either two hours later or the next morning.

Be warned that your hair will probably look greasy while the oil is on – this is not a treatment I’d put on if I was expecting company. However, it’s not messy, so it’s not a problem to put it on and then go do housework, watch TV, or whatever.

I really liked the result. My hair was definitely calmer and less frizzy, and I felt the condition was improved. This was particularly noticeable after the overnight use; my hair just seemed more manageable overall. Sadly, the lovely aroma didn’t linger after washing, but you can’t have everything.

One minor blip was that the second time I used the oil, I apparently used a little too much – those unspecific instructions! – and my hair felt a little oily and bordering on lank even after a good washing. In the long run, this is an easy problem to avoid.

Overall, I really liked this. It smells lovely and is easy to use, and makes a visible difference to the condition of your hair in a relatively short space of time. If you have damaged or dry hair, this is worth trying. Also, Blondi Beach is an Australian company, for those who wish to support small Australian businesses.

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