A Guide to a Safari Vacation

So, you’ve decided to go on a safari for your next holiday. It’s a fantastic, exciting time for you and anyone else who will be joining you on your trip. This might be for a honeymoon, a long-awaited visit you’ve spent months (or years) saving for, or the latest in the many tours you’ve made in Africa.

No matter why you’re going, you want to make this a holiday to remember. Here are some ways you can make sure it’s the perfect trip.

Take your time and plan

Safari holidays are vastly popular, so much so that you have a few from which you can choose. Should you go to Tanzania and see the Serengeti? Do you go to Kenya for the Masai Mara National Reserve? Or Botswana and the Okavango Delta? Is there somewhere else that’s better suited to your requirements for a safari?

Make sure you do your research first. If there is a particular species you want to see, check where’s best to see them and go from there. Also have a look at when is the best time of year to go, and where your chosen park is – higher-altitude places, for example, may not be suitable for all visitors.

It’s best to speak to someone about where you want to go, too. Your booking agent should have visited the places they’re offering, and have a variety of options for you to choose from and to recommend.

elephants on safari

Pack wisely

You’ve decided where to go, you’ve booked it, and it’s nearly time to go. What you pack may affect how you feel about your holiday, so make sure you make good choices. Think of how frustrating it was when you forgot your favourite top for a weekend away – you’ll regret not packing a decent jumper!

You might think you won’t need a sweater on safari but, for those early mornings and evenings, you will need one. It’s best you take layers, so, you can adapt to the daily temperature; if these layers are lightweight, even better – they will dry quicker if you’re caught in a rainstorm. You may also wish to have long sleeves and trousers so you are better protected against mosquitoes.

Wear neutral shades, too: you’ll be better camouflaged, and feel cooler. Don’t forget toiletries and medication, either. Include items such as sunscreen, antiseptic gel, mosquito repellent and (if needed) malaria pills. If you wear contacts, take a pair of glasses in case it gets too dusty.

Enjoy yourself

You’ve made it to your safari destination: what next? Make sure you know when to take part in adventures – you don’t have to do everything on offer, as you might want to enjoy a quiet moment back at base rather than go to a group activity.

However, don’t miss out on the morning tours. You may want to stay in bed, but this will be a special time for you to see the animals you want to spot on your travels. It may even be the purpose of your trip, so make sure you go on these and immerse yourself in the moment.

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