7 Ways To Improve Your Smile

Want to add an extra sparkle to your smile? Here are seven ways in which you can achieve brighter teeth.

Cut down on the sugary drinks

We all know that sugar isn’t good for our teeth. It reacts with our saliva to create a breeding ground for corrosive bacteria. Whilst sugary snacks can have an impact, sugary soft drinks are far worse for our teeth as they get swilled around our mouths coating every surface. You’re best off opting for water and milk or choosing sugar-free options – these will help to stop tooth decay and help you on the road to achieving brighter teeth.

Stop smoking

Smoking is also bad for our smiles. Tobacco causes the gums to rot and the teeth to stain. On top of this, it creates bad breath. By quitting smoking, you could help to protect your smile. Vaping is thought to be much healthier for the teeth, although studies are still required to examine the full of effects.

Improve your brushing routine

You should make sure that your brushing routine is good. Ideally, you should brush morning and night every day for two minutes at a time. When brushing, try not to opt for back and forth scrubbing – instead brush in small circles on each tooth with the brush facing at an angle towards the root. Keep the pressure light – brushing too hard can scrape off the enamel and cause sensitive teeth as well as revealing the yellow dentin below to make your teeth appear discoloured.

You should change your brush every three months (if it’s an electric brush, change the head) as the bristles will be less effective after this period. Store your brush somewhere where it’s going to keep clean, ideally not near the toilet as particles could come out when flushing and end up on your brush!

Upgrade your toothpaste

There are lots of specialist whitening toothpastes out there that can be much more effective at getting out stains. It could be worth trying one of these toothpastes and seeing the difference. There are also alternative pastes on the market. The likes of Procoal’s activated charcoal toothpaste is one such paste that has become popular for its ability to bind with plaque. There are also baking soda toothpastes on the market that are thought to be equally effective.  

Chew gum between meals

Whilst you can brush your teeth between meals to help cut down on plaque, chewing gum is a more convenient method. Gum picks up plaque from the teeth as well as activating the salivary glands, helping to clean teeth naturally. Of course, any gum you use needs to be sugar-free, otherwise, you’re just helping to make your teeth worse.  

Make regular dentist check-ups

It’s worth signing up to a local dentist so that you can make regular check-ups and spot any signs of gum disease, infection or plaque build-up early. Dentists such as Mona Vale Dental may even be able to do procedures in house such as fitting implants if needed. If you’ve got any pain, you should certainly not put off a visit to the dentist – infections can be cured early with antibiotics, but leave them and they may require more invasive treatment such as root canal or tooth removal.

Consider professional whitening treatment

There are lots of professional whitening procedures out there that could help to provide more instant results. These are more expensive, so you need to weigh up the cost with the impact it’s going to have.

Veneers are a popular option, which involves capping each tooth with a white porcelain layer. This can limit you from eating certain foods like toffee in which veneers could be ripped off whilst eating them and it can make the teeth more sensitive.

However, it’s less costly than laser whitening which involves putting bleach on the teeth to whiten them and activating it with a laser. This latter option can equally make your teeth sensitive but you aren’t limited to certain foods as you are with veneers.

Another option could be to have implants fitted. This may involve removing teeth, but could be the best option for those who feel their teeth are in a very bad state that is beyond whitening. This can be a very expensive procedure but could be worth the results.

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