How to Get the Perfect Summer Body

Headed somewhere fun and exotic with your friends this summer, but you’re nervous about getting back in a bikini after the holiday? Don’t worry, you still have time to make sure you’re looking your summer best before you catch that flight to Cancun.

Spring is here but not for long—that means it’s time to start getting back in shape. If you’ve been a bit negligent over the holidays and you’re ready to get your body back in shape, here are some helpful hints on how to look your absolute best this summer.

Start Exercising

If you’ve been neglecting the gym over the winter months it’s time to fall in love with working out all over again. Of course, exercise isn’t everyone’s favorite cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you can put it off altogether. If you’re someone who would rather jump off a cliff than jump on a treadmill, it’s time to look into ways you can make exercising fun.

If you played sports when you were in high school or as a kid, look into recreational leagues in your community. You might be surprised to find that you aren’t the only one trying to bet back in shape this way and that the crowd isn’t as completive or intimidating as you think. Not a sports fan? Give yoga or cycling a try—you might find that when you do it with friends, it’s not so bad after all.

Skin Care

That new swimsuit is going to show off a lot of skin. Don’t stress over blemishes on your body before you hit the beach and begin learning how to get rid of acne on your chest, neck, back or bum. The best acne products are the ones that use organic and safe ingredients. Scrub with a washcloth or loofah alongside the right acne product for your skin to clear yourself of any unsightly blemishes.

Struggling with dry skin? Start moisturizing with body lotions that are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. You can’t relax by the pool in Italy if you’re stressing over how your skin looks and feels.

Prep Your Summer Tan

There is nothing wrong with getting a little head start on your summer tan before your vacation. Activating some of those melanin cells in your skin can actually help prevent some sun damage once you arrive at your destination. However, you shouldn’t go overboard—too much sun can be incredibly unhealthy for your skin.

The best thing to do is get an SPF 15 sunscreen and stay in the sun for a short amount of time each day. Extended exposure to UVA rays will permanently damage your skin and put you at risk for skin cancer when you get older. The safest way to get your bronze back is to use indoor, sunless tanning salons or products.


This can be one of the most difficult steps for most people—especially after indulging all winter. It’s not easy to put down that slice of pizza and pick up a salad. However, changing your diet is just as important as exercising regularly, and failing to do so will make all of those workouts pretty ineffective.

Rather than investing in a quick-fix fad diet, start cultivating healthy eating habits that will keep you looking fit and healthy well after you get back from vacation. Fad diets tend to only work as a temporary fix—as soon as you hit your target weight or complete your three week challenge, you’re right back to cheeseburgers and beers.

Get Lots of Rest

They don’t call it beauty rest without good reason! Getting plenty of rest and sleep at night is an important part of looking your best. You might find that it’s not so hard to get a full night’s rest when you start exercising again as well.

When you go to sleep at night, your body uses that time to shut down and run general maintenance, which includes repairing your skin and muscles too. The energy you spend on repairing muscles can help burn calories when your body is inactive, but only if you give it a chance to rest.

Start Taking Vitamins

If you really want your skin to glow, consider introducing heavy doses of vitamin C and E to help your immune system fight off acne and improve your overall radiance. If high-fat fishes like salmon aren’t a regular part of your diet, fish oil supplements can be a wonderfully convenient alternative.

Omega 3-6-9 will keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant while you glow in the hot summer sun.

Start using these helpful tips now and the summer body you desire will be yours before you know it!


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