Find Your Living Room Focal Point for a Powerful Look

Choosing a particular focal point for your living room gives you a good starting point for the rest of your decor. When you enter the room, you can have a particular area that draws in the eye and gives you an idea of what the room is about. Your living room is where you spend time as a family but also where you might welcome guests. You want it to be comfortable and welcoming, as well as stylish.

There are a few different features you can pick to be the centerpiece of your living room, depending on how you want to style the room overall. Choose something unique such as a wooden antler chandelier or an unusual clock to enhance the space and create a talking point.

Fireplace or Wood Burner

A traditional fireplace is a great thing to have, but it’s not the only option if you want to be able to light a fire in your living room. There are several different fireplace styles, ranging from gas log fires to wood-burning stoves. They can all create prominent focal points in a room, whether you have a fire going or not. Don’t worry about it looking too old-fashioned. It’s easy to find a more contemporary style that will suit the decor in any home. And, of course, a fireplace is also a practical option, providing heating and light for the room.


You can also make your seating a focal point for your living room. A lot of sofas and chairs can easily blend into the background, but there are some choices you can make to help them stand out. Firstly, there’s the positioning of your furniture. You can make it more of a focal point by placing it more centrally in the room, or perhaps place a table behind your sofa to help it stand out. You can also choose colors, textiles, and styles that give your seating a bold look. Make a sofa or a chair a statement piece and design the room around it.

Built-in Bookcase

If you’re trying to think of something slightly more unusual, consider making a bookcase the centrepiece of your living room. If you love reading, put your books on display by adding a built-in bookcase to the room. It’s a great way to separate a larger living room, or perhaps section off an open-plan space. Add the bookcase along an existing wall to use space as smartly as possible. It doesn’t have to take up too much space, so even smaller rooms can make it work.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is something that many people choose to have in their living room. You need somewhere to put drinks, after all. It’s an easy choice for a living room focal point because you’re probably already planning on having one. Coffee tables are practical too, giving you somewhere for storage and a surface to rest things on. A simple coffee table might be a necessary addition to your living room, but there are many eclectic styles to choose from if you want to make more of a feature of it. The centre of the room will likely be its natural place.

Start redesigning your living room by picking a focal point. Once you’ve chosen your statement piece, you can plan everything around it.


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