Laser Skin Treatments : The Best-Kept Beauty Secret?

We all know her. That one particular friend who always looks fantastic. She has a glow about her, but you can’t put your finger on what. Does she have the inside scoop on some amazing new skincare brand? Perhaps it’s her haircut? Or is she on some new juicing diet? There must be something that’s giving her that healthy, well-rested look.

Well, it could just be that she’s discovered the latest in laser resurfacing treatments. Far from being the stuff of space-age sci-fi, aesthetic laser skin treatments are now an affordable and practical reality. Here’s a closer look at what they could do for you:

What can lasers be used for?

A laser can be used for a vast variety of skin treatments, including the following:

  •         Facial rejuvenation
  •         Thread vein removal
  •         Acne or another facial scarring
  •         Stretchmarks
  •         Uneven pigmentation
  •         Epilation (hair removal)

A quick and painless series of treatments has given many women freedom from the above skin concerns. Issues with unwanted hair or with the skin can cause confidence issues as they’re so visible and although there is some excellent cover-up makeup available, many women find they want the freedom not to have to cover up in layers of foundation. Laser treatments can be a great way to give back that confidence and take care of these issues- for women and increasingly for men, too.

How do I find the right clinic?

When looking for a practitioner, you need to ensure you find someone that offers highly-trained specialist care and is working with the latest technologies, such as the O’Laze skin clinic which offers cutting-edge ICON and VECTUS laser technologies along with the qualified staff. If you have confidence in the environment and the professionalism of your clinic, any procedure is bound to go more smoothly. A good place to start is the Advanced Dermatology Finder tool.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the individual recommendation you receive as to areas, type of laser and number of treatments. A skilled practitioner will work with you to develop a treatment plan – there’s no one size fits all here.

Will it hurt?

Usually not. Most types of laser (non-ablative – that target the deeper tissues and leave the surface alone) are relatively painless and for any deep resurfacing work which can be a little more tender, a numbing cream is applied first. You may also choose to take a painkiller beforehand, a little like when you go for a bikini wax! Ablative lasers, which are used to remove the outer layers of skin, can require a local anesthetic and may be a little sore afterward.

Can I do a laser treatment at home?

Although the market has been flooded recently with at-home laser systems like the Tria, they have a lower energy outfit and a slower light wavelength, meaning treatments take longer and are less efficient. You won’t get the results or the professional aftercare offered at a skin clinic, so especially if you haven’t used a laser treatment before, it may be wise to start off there. Some units can be used in conjunction with in-clinic treatments, but always seek the advice of a qualified professional first.

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