Ten Outfits Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

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Not only are clothes practical but they’re also a way to express ourselves. What you wear says a lot about your personality without you having to open your mouth! There’s so much more to it than simply finding pieces that fit your body, on top of this there are occasions in life where having the right clothes is absolutely essential. There are a number of outfits that just about every woman needs in her wardrobe, and having the right things on hand means less last-minute stressful shopping trips. Shopping for clothes can be fun, but rushing around for something specific when you have somewhere you need to be hardly counts as retail therapy! How many of these do you have, ready to go if the situation cropped up?

An Interview For Your Dream Job

Even if you’re already in work and in a long term job if someone offered you the interview of your dreams tomorrow- would you have the right outfit in your wardrobe to wear? If you’re currently looking for work or open to the idea of changing jobs then this is even more important. Interview attire is so important, you need to look incredibly sharp and pay attention to detail. Your appearance matters in these situations, as far as an employer is concerned if you can’t make an effort here then when will you? Clothes should be conservative and fit well. A pair of black trousers, or a black skirt or dress. It shouldn’t be too short, tight or in any way revealing! A crisp shirt that’s not see through, and a good pair of shoes with no scratches or scuffs. Go in with a killer interview outfit on and not only will you make a good impression but it will probably give you confidence too.

A First Date or Date Night With a Partner

You want your date night outfit to be a little flirty, but you also want to leave plenty to the imagination. For this reason, choose one area to show off. If you want to show your legs, choose an outfit with a higher neck or that covers the arms. If you want to show your decolletage, arms or shoulders go with trousers or add some tights to your dress. This helps to keep you looking elegant and classy, perfect whether it’s a first date or you’ve been together for years. For your date night outfit heels will instantly glam it up, but go with a height you can comfortably walk in, the last thing you want is to topple over when you’re trying to impress!

A Night Out With The Girls

For a girls night out you can really have fun with it. Unlike a date night where you’ll probably be in a restaurant or somewhere you need to dress a bit more modestly, a girls nights out generally mean clubs, pubs, and bars. If you want to wear something a little more skimpy, go for it! If that’s not really you, some skinny black jeans, a top and heels also work well. Either way, an outfit that you know you feel great in and gives you confidence. A night with the girls is where you can really let your hair down, so you don’t want to be held back by insecurities. It’s tempting to put on the biggest, baddest, kick-ass pair of heels you own, but if you’re going to be dancing all night make sure your feet can take it! A pair of roll-up flats in your bag is a good idea just in case it gets too much!

A Casual, Easy To Wear Daytime Outfit

Your daytime outfits should be easy to just grab and go. Having pieces on hand that are comfortable, flattering and look nice regardless of what you get up to are the way to go. A plain, long sleeve jersey dress for example could be worn with or without tights and with flats or boots. It could be worn with a blazer or just a cardigan depending on how smart or formal you want to go, and different accessories will dress it up or down a little, so you’re always right for the occasion. The same is true with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt. The shoes, accessories, and outerwear will switch it up for whatever you’re doing, and it’s a comfortable outfit that’s easy to wear.

A Wedding Guest Outfit That Follows Etiquette

Everyone loves a wedding, but deciding what to wear can be so stressful. There’s a lot of ‘do’s and donts’ when it comes to wedding clothing, for example, you shouldn’t wear white, black, anything too casual or anything too revealing. With it being a special occasion you want to look nice too. Since most weddings are in the spring and summer, a maxi dress could be a good choice providing it didn’t look too ‘bridesmaid-y.’ Alternatively a classy cocktail dress with a blazer and some strappy sandals would work well. Pastels are a safe choice for weddings, and plus you could also wear it for things like Christenings and other formal occasions too. Providing you don’t choose anything that’s too unique looking, it could be worn again with different accessories without anyone being able to tell the difference. After all, no-one wants to spend loads on an outfit and only ever wear it once.

The Perfect Smart Casual Outfit

Whether it’s lunch with the girls, an evening at the cinema or an event- the perfect smart- casual outfit is something that’s important to get right. It’s ideal when you don’t want to look overdressed but not too laid back either. It could be a pair of black skinny jeans tucked into suede knee high boots with a nice top. It could be a dress with a blazer, a pair of ballet flats and a statement necklace. Either way, it’s a comfortable, casual outfit that still shows you’ve made an effort. Another way you can make an casual outfit look more smart is the way you do your hair and makeup. A plain outfit with curled hair and flawless red lips, for example, will instantly give the whole look the wow factor.

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Outfits That Are Suitable For Your Workplace

If you have a work uniform provided to you, you won’t need to worry about this. But otherwise, your workwear will hugely depend on where you work. It could mean black trousers, pencil skirts and formal dresses with shirts. On the other hand, it could be casual clothes- but even if it is it’s worth having some separate casual clothes aside for work rather than your everyday wear. This helps to keep them both separate, and means you’re not ruining your work clothes when you’re out day to day or vice versa. Create a capsule wardrobe of a few key pieces, that way you’re not spending loads on work clothes but still have a good variety of outfits to wear.

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Something to Wear To a Funeral or Other Formal Occasion

Funerals are terribly sad times, when you’re dealing with loss, the last thing you need is to be worrying about what you’re going to wear. Having a smart, formal black outfit in your wardrobe for times like this is useful. It could be a trouser suit or a skirt with tights and a blazer. You might want to avoid anything too casual here, and again pieces should be nicely fitted without being too revealing. This could be a mixture of interview clothes and workwear (if you work in a smartly dressed workplace) or you could pick something out for formal occasions.

Clothes For Working Out or Playing Sports

A good sports bra, trainers and workout clothes are essentials. Whether you workout at the gym, at home or do a sport you need the right kit to wear. It could be yoga pants or even leggings with a vest top. It could be tracksuit bottoms or lycra hotpants- whatever you need for the exercises you do! Designer sportswear can be expensive, but there are plenty of high street shops with a sport/ gym section where you can find workout clothes really cheaply. So if you want to try a new sport or activity or just get into exercising more, don’t be put off by the fact that you need to spend a lot on clothes!

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Beachwear For a Last Minute Trip

Whether it’s for a spontaneous weekend away or a last minute holiday, having some basic beachwear staples is always handy. Light dresses and beach cover-ups, shorts, t-shirts and lightweight tops are all useful for a last minute trip and lounging on the beach. Don’t forget swimwear that fits well and that you feel comfortable in. If you’re not a bikini person, go with a one piece swimsuit, a tankini or a swim dress which might give you more confidence. A floppy hat, some sunglasses and flip flops and you’re good to go!

Are there any outfits that aren’t on here that you think every woman should have in her wardrobe?

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