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2015 saw me sign up to the Australian Women Writers Challenge for the first time and the Goodreads Challenge for the second, and I smashed my totals.

2016 saw me sign up for both of these challenges again. Unfortunately with everything going on I didn’t actually write my sign-up post and I haven’t linked most of my reviews to the challenge, but I did read and review well over my projected total of 50 books. The Goodreads Challenge saw me sign up for 100 books again, and I fell short.

In 2017 I am going to sign up to both of these challenges again, and hopefully I can keep up with all the other bits that go along with them. My Goodreads Challenge I dropped to 90 books so that I don’t feel quite as much pressure coming in to the end of the year. I think I will stick with 50 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge because I have found that quite doable, it’s the linking that lets me down.

So I’m going to use this post as my challenge completed for 2016 and my signup for 2017 post. That will keep me up to date and hopefully inspire me to stay up to date.

The Australian Women Writers Challenge was established in 2011 to help raise awareness for Australian Women Writers and start to even up the gender bias in reviewing books by women. This was basically all I knew when I decided to sign up to the challenge the first time but if you want to find out more about the challenge and it’s background the best place to get that information is the Australian Women Writers website. I have done a little background reading and I think this is a fantastic challenge to help increase the profile of our Aussie writers because there are some fantastic homegrown talents who deserve the recognition.

The challenge is about increasing our reading of Australian women but when I look at my recent reading history I find that reviewing for Beauty and Lace has certainly gone a long way to doing that for me already. If I was to compare my Australian reads now with those of a few years ago, the numbers would be very different.

The challenge levels are quite achievable but I have decided to really challenge myself and rather than starting with one of the set levels (Stella: read 4, review 3; Miles: read 6, review 4 or Franklin: read 10, review 6) I am going to hit it hard and have opted to read and review 50 books by Australian women in 2017.

Wish me Luck! Let’s hope there’s a shift soon, my first two books of the year are not by Australian women.

The Australian Women Writers Challenge is not just for reviewers either. You can join as a reader only, the main thing is to get our women writers more widely read.

I chose to read 50 in 2016 because it seems like an achievable number, and I did it easily; perhaps I should drop my Goodreads total that far…


These are the books I read by Australian Women Writers in 2016:

  1. Sally Hepworth – The Things we Keep
  2. Sara Foster – All That Is Lost Between Us
  3. Amanda Ortlepp – Running Against The Tide
  4. Juliet Madison – Scent 
  5. Alli Sinclair – Under The Spanish Stars
  6. C.S. Pacat – Kings Rising
  7. Rachael Johns – Outback Sisters
  8. Natasha Lester – A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald
  9. Cathryn Hein – April’s Rainbow
  10. Nicole Hurley-Moore – Hartley’s Grange
  11. Beck Nicholas – What I Saw
  12. Nicki Edwards – Life Support
  13. Sarah Ayoub – The Yearbook Committee
  14. Bronwyn Stuart – Mixing Business with Pleasure
  15. Claire Boston – Break the Rules
  16. Kelly Doust – Precious Things
  17. Jenn J McLeod – The Other Side of the Season
  18. Nicolette Hugo – Bought
  19. Trace Balla – Rockhopping
  20. Leisa Rayven – Wicked Heart
  21. Juliet Madison – Taste
  22. Mandy Magro – Bluegrass Bend
  23. Juliet Madison – April’s Glow
  24. Nicki Edwards – The Peppercorn Project
  25. Belinda Williams – Wish List
  26. Karly Lane – Second Chance Town
  27. Cherie M Hudson – Undeniable
  28. Jane Harper – The Dry
  29. Esme Barrett – Sibling Realty
  30. Jennifer Scoullar – Journey’s End
  31. Nicole Trope – Blame
  32. Claire Boston – Change of Heart
  33. Caroline Beecham – Maggie’s Kitchen
  34. Liz Byrski – The Woman Next Door
  35. Victoria Purman – Flame
  36. Rachael Johns – The Art of Keeping Secrets
  37. Suzanne Leal – The Teacher’s Secret
  38. Helen Thurloe – Promising Azra
  39. Rachael Johns – It’s Not You It’s Her
  40. Rachael Johns – One Perfect Night
  41. Karen Brooks – The Locksmith’s Daughter
  42. Belinda Alexandra – Southern Ruby
  43. Mel Tregonning – small things
  44. Wai Chim – Freedom Swimmer
  45. Laura Bloom – The Cleanskin
  46. Kim Kelly – Jewel Sea
  47. Meredith Jaffe – The Fence
  48. Mardi McConnochie – Quest of the Sunfish
  49. Bronwyn Stuart – She’s The One
  50. Nicki Edwards – Critical Condition
  51. Victoria Purman – The Three Miss Allens
  52. Fiona Palmer – The Family Secret
  53. Fleur McDonald – Sapphire Falls
  54. Claire Boston – Blaze a Trail
  55. Belinda Williams – Heartthrob
  56. Barbara Hannay – The Grazier’s Wife
  57. Anna Romer – Beyond The Orchard
  58. Mary-Anne O’Connor – Worth Fighting For
  59. Tricia Stringer – A Chance of Stormy Weather
  60. Em Rusciano – Try Hard
  61. Mandy Magro – Walking the Line
  62. Karly Lane – Third Time Lucky
  63. Annie Seaton – Daintree
  64. Christine Dibley – To The Sea
  65. Lauren Sams – Crazy Busy Guilty

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