Globber My FREE Fold Up with LED Flashing Wheels

Every child needs a set of wheels, and a scooter is a good choice. Not only will it fit in your car, but it teaches them balance as they zip around the back yard. One of the coolest scooters in town is the Globber My FREE Fold Up with LED Flashing Wheels. 

This new innovate design folds up to make it even more compact for easy transportation, or for when they have run out of energy and you are left to carry it home. The handlebars have grips which give them more control, giving them the confidence to ride. You can also get the height right with three adjustable settings.

With a wide deck and the ability to turn just by moving the handlebars, this is perfect for those just starting out as well as those who are a little more skilled on their feet. The front can be locked into straight forward if preferred, and they will have no issue managing the back brakes.

This is designed for 4+, up to about 50kg depending on their height, and is a quality design which isn’t going to fall apart as soon as they jump on it.

In addition to all these features, the Globber My FREE Fold Up looks good with its flashing wheel lights and bright colour selections. Grown ups will like it too as it is simply enough to put together, allowing you to enjoy your Christmas Eve without cursing for hours.

The Globber My FREE Fold Up with LED Flashing Wheels comes in pink, green and dark blue for $200. Or, you can get the Globber My FREE Fold Up for $180 which comes in four bright colours including; green, purple, red and sky blue.

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