What is better than one cuddly animal pillow? Two animal pillows in one! I always like to put a snuggle gift under the tree, and this year the must have toy is called FlipaZoo.

Beautifully soft to hug, these will be your little ones favourite new companion for sleep time and play time. They easily transform with a simple flip and you can choose from a range of animals and creatures including:

  • Unicorn to Dragon
  • Giraffe to Hippo
  • Tiger to Elephant
  • Hedgehog to Turtle
  • Bee to Ladybug
  • Husky to Polar Bear

My daughter has a bit of a ladybug theme happening in her room, so that style is our pick – and the bee alternative is absolutely adorable. These are a good size for snuggling at 40cm and made from high quality plush fabric.

They are safe for kids and washable, because we all know kids are going to make mess at one point or other. These are so cute with adorable faces – you will want to collect them all!

 FlipaZoo characters are available exclusively from Big W for RRP $29.99. For more information, visit www.flipazoo.com

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