BOOK GIFT: The Amazing Alphabet

Book gifts are an amazing thing that keep giving throughout the years. Nothing makes me smile more than finding a person reading. My littlest treasure has been having a fabulous time with his books of late… and at not quite 3 my heart just melts to hear him ‘reading’ his stories.

Children these days aren’t always as drawn to books as they are to screens which I think is quite sad but the innovative folk at Tinyme have brought together screen time with paper books in this artistic and aesthetically pleasing personalised book for the little people in your life.

Personalised books have been a thing for as long as I can remember but they have certainly come a long way since the ones I had as a child. The new personalised book by Tinyme brings augmented reality into the picture and you can read your book on its own, or by downloading the free app you can bring the book to life on your iPad and iPhone screen. At the moment the book is only compatible with iOS (iPhones and iPads) but there is an Android app coming soon – and until then this book is perfectly enchanting on its own.

Every child is going to love having a book that features their very own name and makes them a star.

The Amazing Alphabet takes your child on a journey through the alphabet to find the perfect friend for little z. Beginning with A we trek through all twenty-six letters building lasting friendships on the journey to find the perfect friend for little z.

We find lots of fantastic words to describe each of the letters and what they’re up to for an informative, educational and fun reading experience for little people.

Pair the book with the official app and the characters leap off the page, much to your child’s delight. Hover your device over the page and the characters jump off the page in 3D with fun music and sound effects, the app can even read the story to your child allowing them to engage in a brand new way.

I can guarantee that this is going to be a hit with all children, not only is it written and illustrated with your child in a starring role but the app allows them to really engage on a new level.

The Amazing Alphabet is available from and if you get in quick you can still have your order delivered in time for Christmas. The cut-off dates are listed on the Christmas Delivery page.
RRP: $30

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