BOOK GIFT: Happy Healthy Strong

I know quite a few strong women who have made a lifestyle change to embrace fitness, meaning that they don’t love to curl up on the couch with a book the same way that I do… but that doesn’t mean I can’t give the perfect book gift this Christmas.

Rachael Finch is a health coach, TV host, model and mum so she is on top of the busy lifestyle and aware of how easy it is to cut corners when it comes to your own health and fitness. Finch is passionate in her belief that life is too short to be unhappy with yourself so it is her goal to help encourage other women to make some changes so they too can live a life that is happy, healthy and strong.

Finch has graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York as a Certified Health Coach and is currently training to become a qualified personal trainer. She has also written Happy, Healthy, Strong which is an inspiring guide to help women look and feel great. It’s about loving your body, loving yourself and achieving your best self.

Happy, Healthy, Strong includes over 85 easy, delicious and nutritious wholefood recipes to keep energy up and stress down, a clear 2-week vitality plan, goal setting plans, confidence boosting tips and affirmations, advice on mindfulness and finding balance and Rachael’s own core health and wellness principles.

The book is beautifully presented with gorgeous images, bright colours and aesthetically pleasing layouts. Finch writes with passion that is inspiring, you can’t help but get involved with her writing and be excited by the differences small changes can make.

There are chapters on exercise, eating and training your mind for the best chance of success. What I love the most is it is not about punishing yourself for not making the best choices or forcing yourself into strict diet and exercise routines. Finch’s approach is all about listening to your body and making the right choices for what your body wants and needs at the time.

Happy, Healthy, Strong is a beautiful and inspiring read for all women because I’m sure we all need a little help loving ourselves, and looking after ourselves, a little better. It’s not necessarily a book you need to sit and read cover to cover but those days you need a little extra motivation or inspiration you can flick through and find a section that will help.

Happy, Healthy, Strong is published by HarperCollins and available now where all good books are sold.
RRP: $35

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