Interview: Jade Alice

Jade Alice is an up and coming songstress from Victoria, with her debut single “Kick Drum” being officially launched at Shebeen (Melbourne) on February 18th 2016. The following is an interview with Jade where she chats a bit about herself and her music. Make sure you watch the included clip to hear Kick Drum and see the cool and quirky video clip.

How did you get started?

Having grown up amongst the extraordinary noises of a musical household, it all started at a very young age with music all around me. I would sleep backstage when my parents toured and before I could talk my dad would play piano and I would make up songs in gibberish and sing along! I’ve been making music ever since and currently co-produce my music with my dad Michael at his studio (Big Hand Studios)!

How would you describe your sound?

My sound has developed over time into a bubbly amalgamation of electro-pop, indie and folk fusion, writing songs that draw on my encounters with first-love, fantasy and of course food.

What can you tell us about your debut single, Kick Drum? 

The melody for my debut single ‘Kick Drum’ actually came to me in a dream I was having! It was such a vibrant, fun song to write because it was based around the feeling of effervescence and uncontrollable happiness, a feeling I hope resonates with people when they hear it. It was even more fun when we took it into the studio and I could add all of the other elements I had heard in my head to make the song come to life.

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You are the Winner of Bank of Melbourne’s Melbourne Music Bank 2015, what can you tell us about this award?

The Melbourne Music Bank competition is so different from other song writing competitions because of how diverse the prize is! It covers so many areas including recording time at Sing Sing studios, album artwork, professional music video for the song and the guidance from a dedicated A-team of the industry’s finest! It has given me confidence in my self, something I struggled with in the past. It’s reassuring to have the belief of such an incredible team behind you, they prepare you really well for what the industry is like today.

We love your video clip, what was it like working on this?

I had the pleasure of working with directors Josh Thomas and Darcy Prendergast from ‘Oh Yeah Wow’ who have created really wonderful videos for artists such as Boy and Bear, Hermitude and Gotye!

The little animation features and set ups were so beautifully done. I loved the boho themed tent I got to perform in, I felt like a little kid in a playground with all the dress ups and props! It was really great to have two of my closest friends dance with me in the clip too.

You wear some gorgeously pretty outfits in the clip, is this reflective of your regular fashion style?

I wanted to capture my personal fashion style in the video at an amplified level. I love dreamy, earthy bohemian styles with delicate shades of champagne or cream, decorative hair flowers and crystals. I guess you could say my style is earthy with a bit of edge, glamour and playfulness! I got to work on my outfits for each set up with my stylist – Paige, we would each bring pieces in (skirts, tops, materials, ribbons/lace, flowers) and mould them together to create each look!

What’s your number one go to beauty product?

My go to beauty product would have to be the Posietint by Benefit, it’s such a sweet poppy-pink you can apply to you lip or cheeks for that rosie, feminine look.

Who are your favourite musical artists?

I am a huge admirer of Kimbra, Joni Mitchell, Queen, Matt Corby, Broods and Taylor Swift. They all have their own unique abilities as storytellers and I hear new things each time I listen to their songs. Their music has the magical ability to produce a moment in a song where you catch yourself holding your breath, you’re so caught up in it you forget to breathe.

What’s next for Jade Alice?

My future plans are to share my music with as many people through as many forms as I can – releasing recordings as EPs and albums and hopefully being able to tour with them! I would love to stretch across other areas that compliment my art too, such as fashion, writing and television.

Where can we see you perform?

You can come and see me perform live at Shebeen for my single launch on the 18th of February! I might even do a stage dive…probably not but it will still be heaps of fun!

What does being a woman mean to you?

As I grow, I think I am still finding my true identity as a woman, and that in itself is what being a woman is about. Only you can determine your story, no one else can tell you what you are meant to be or define you. Being a woman is being whatever you want to be.


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