Skin Doctors SuperMoist SPF 50

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (or what seems like a long time ago), we ran a trial with some of our readers for Skin Doctor’s Gamma Hydroxy. This received rave reviews and as it was the first time I had personally used the Skin Doctors brand, it was also the time that I genuinely became a massive fan of their products.

So, today I would like to talk about another product in the range, it’s called the SuperMoist SPF 50 and it is a face cream that can be used everyday after your regular skincare regime, with that uva/uvb protection we all need to help protect our skin from the rays.


We know the damaging health consequences the sun can cause eg. skin cancer, but in terms of your skin it can also contribute to premature ageing such as sun spots and wrinkles. This product was designed with the Australian sun in mind (and made locally too), and while I am not suggesting overdoing it outdoors in some of those 40 degree days, this will be an important step for day to day sun exposure.

This has a lightweight feel, you can tell it has sunscreen in it but that doesn’t mean it is thick or heavy. It absorbs quickly and only has a very faint, but pleasant, scent.

Apply 2o minutes prior to sun exposure.

50ml / RRP $39.95

Find it online at Skin Doctors

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