WIN 1 of 3 Bonza Bronz Self Tanning Packs

With summer just around the corner itโ€™s time to shed the winter layers and break out the summer wardrobe.

Get ready for the warmer months with this three piece self-tanning pack from Australiaโ€™s leading tanning company Bonza Bronz.

bonza bronze

Each prize includes:

Xtend Auto Bronzante Self-Tan Crรฉme SIZE: 200ml
A beautiful lightweight self-tanning cream that allows you to develop a gradual tan or extend the life of an existing tan.

Xtend Body Wash SIZE: 200ml
A gentle, sulphate-free body wash that cleanses and refreshes the skin.

Bonza Bronz Tanning Mitt
A streak free tanning mitt with a velvety surface that ensures an even coverage of the tan.

We have 3 packs to give away, each prize valued at $64.85

For your chance to win tell us what you are most looking forward to about summer!

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91 thoughts on “WIN 1 of 3 Bonza Bronz Self Tanning Packs

  1. Not having to wash ice off the windshield in the mornings no snow on the mountain. Being able to go to the beach and not turn to ice when going in the water.

  2. What I’m most looking forward to about Summer is my 50th, spending the day around the pool and the night under the stars. Summer is the best season for a birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am most looking forward to the longer warmer days with shorter sleeves and shorter pants. No more looking for more clothes to put on and no more rushing to get things done before it gets dark. More hours outside time….bring it on.

  4. spending time at the beach with my 3 year old nIEce, relaxing and enjoying my time off in the outdoors and fresh air

  5. I love the sun, the water, sitting under the stars sipping a nice cool drink, fishing, road trips, waiting for the cool change, the pouring rain and the smell afterward, swimming and the sound of children running, jumping, loving and playing!

  6. Being able to go down to the beach at sunset which I’ve done ever since I was a kid on hot days with the family

  7. Hopefully not looking like an albino, as I am very fair skinned and I only need to look at the sun and I burn

  8. I love summer wearing summer clothes being warm and looking free and breezy I love the way I feel in summer clothes

  9. I’m looking forward to the storms I love the sounds of the thunder and seeing that lighting. Light up the skies

  10. I am looking forward to days at the beach, wearing cute summer clothes, swimming in the pool and enjoying the warm weather!

  11. Longer sunlight hours for energetic activities, warm days, sizzling Summery days of sun and surf.. salads, ice-cream, open air movies, the hype, hustle, bustle and excitement of fast approaching Christmas and holidays.

  12. Summer will be wonderful as it will give me a chance to finally show off my body, which I’m so proud of, now that I’ve lost over 40 kg.

  13. Wearing next to nothing, feeling free and easy, no more bulky winter woolies…….I feel the cold terribly, so look forward to the endless Summer Sun ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’m looking forward to being pregnant this summer, my son’s 8th birthday just before Christmas, Christmas and the beautiful beaches we have just around the corner from us. However I really do need a Bonza Bronz Self Tanning Pack as I’m as white as chalk ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Summer nights, down at the beach
    icecreams with the kids, neat!
    collecting shells, having a swim
    Bronzed and tanned , my skin .

  16. Sand in my bikini bottoms, the salty sea smell, that tingling feeling when your skin starts to burn and the sound of waves crashing near my feet as I’m wondering along the shore collecting shells…

  17. I can’t wait to build sandcastles on the beach with my son, jumping and splashing in waves, burying our feet in the sand and collecting shells.

  18. Cooling off in the beautiful ocean and relaxing on the beach with my beautiful glow thanks to Bonza Bronze and Beauty & Lace ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. QLD Summer – Heatwave'[s arghhhh……Water fights with my kids and that crazy unexpected water balloon falling from the sky that’s aimed perfectly at someone’s head. Running from the crime scene watching my youngest looking up, still believing that God is the trickster. Only problem, she goes to Kindy telling everyone she played balloon fights with God….Oh Dear!

  20. I love summer a lot because you get to work on getting the perfect tan. Can’t wait for those summer days to come!!!

  21. Getting a tan for goodness sake I look like I’ve been living in England for the past 20 years. A bit on the whiter side of things

  22. I am looking forward to spending time outside in the garden with my daughter, planting all the beautiful flowers for summer and some vegies too.

  23. Sublime sunshine, relaxing , tanning on the golden sandy beach , fresh intoxicating smell of the surf and relaxing sounds of the sea.

  24. Open windows. fresh air, the beach, long sunlit days, salads, falling asleep in a hammock, running around getting wet under the sprinkler like a kid again. Seeing everyone at BBQ’s all summer long. Just yet another great Australian summer, How lucky are all of us!

  25. wearing stunning summer clothes that just make you feel better because you don’t have to hide yourself under so many layers you just feel better and free

  26. im looking forward to days at the beach, wearing bikinis all day, mango smoothies and relaxing by the pool. also tanned skin, beach waves and my hair goes blonde in summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. The beach, the sun, the coconut oil, the cocktails, the time off work, the bush walks, the adventures, the family and friends, the fake tan, the new swimmers, the street cricket and footy, the holiday season, the hot nights where you can hit the town in a hot pair of heels and a short dress or when you can go to the beach at 10 o’clock at night and the water feels like a bath, the BBQ’s and SALADS, the ‘attempt’ to surf and stand up paddle board (even though I always fail – it’s so much fun), water fights, the burning feeling from the road when walking without shoes… The list just goes on! What’s not to love about summer?!

  28. I’m looking forward to being able to wear the light airy summer dresses to picnics and events (and not wearing multiple layers of sweaters and coats)

  29. Apart from getting my fab tan on, I’m looking forward to swimming at my local dog beach with my two 6 month old puppies, taking my son to cricket games and spending the hot summer nights drinking cocktails with my girls

  30. ohhh……
    I love the evening trips down the road to the beach…..
    for a swim, BBQ on the water front and no cooking for me!!
    ya jut cant beat it!! Not even with a stick….hehe

  31. Being able to shed the layers of winter clothes and exposing my skin to the sun rays while going to swimming pools, shopping, amusement parks and just out for fish & chips with the family.

  32. I am looking forward to getting so burnt at the beach that I can’t sleep. Also getting dumped by waves and loosing my bikini top and my bottoms filling up with sand. Can’t wait when I walk and swallow fifty flies. Really, I can’t weight to break out the Bonza Bronz Self Tanning and looking great for summer without having to go through all this.

  33. I am most looking forward to my first summer off to enjoy with family and friends and my son. Lots of fun times up the river to be had this year.. and long beach walks with the baby and baby dog!!

  34. I Love the carefree feeling of sitting in the sun on a deck chair by the pool, warm rays soaking in, sticking an umbrella in an ice cold drink, feels like you are on a instant holiday, so relaxing:)

  35. I love the wet season here in Far North Queensland. The rain pounding on the roof at night. The frogs croaking so loud you can’t hear T.V or your phone ringing. The plants growing at alarming rates and everything looking so fresh and green. It’s a lovely time of year!

  36. The food…..
    I love all the fresh fruits and seafood in summer…
    just cant get enough of it….
    plus, its not hard work on a hot summers night….

  37. I’m going to Fiji on Christmas Day, first time out of Australia, so I’m kinda looking forward to this summer just a little bit

  38. Visiting beaches
    Scorching sun
    Beach cricket
    And Summer fun

    Sprinklers out
    Water fights
    Sipping wine
    On balmy nights

    Cool salads
    Frozen iceblocks
    BBQ dinners
    And shorter frocks

  39. I’m a beach bum from way back and I love when Summer comes around, Surf, Sand and sea, it’s the Aussie way!

  40. Long days at the beach,
    Licking on icy cold ice blocks,
    Soaking up the Sun Sand & Surf,
    And feeding seagulls as they come in flocks!

  41. Enjoying the most that summer has to offer. Lots of time spent in the outdoors, to exercise and to enjoy the warm weather and food.

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