Beauty Book Wish List

Bookworld is an online store with an extensive range of books in a variety of genres. The website offers fast, free postage within Australia as well as savings below RRP on many of its titles.

We regularly publish reviews of fictional novels, and most of them you will find at Bookworld, but today I will be focusing on something a little different (and as a beauty writer, it’s close to my heart).

Here is a list of hair and beauty books which are at the top of my wish list, and I will be looking at adding them to my collection of resources in the near future:

The Daily Face by Anna Marie Tendler

Anna Marie Tendler is a makeup artist and has made a name for herself through Tumblr.

daily face

This is her first book and contains 25 tutorials, each with a focus on being suitable for those who are time poor and don’t have hours to spend doing their makeup.

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster

Zoe Foster is a beauty journalist and this is a book she has created which covers all things hair, beauty, body, nails and makeup.

amazing face

Included are step by step instructions and product recommendations.

Hair Romance by Christina Butcher

Technically this isn’t on my wish list because I already own a copy, but there is something lovely about looking through a hairstyle book and you can never have too much hair inspiration.

hair romance

There are step by step instructions with beautiful imagery and the styles would be most suited to formal occasions such as weddings and school formals.

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a beauty guru and definitely one of my all-time favourites, I already have two of her other titles in my collection.

beauty rules

This book is for teens and 20 somethings and the looks and advice is age appropriate.

Timeless Makeup by Rae Morris

Rae Morris is another favourite and for those who are concerned with ageing or want to create a look that is timeless – this one is for you.

timeless makeup

Tricks with makeup can help you look slimmer, younger and even appear to have plumper lips, and Rae Morris shows you how.

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