Win a Lighting Car Prize Pack for Dad

For a Dad that’s always under the hood of a car, this is a must have Father’s Day gift for any car enthusiasts who wants to keep their car in top condition. We have six prize packs up for grabs worth $25 each, each prize pack includes:

  • 250ml Brite Lightning Metal Polish keeps your chrome and metal in perfect condition
  • 500ml Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil is ideal for restoring old, dried or cracked leather


Lightning products are available at all good auto retailer stores, including Repco. For more information, check out the website at

For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below who your dad’s (or partners) dream passenger would be and why.

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93 thoughts on “Win a Lighting Car Prize Pack for Dad

  1. Ah the quiet serenity of a car ride. The perfect passenger would be a lovely lady who doesn’t remind him of the ever increasing speedometer, smiles away any speeding fines that arrive, never comments on the pot holes that he never seems to miss, hand feeds him chocolate dipped strawberries, and can read a street map with precision. Not to mention legs like Elle McPherson, and the face and hair would probably do quite nicely as well.

  2. His dream passenger would be me with a gag on I am a bit of a back seat driver he has often threatened to pull over and dump me on the side of the road better be careful one day he just might

  3. Mine would love a professional driver preferably from the Holding Racing Team, especially when he is on night shift as he is not a good night driver.
    He tried recruiting his daugher to clean the car, but she wasn’t keen and it wasn’t up to his standard anyway.
    He isn’t terribly mechanically talented but manages to get his hands as dirty as a motor mechanic on occasions.

  4. Dad would love the guys from Top Gear UK so he could teach them how to drive and really tinker with cars

  5. I guess I (his wife) would be the perfect passenger, as my husband drives a lot and would really like me to sit in the passengers seat and talk to him to keep him AWAKE. He does such long trips and company would be good, but not always possible

  6. Dads dream passenger would have to be Jennifer Hawkins and then he would wake up and realise it was only a dream and mum was his passenger. hahahaha

  7. My Dad is eighty but he still keeps his car immaculate, ready to take Mum(my son calls her Hyacinth Bucket)to Church and the shops but I think I would be his dream passenger because I wouldn’t object when he stopped at every cafe, bakery and shop along the way to get milkshakes, ice creams and other necessities. I recently had my ankle replaced and he took me for a drive just to ‘get me out’ and he said ‘Just feel on the floor, under my legs.’ I thought this was a bit odd but did as I was told. He had been past this freezer at home and snick out with a chocolate coated icecream for each of us. I have never told a soul until today.

  8. My dad’s dream passenger is the dog. The only other male in a female house. Ralph just sits quietly, doesn’t talk back & doesn’t want the radio on. Man heaven!!

  9. Me of course. Love spending time with my dad and going for a drive and getting a milkshake would be like the good old days.

  10. Jack sparrow (Johnny Depp ) full of charisma and sexy as hell. He can leave his slippers at the end of my bed any time!

  11. Dad lived in Italy in the 1960s. He came back with an unending love for pasta and Sophia Loren. If Dad could drive Ms Loren around the cliffs of Amalfi (with a stop for pasta!), he’d die happy.

  12. Dad love to take my little girl for ride……..he just love sing along with my little girl and listing her stories!

  13. His wife (my mother) they are both 84, providing Mum doesn’t blurt out driving instructions every second. Currently she’s banned from riding in the passenger seat.

  14. Ellen DeGeneres because she stands up strongly for what she believes in and even though she is over 50, still knows how to have fun!!! Hubby loves her philanthropist style and craziness!

  15. I’d like to think my Dad’s dream passenger would be me – cos it would mean we’re in the same country (he lives in the UK).

  16. Dad’s ultimate dream passenger would be Optimus Prime from transformers. Optimus Prime has unswaying commitment to leadership by example and everyone likes him. Just like Dad.

  17. My husband’s dream passenger would be Mal Meniga. He has idolised Mal since he captained and played for Southern Suburbs in Brisbane (my hubby’s local team). Of course, Mal has gone onto bigger and better things, like playing for Canberra Raiders and coaching the Mighty Maroons. Mal is just a great bloke and outstanding representative for the game of rugby league. (My sons also adore Mal!!)

  18. My husband’s dream passenger is Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Hes says they would make for an awesome driving adventure.

  19. Now if you ask my hubby he might say Jessica Alba, he thinks she’s gorgeous…. After a jab in the ribs, he would say …me of course! His amazing lovely wife!

  20. My dad fancies himself as a bit of a rally driver. He would love to have Ross Dunkerton in the passenger seat to give him a few professional tips. They could also reminisce about their old school days together.

  21. If my husband could turn back time it would be his ultimate hero-and man-crush Peter Brock aka Brocky….the best race car driver that ever there was so my hubby says ;)….

  22. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, loves to go on thrilling rides, definately be one heck of a laugh and have my hubby in stitches as they drive along.

  23. Mr Bean and teddy – a big fan of both these, he picked up Teddys cousin in Vietnam and thinks its a cute bear, sure he would take them places…

  24. My Dad used to be in the RAAF and he’s very proud of that fact and still participates in anything he can in relation to the air force. His passion is planes and he loves reading about the wars – he always mentions The Red Baron….so I think my Dad would be in his element if he had The Red Baron sitting beside him as a passenger….we would NEVER hear the end of it….no matter how many lives we lived! 🙂

  25. Dad is always carrying on about the female voice on his Navman and how sexy she sounds…I’m sure he’d love the opportunity to have the owner of the voice sitting beside him( altho’ I suspect Mum would have something to say about that!)

  26. Nobody but a good hi fi system! Gorgeous day, elbow hanging out the window and belting out tunes at the top of his lungs – true freedom and enjoyment!

  27. Dad’s dream passenger would be his brother because they were very close and they used to build race cars together.

  28. My husband’s ideal partner would be me, as I’m the navigator when he gets lost and misses his turn.

  29. He would love to have Michael Schumacher next to him as a passenger. The best driver in history and all our prayers are with him hoping that he will recover and have a good quality of life for many years to come.

  30. He would love his driving partner to be Barbara Streisand. As long as she sings all of his favourite Streisand tunes.

  31. My hubbys dream passenger would be someone from Mythbusters, preferably doing an experiment at the same time!! Followed closely by Peter brock or craig Lowndes.

  32. Anybody that sits quietly and doesn’t tell him how to drive! At 47 years old I finally plucked up the courage to get my license and he’s getting annoyed I keep telling him when he does something wrong. Yes darling, rules have changed since you learned.

  33. For my husband, it would have to be our 3 year old daughter. Taking her for drives never gets old for him!

  34. Robin Williams you know how some people say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone… we knew and we will always miss him and I think dad would love a beer and a chat with him

  35. My Dad is so devoted to his German Shepherd puppy Theodore – he spoils him more than he spoilt us kids – and his puppy will definitely be in the drivers seat!!

  36. My partner’s dream passenger would be Arnold Schwarzenegger because he is obsessed with him and he looks up to him soo much. 🙂

  37. Peter Brock, because he thinks he’s also “king of the mountain”; my siblings and I think a different mountain, one run by gorillas…

  38. He would say “Bulldog” to sing along with his catchy songs. The rest of the world calls him ‘Pitbull’ . Que no pare la fiesta! Gracias!

  39. Jessica alba. He’s her biggest fan. We are about the same age as her so he got to watch her growing up in Flipper then later on in Dark Angel.

  40. My hubbies all time favourite passanger would Valentino Rossi as he is an extrodinary rider and hubby would want tips for track days

  41. My Dad’s dream passenger would of course be my son,
    He would definitely be second to none.
    He is the rejuvenating oil for his grumpy, dry cracked leather skin

  42. His dream passenger would be the best hifi system money could buy. He loves listening to music all the time.

  43. My dream passenger is my wife.. Of course, I’ll need someone to look after the kids so I’m not having to field “Are we there yet?” questions, or reaching back to peel them apart.

  44. My partner would be blown away by a drive with Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo. Every time he wins a race, my man gets a little teary. He is so proud of what Ricciardo has achieved and his awesome good nature and kind soul, and I imagine he’d love to pick Ricciardo’s brain on the world of F1 over a long drive down some winding roads.

  45. His dream passenger would be Chuck Berry because he would be cruisin along in his automobile having a great time at the wheel taking his gleaming pride for a ride with mr rock and roll at his side

  46. Carrie Webb would be my husband’s ideal passenger, he could share golfing stories, that take so long they would travel around Australia before the stories finished

  47. My hubby would love to go for a drive with Muhammad Ali because he is a huge boxing fan and it would be his dream come true to meet the legend!

  48. My husband adores Ksenia Solo. I’m 100% sure he would clean his car spotlessly clean for her. Maybe even invite me on the car trip with them.

  49. No question about it – Dad would take my Mum. He would be lost without her (both figuratively and literally!)

  50. His dream passenger would be Mark Webber so he could get some handy driving tips (but he would probably be too gobsmacked to talk).

  51. Daniel Ricciardo would make my hubby happy, as long as they’re racing at the Grand Prix, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as they’re in the Formula 1.

  52. Car journeys can be quite dull, I think he’d like Stephen Fry to regale him with interesting stories and facts!

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