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V05 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo

Well, I’m in awe! About a year ago I tried a dry shampoo and even though it took away the oil, my scalp looked all chalky so never really thought much of it again. That is until I was given this bottle of V05 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo.

I am in love! I have thin blonde hair and wash it daily, otherwise it looks oily and I feel yucky. First time I tried this dry shampoo was a leap of faith, it was after my morning gym session, after my shower and to top it off before a double shift at work. I sprayed it directly onto my roots all over and then shook my head around a bit. It is brilliant! My hair looked and smelt great. Now gone are the days of washing every day, I do still wash my hair every second day but for me this is brilliant.

I find I can even wear my hair down after using it, not tied up in a bun or pulled back.

Tip: Backcomb loosely for added oomph and finish with V05 High volume hairspray!

plump me up

V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray

The run down:

  • Helps protect hair against heat damage from regular blow-drying and heat styling
  • Contains a heat-activated complex to make styling easier and quicker
  • Calms frizz, static and flyaways
  • Provides long-lasting frizz free shine

Directions for use: Remove silver clip to unlock the pump.  Spray generously and evenly onto towel dried hair before heat styling.  Use a brush to blow dry from roots to ends.

This is a fantastic product! I can be bad when it comes to using heat on my hair. I blowdry, straighten or curl my hair the majority of the week. I’m not all bad though and usually use some kind of hair protecting product. This is my current protecting spray.

I find the smell is a bit masculine – but in a good way. I can’t really explain how I know it protects but there isn’t any sizzling on my ends when I straighten, and my hair isn’t dry or horrible….so I know something is working. Tip to remember though, is don’t go to crazy with the spray as one day my hair felt like sheep’s wool from over spraying.

V05 is available from Priceline.

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