Interview: Lili Kendall

Lili Kendall is a young Australian singer-songwriter currently juggling year 12 with a music career and leading up to an album release. A very full year for Lili and we got to find out a little more about her and her career in this recent interview.

Hi Lili and welcome to Beauty and Lace.
What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I’ve always loved music, though when I was 11 my dad took me to a Michael Buble concert, as soon as he came on stage I was so in love with the way he interacted with everyone as well his voice and band. At Christmas time I decided to sing some carols for mum and then asked if I could have lessons for my present (smooth)

How would you describe your sound?

My music is definitely in the pop genre but has a unique twist on it that makes it a little different and interesting

You’ve recently been overseas for some shows and Canadian Music Week, can you tell us a little about the experience?

Canadian Music Week was incredible, it wasn’t just the fact that I got to play two awesome shows but because I got to see other Australians over there doing what they loved and getting recognition for it. I had a show in LA as well while I was writing new music. It was me and an unbelievable band called Gold and that night couldn’t have gone any better.

How are you finding the time to juggle your career and completing Yr 12?

Sometimes it’s a real struggle, I miss a month of school and then come back into the middle of year 12 assessment and exams. Though I go to a school for musicians called ‘Music Industry College’ and my principal Brett Wood is really understanding of the situation I am in with my career and school and it is pretty easy to get on top of stuff you have missed when I am surrounded by people who try and help me as much as possible to juggle the two!


Moonlight is the new single, what can you tell us about it?

Moonlight is something a little more moody and dark than what I have brought out previously, it tells the story of finally falling out of love with someone and seeing them for who they really are.

How did you come to be filming the clip in Palm Springs with Jory Lee Cordy?

I’ve worked with Jory once before and love doing shoots with him! We met through my producer and mentor Cameron Jaymes. Jory’s vision and ability to create something so amazing out of something so simple is why I love working with him.

Can you tell us a little about your song writing inspiration and process?

I am inspired by first time experiences in my life, and those usually happen a lot as I am still young. I write majority of my songs with Cam, it starts off with him and I coming up with a topic to write about, he then starts to create a track and I write while he does that. After we have a half decent track idea we start to write together! I really like writing with Cam, he pushes me to new limits and that is exactly what I need as I develop as an artist.

lili kendall

What do you love listening to, what’s your favourite album at the moment?

I love a wide variety of music from Nat King Cole to Kanye West. At the moment I am overly obsessed with two albums, ‘Post Tropical’ by James Vincent McMorrow and ‘In The Lonely Hour’ by Sam Smith.

You are releasing one song a month until the end of the year, what prompted you to lead up to the album release in this way?

I decided to release a single every month as I feel like I am growing as an artist so much. My sound has changed so much over the past year I wanted to release the album this way as every month the songs will sound a little different and the album will almost be the evolution of me.

What do you think is the most important piece of advice you could give to aspiring musicians?

Surround yourself with a supportive network of people, people who aren’t just there to make money off your music, but are there because they believe in you as a person and an artist.

What does being a woman mean to you?

I have never really thought about this… I think it is because I am lucky enough to live in a society where I think “I am going to do this because I am capable to do so” instead of having the mind set of whether or not I can do something because I am a woman. I guess I love the aspect of being able to do my hair and makeup and get all dressed up for something as well!

Thanks for your time.
Thank you for interviewing me!

You can follow Lili here: Facebook, Lili Kendall website, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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