Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush

For a deeper, salon worthy cleanse, Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush will help you achieve this in the comfort of your own bathroom.

This portable brush vibrates and rotates with two changeable brush heads (normal or sensitive) and can be used with your preferred brand of skincare for a more thorough clean.

The brushes are soft and feel gentle on your skin. In comparison to regular hand cleansing the VisaPure is said to be 10x more effective when removing makeup.

In addition to the changeable heads there are two speed settings to choose from with a gentle and deep cleansing option. If you like to cleanse in the shower then you will be happy to hear this is waterproof – once charged it will last 30 minutes which is equal to 30 uses, this is definitely a beauty for girls on the go.

VisaPure_Turn it On product_ Peach vertical wet foam_High res

The success of this cleansing tool will be determined by the quality of your cleanser, but after use your skin has a very fresh, clean and healthy feeling.

Although both head options are gentle, my skin is quite sensitive so if you are like me and unsure where to start I would recommend using the sensitive head and gentle setting.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing the long term benefits of the VisaPure – I love the instant after cleanse feeling which is similar to exfoliated skin but without any irritation or harshness.

There are two models available, the one referenced in this article is the pink but there is also a blue one speed version. RRP $199 each

VisaPure (blue) is available at selected retailers. The two-speed Philips VisaPure (pink) is available exclusively at Shaver Shop. For more information please visit

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