Schwarzkopf Colour Mask

I have been thinking for a while that it must be getting close to time for a colour change, a change is as good as a holiday they say. So it was perfect timing when we received Schwarzkopf’s new Colour Mask offering Permanent Intensive Colour.

My hair is quite long so it is recommended on the box to use two packs. This has always been the case with my hair, and if I go semi-permanent I generally require three. I was prepared to need two packs, alas what I had on hand was one Dark Brown and one Black. That was fine with me because it gave me an opportunity to think about some experimentation with two tone colour.

I went with dark brown on the top half of my head and black on the bottom, the results are good but would have been better if the shades weren’t so similar.

The Colour Mask is the first beauty colour mask developed by Schwarzkopf and it really is quite simple to use. Mixing together the developer creme and the colour creme gives you quite a thick product that you scoop up with your fingers and apply to your hair. The mask is easy to use, being thicker it doesn’t drip and as long as you have a little co-ordination it really is simple to do on your own. Often I have a friend put my colours in because I just can’t seem to get it even and always make a huge mess.

colour mask

This time I decided to give it a go on my own and was quite successful – except for the huge mess. My biggest issue with doing my own colour is the length of my hair, I end up wrapping my hair up my arms and flicking my neck with it and basically just covering myself in colour.

The Schwarzkopf Colour Mask strengthens, nourishes and restores hair while offering long-lasting colour and 100% Grey coverage. Now I can’t talk about how long-lasting the colour is yet because I’m still newly coloured but I will say that the colour is definitely vibrant, even for such a dark shade and looks beautifully highlighted. Also, I’m not yet grey so can’t vouch for that personally.

Colour Mask contains three steps to indulging care for your hair:

  • Colour Creme with strengthening Amino-Active-Protein
  • Developer Creme with smoothing Combability Booster
  • Hair Mask with caring Vitamin-Oil-Complex

My hair is definitely smooth, soft and shiny. Looking and feeling fantastic. For an easy to use colour I would definitely recommend you give Colour Mask a go.

The product comes in a range of colours and I will be looking out for the Chestnut Brown or Mahogany Red next time round.

Available colours are: Black, Black Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Chestnut Brown, Mahogany Red, Light Brown, Light Copper Brown, Light Golden Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde and Pearl Blonde.

Available from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline stores, independent retailers and pharmacies.
You can also contact the Advice line toll free on: 1800 022 219

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