Sally Symonds (Weight Loss)

sally symonds

Do you want to become one of “those people” who never have to struggle with their weight again?  Well now you can!

Sally Symonds has lost a massive 50kg + and kept the weight off for over a decade.  Since her drastic transformation she has written multiple books on the subject (“50 Steps to Lose 50kg … And Keep it Off”, “50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg … And Keep It Off” and “50 Ways to Weight Loss Motivation”) and believes in healthy eating and weight loss strategies that are easily implemented into your everyday lifestyle.

“Love Your Weight Loss” is Sally’s 26-week online weight loss system designed to work for long-term weight loss. You won’t just lose weight; you’ll keep it off forever.  You can have the world’s best trainer and nutritionist but if you can’t get your mind right you won’t keep it off.

Each week “Love Your Weight Loss” gives you new food and exercise strategies, as well as the mindset lessons to make them work.  Forget calorie counting, portion control, everything in moderation and all the usual weight loss rules that just don’t work long term and discover a totally new way to lose weight forever!  Sign up for your FREE TRIAL today.  100% risk free no obligation.  Cancel any time.

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