My Busy Day – Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamin Extracts

Clearasil have recently released a brand new range with their Daily Clear Vitamin and Extract, and to celebrate they have asked a selection of bloggers to try the products and share a little insight into life as a beauty writer.


As the editor of Beauty and Lace I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this campaign, and in the following post I will share with you a typical Monday:

7:00am: Part of beauty blogging is trying products and the easiest way to do this is by incorporating them into your regular routine. I have started using the Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamin and Extracts wash and scrub in the mornings for this feature, and I have to say I am really enjoying these two products.


You may typically think of Clearasil as a heavy duty pimple fighting brand, but this new range is designed for everyday use for girls who want clear skin in a more delicate way. I am a little obsessed with avocado and this is definitely an ingredient (avocado extracts) that stands out in this collection. In addition, there is Vitamin E, Glycerine and Pomegranate Fruit Extract which help to keep your skin feeling healthy and nourished.

8:30am: I have two young children and on Mondays they go to kindy and childcare so it is a mad rush to get everyone out the door on time!

9:15am: Gym! There is nothing like a good workout to start the week, and taking an hour out of my day definitely helps to clear the head and get me focused. Two things that really do help a girl to have more confidence are fitness and a clear complexion.


10:30am: Our lovely eco writer Vanessa always has a new post waiting to be published on Monday mornings; it is always a surprise to see which unique natural product she has discovered. The morning continues with responding to emails, general admin duties and scheduling any posts that the girls have written.

11:30am: I am currently working on a ‘foundation favourites’ feature, I had a few new products arrive in the post for consideration today and have been excitedly testing them all. The best part of being a beauty blogger is definitely discovering new beauties!

1:30pm: Lunch time – I like to aim for a healthy lunch but do like to include a cup of coffee in there as a little pick me up. On this occasion a friend dropped in and she had a test of some of the foundations and shared her favourites.


1:45pm: Painted my nails in a pretty pink shade…it’s for work, I promise!

2:00pm: For the rest of the day my eyes are glued to my computer and focused on writing new content. We like to try and schedule articles and reviews in advance and we rely on the scribble in our diaries to stay organised.

Most of my workday is spent at my computer which includes emailing and writing, as well as testing all kinds of interesting products. I do think it’s important to fit play into your day as well as good old fashioned hard work – and luckily for me, my work is actually really fun!


Evening: Once my children are snuggled down for the night I am often working late, I’m definitely not a morning person and in fact it’s 10:30pm as I am finalising this post…

Before bed I have been using the Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts wash (as you wouldn’t use a scrub every day) and my skin certainly looks and feels much softer. I will keep using both products as part of my daily routine and look forward to seeing how they work long term. While the regular Clearasil products do work well for many young people, it is nice to see a milder formula with less salycilic acid for regular use.

  • Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash: RRP $10.99
  • Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Scrub: RRP $10.99

Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies and independent retailers, visit:

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

The lovely people at Clearasil are offering one lucky Beauty and Lace reader the chance to win a $500 experience of their choice!

To enter, leave a comment below telling us about a time when you wish you’d had a boost of confidence. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

If you share this competition with your friends please use the hashtag: #Clearasilworkhardplayhard to show the love!

Competition closes 18/07/2013 5pm AEST. Open to Australian residents only.

Clearasil Terms and Conditions

208 thoughts on “My Busy Day – Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamin Extracts

    1. I’ve always been a “yes I am!” kinda gal. Except at 18 with big breasts and bad skin. Could of used the same confidence back then.

  1. When I was younger and had a problem with pimples, I wish Clearasil was around then. My daughter has a slight problem and I buy Clearsil for her to use 🙂

  2. The time I need more confidence is right now.I have not been able to look in a mirror for years and need a boost.

  3. I would love to get in front of the camera, not hide behind it all the time. My kids are going to look back on their photos and think I was never there!

  4. Up until a year ago, I was too afraid to drive a car. As a mum of three young children, it was so difficult to get out on public transport. Even simple things like doing the weekly shopping had to be planned in advance, and I didn’t like having to rely on people or inconvenience them for a lift.
    Then, on my 33rd birthday, my parents presented me with vouchers for driving lessons. They had saved up their pensions and got me the vouchers as a surprise. I didn’t want to waste the vouchers, so I built up the confidence and booked in lessons. I surprisingly found myself enjoying driving and looking forward to the lessons. After a few months, I got my driver licence on my first attempt! I wish I had the confidence to do it back when I was 18. I missed out on so much as a result of not having a car. I can’t tell you how many invites to parties, etc I had to decline. Now, I am full of confidence!

  5. I had my fourth bub just under a year ago and struggling with going out- all my baby weight and post baby hormones have played havoc n my body

  6. When I met up with an old flame a few years ago, wish I had the guts to tell him that I still found him extremely amazing..who knows where we would be now!

  7. I am in the middle of my Psychology exams and all the stress is impacting on my confidence to do well. I definitely need a boost!

  8. I wished I had a confidence boost once, when I had a huge pimple on my nose before going for a job interview!

  9. I could’ve done with a boost of confidence when I had to stand up at a recent Sales meeting at our office and do a presentation. Was okay after I thought of everyone being naked though!

  10. Every time I have to do the school drop-off in the morning I wish I had a boost of confidence! I am 40 and still get pimples regularly because I have polycystic ovaries and just want to hide my face most of the time, but instead I have to greet and talk to all the other mums, who seem so made up and fashionable I just feel like mutton dressed as lamb next to them!

  11. When I finally found the courage to leave abusive my ex-husband. My mind, body and emotional state was finally CLEAR.

  12. Pretty confident one morning and didn’t think I needed to check myself out in any shop windows as a walked. I needed a confidence boost after a lady tapped me on the shoulder to inform me I’d walked from the city train station to my office building with my flowing dress hitched up by my backpack.

  13. I have always had problem skin but could have done with a boost of confidence on my wedding day 41 years ago instead of trying to hide the problem with thick make up.Now I still have problem skin after all this time & try everything on the market to rectify it.Never too old to keep trying.

  14. I need a boost of confidence right now
    I am currently looking for work
    The rejections are making me feel so down

  15. This would be great with all the bad nasty’s blowing in the wind to boost the skin on the outside….

  16. I wish I’d had a boost of confidence when I met my future in laws, they were very condescending 20 years ago and it’s set the tone for our whole relationship.

  17. i wish I’d had a boost of confidence during my wedding as my skin looked terrible and I tried to hide away underneath my veil even at the reception!

  18. I wish I was more confident, full stop! The most recent time was when I had to speak in front of my peers at work. My voice was so shaky, it couldn’t have been me talking. Even now, I have no recollection of what I said, just some rambling about one thing or another!

  19. I could have used some confidence every time I had to do class speeches at university for assignments. One time I was so anxious about how badly I spoke, that I bawled my eyes out on the way home in the car. >_>

  20. I wish I had a boost of confidence on the weekend whilst cooking my first meal for my boyfriends at my house. It was the first time they had been to my place and the first time cooking for them all.
    I spent all day cleaning and cooking, but with a boost of confidence I would’ve realised that no matter what they would have appreciated the effort put in.

  21. When we bought our house we knew we had to replace the wood fire for something more efficient. My husband asked me to help him up on the roof to pull out the old flue. Very tentatively, shaking erratically, I managed to get beyond that last ladder rung and gingerly with taken hand, inched to the flue. I just froze. My knuckles turned white instantly as I tightly grasped the brick edge of the chimney. My husband asked if I could help pull out the old steel flue. I was so struck with fear I couldn’t even answer him. He realised I was going to be useless so tried to take me off the roof. After 30 minutes of coaxing he needed more help. He was about to admit defeat and call the fire brigade when he remembered a friend who was an ex-firey. Oh yes, he had to come with his gear, extra tall ladder and between the two of them managed to get me off the roof. Oh my, at least he didn’t send me a bill!! And I have never managed to overcome my fear of heights yet.

  22. Just facing the challenges of everyday life. It’s not always pretty, but it’s certainly real.

  23. Id actually like to ba able to see my son with more confidance..he is 18 and allways suffering from breakouts.. I see him say no to a lot of things and i know its because he isnt confidant people wont be looking at or talking about his breakouts…

  24. I wish I had the boost of confidence every time I had to get up in front of a room full of people and talk etc its one of my every day demons

  25. When ever I go to the gym I feel that I need a boost of confidence. I find myself looking around to see if someone’s checking out my huge thighs and big butt! I’m even thinking of quitting the gym because of my low confidence.

  26. I don’t mean to whine,
    but I am naturally shy.
    So when confrontation hits,
    I do everything to give it a miss.
    Avoid it like the plaige,
    try to make peace every single day! 🙂

  27. When I am at Yoga, and my top rides up and my belly is on show for all to see – upside down!

  28. I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding and walking down the garden aisle I got my heel caught in the grass and not only did I fall over myself, I managed to take out her nanna and grandpa and I also crushed a four year old child who didn’t stop screaming for over 30 minutes, her nanna broke her wrist and an ambulance had to be called. After everything was sorted out the wedding went ahead and I needed more than a boxful of confidence to stand up the front with my friend, but she made a beautiful bride.

  29. I was attending a Retail Course being run for people out of work, (most of them young) and it was my turn to speak as if I was a ‘Retailer’, but all my words got jumbled up… everyone laughed. What they didn’t know, is that I have suffered a Brain Abcess, causing a brain injury, short term memory, plus seizures. bla bla. On that day I didn’t care about my injuries, just wished I was ‘normal’ again. And if you ‘look good’, your half way there, so would love a little bit of confidence, to do this course again, with the help of Clearasil… 🙂

  30. I wish I had a boost of confidence when I was young and made it into international level in a beauty competition. I really could have done with it!!

  31. My life was one of indesisions I am shy and introverted. Wish I was more out going. Maybe winnings would give me a boost. Liked, shared and commented.

  32. I wish my boost of confidence came when I was learning to swim, I wish I stuck it out so I could just dive in and go with the flow.

  33. I’m extremely shy which makes socialising very difficult. As a mum with three children I sometimes find school drop off and pick ups a bit challenging. I’m not good at chitchatting with people I don’t know very well and because of it people sometimes think I’m a bit aloof or just plain rude.

  34. I find making small-talk with people I just meet a bit hard for me. I need a confidence boost when meeting new people, and opening up to them. I probably come across a bit of a snob, but I won’t speak unless I have something to say, or can contribute to the conversation.

  35. When I was a teenager , pimples started popping up and I was so embarressed to be seen out in public. I couldn’t face my boyfriend at the time and needed something to remove them fast so I used methylated spirits to burn them off.

  36. Blemishes are not just a teenage problem looking after your skin is essential to a glowing complexion. I am in my forties and still have occasional breakouts clearasil is still very much part of my beauty routine.

  37. Have just moved back to the town I grew up in (after 20 years away) to care for my elderly mother. I need a big boost of confidence to make me feel as though I ‘fit in’ in this town again.

  38. When I first met my now husband for the first time, it was a mutual friends birthday in a dimly lit restaurant. I was really rocking it that night, dressed to the nines and best of all, what better light to make you look and feel fabulous but a dimly lit restaurant. We got on so well that he asked me out on a date the next day for lunch; in an open air cafe, in broad daylight! If there ever was a time I needed a confidence boost was that day, walking up to him to say hello after he’d only seen me all done up and in the dimness of the local Chinese restaurant.

  39. When I was in a production of the musical ‘Cats’, and had a full face of character make-up while wearing a skin-tight costume and jumping around and rolling around on the floor – I could have used a bit of a boost of confidence then! (though gosh it was fun!)

  40. I wish that I had a boost of confidence when it came to my romantic life in my younger years. I was so shy and insecure, and I was afraid to talk to any of the boys that I liked. I am sure that there might have been a couple who would have liked me back, but my fear of making a fool out of myself kept me from ever finding out.

  41. I wish I had a boost of confidence when I am around a big group of people. Everyone always says oh your so quiet and a great listener. I just cant seem to find my words sometimes 🙁

  42. If only I had possessed the confidence to follow my dreams of being an engineer, even with everyone around me telling me it was a man’s job!

  43. I’ve been writing in one way or another for as long as I can remember, but over the last 10 years have focused on poetry. I wish I had the confidence in my writing to do something about it but I’m always worried people won’t like my work.

  44. A little boost of confidence would of been great when I met my fiances family. It is so nerve racking and scary to have so many people know who you are but you don’t know any of them!

  45. i wish i had a boost of confidence to speak to the doctors and asked more questions about my sons disablity

  46. Sadly, my husband committed suicide 3 years ago, and my self confidence is now non existent. I am practically a hermit!
    I have recently had major surgery, which was so hard to go through alone, without his support. I have lost a large amount of weight, and could really do with being ‘ made over’, to help me get back to the bubbly, happy person that I once was.

  47. Back when I was younger,
    I had a major crush,
    I couldn’t tell him how I felt,
    All I’d do was blush.
    I needed a boost of confidence,
    To help me on my way,
    How things may have turned out differently,
    To the way they are today.

  48. Well I needed a boost of confidence when it was time for a family photo to be taken at my childs kindy, gee I felt uneasy and ugly.

  49. I would have loved some confidence when I was running a race, I could have done a lot better if I tried harder.

  50. I have a law case for a long-running workers compensation case in October. I need the confidence to know I’ll be sane until then, and prepared when the day actually dawns.

  51. I do casual relief work in a wide variety of settings. Every time I go to a new place I need a boost of confidence to stop the negative thinking that they will judge me by my looks, before I get to show them what I can do.

  52. I’m not confident at all ever, on my wedding day I would’ve liked to have the confidence to say what I was thinking and feeling in my head to my husband and friends in response to his speech, and a little bit wouldn’t go astray every time I get into a new situation I hate new things I am freaked out by them and need to calm my farm and breathe so I can show people I am not scared and can do the job.

  53. When I have a very busy morning with my 2 yr old before work, I feel very low and have no confidence in facing the world. In such time, I wish for some extra boost that can keep me alive.

  54. Right now I need a real boost I have now had to get used to the idea that my dear dad who I love dearly is now not at home and is in a nursing home. Its affected my greatly my skin looks horrid and others have also noticed. I think the whole process and my own hormones are going crazy. I haven’t been eating properly and I have been crying so much that I just look terrible. And I hate seeing my dad and him noticing that I am not looking as good as I used to. I have let myself go and I also haven’t been looking after my skin like I should have been, I haven’t had breakouts in years and now that I am I feel terrible and I look terrible also. I am almost ashamed that I have let myself go. I don’t even want to go to the chemist to get myself some good skin care products. As I feel really embarrassed as the way that I have let myself get into this state. I could do with a boost and a reason to take care of myself again.

  55. I’m a pretty shy introvert at the best of times – even worse when I get my photo taken! For some reason, I look really good OR like the mad woman from Borneo! We are going overseas later on in the year -am still trying to get a decent passport snap.
    Luckily, i didn’t have problems with pimples or acne when I was a teenager – my skin’s pretty good APART from the sun damage from my childhood. Back then, the only sunblock was white zinc and NOONE would be caught wearing that – we were way too cool.

    Anyway, I now have two daughters – 24 and 22 – they both have the occasional
    probs with acne/excess oil. Sophie, my ranga, has olive skin like her father. Kelly has fair, freckly, moley skin – like me. Poor girl, she lives in the tropics…. I would share my prize with my girlies as I am a warm, generous, caring and thoughful mumma.

  56. Having spent last Christmas visiting my husband in hospital and praying he would recover from lung cancer surgery after being admitted to intensive care three times I definitely wish I had more confidence then.
    I believe all things happen for a reason and my husband having cancer, age at only 49 and surviving, sent us both on a spiritual journey we would have never gone on if it wasn’t for the cancer. While in hospital I witnessed and experienced the pain and trauma other families and friends are put through with this disease and it shook me up quite a bit.
    I wish I had more confidence then to speak to these people sooner as it would have made the journey a little easier to share my pain, angst and worry instead of keeping it all inside until I eventually collapsed on a bus on the way home one night.
    I have since learnt that I have a great support unit around me I just needed to find the confidence to ask for help!

  57. I lost my job as a train driver at the start of the year. I have been diagnosed with PTSD following a fatality at work & was deemed mentally unfit to ever resume driving. Since my dismissal I have gained a lot of weight due to different medications & have been very isolated, rarely leaving the house. I do worry about my rundown looks and it does contribute to my anxiety. Prior to all of this happening I was a very confident person, all of that has gone & I would do anything to regain even a small amount of the confidence I used to have, at this point I’d try anything to get my life back & get back out there.

  58. Planning our wedding – I wish I’d had the confidence to stand up more for what I wanted instead of trying to keep everyone else happy. We still had an awesome day though!!!

  59. I will be trying speed dating for the first time tonight. This is definitely a time when I could do with a confidence boost – I am terrified!

  60. When my music teacher singled me out and made me sing to the entire class right on the spot in my chair.

  61. At my 21st birthday, I was so shy and nervous I barely got through my thank you speech which so short anyway!

  62. The last 12 years of my life would have been really handy, but I am grateful it came when it did to give me the strength to leave an abusive relationship. It made me realize how important it is to boost our children’s confidence as early as possible so that they have the courage to do what is right for them.

  63. All through high school I was so awkward, so I never really enjoyed what are supposedly meant to be the best years of your life.

  64. I needed that extra boost of confidence when I was in Year 8 and had to perform something on the stage, whether it was singing or playing an instrument.

  65. Friends birthday purchased ipod, splurging smartphone for myself. To my horror, she opens box…accidentally gave her smartphone….No heart to take away her excitement.

  66. I wish I’d had a boost in confidence when wind blew up my dress and showed a large group my bot bot (and my gorgeous underwear). You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

  67. I’m currently seeking employment (again) and at 30 years of age I still suffer from acne and years of scarring. I use THE best of cover up make up that I can afford at this point but I know I could defininately use the boost in confidence products like Clearasil will give to a woman like me!!

  68. I definitely needed a boost of confidence after My son was born, I was exhausted and had no time for myself or energy to feel good about myself.

  69. After the birth of my first child, I spend a year at home looking after her but then I had to go back to work. I really needed a boost of confidence as I was so nervous coming back.

  70. I wish I had a boost of confidence for a my annual performance review this year because then I could have asked for the pay rise I deserve!

  71. My son told me about a child who has been bullying him in school and I wish I have that boost of confidence to speak to the mother of that child but wanting no confrontation, I decided to make a letter instead. I am hoping that by writing how and what my son and I feel about the situation, that things will be easier in school. They are just in kindy and I don’t want my son to be scarred for the rest of his primary years because of this experience.

  72. Well my self esteem left my body after I had my front teeth kicked in by my best friend whom also stole my cheque book and ran up a twenty thousand dollar bill with it. Anyway long story short I was too scared and frightened to charge her so therefor I forfeited the right to get my teeth repaired and paid for by her and to this day I have disgusting front teeth and I never do a full mouth smile anymore and what is worse is that my 7 year old niece just today started calling me ‘cappy’ which hurts more than I could let her know. I would just love to smile again without the embarrassment of my unsightly teeth. As the song goes….all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

  73. When I was in primary school I was bullied for being ugly and kids didn’t like my sense of humour. I wish I could go back to that time with confidence and set them straight rather than keep to myself. I know now I could put them in their place.

  74. I’m always in need of a self confidence, I’ve never really had any confidence or faith in myself & have always envied those who do

  75. I auditioned for a reality TV show and was that nervous I couldn’t talk I had to walk away, wish i had the confidence.

  76. I so could have done with a major confidence boost when I went for an interview after 6 years! Being made redundant, I had totally forgotten what it was like to go for an interview.. I totally muddled my way through it..

  77. I need a confidence boost now. I have been a stay at home mum for many years. I am now trying a career change and I am struggling.

  78. I could use a boost of confidence with my studying, I have enrolled in University , and really want to achieve my degree but stressed and worry that it will be too hard of a challenge for me, especially as I am a single mum juggling everything !

  79. I could have used Clearasil for a boost of confidence when I had to go to a 16th birthday party and then a 21st birthday party a few weeks ago, my face gets very oily which makes it shiny.

  80. Every Summer when there’s a new trend, such as mini skirts, cropped tops or any other one that bares too much skin – I need more confidence to pull at least one of them off.

  81. One a month! I will be going through menopause before I stop getting the dreaded monthly breakout, normally coinciding with a night out.

  82. Its important for me to feel confident with myself inside and out especially when I am dealing with sales reps and trying to negotiate with them. having healthy clear skin is a must for confidence

  83. Every day, life is difficult and even at my age I find I am still getting the occasional hormonal breakout. Looking for work is so demoralizing and when you are in a rural area choices are somewhat limited. At least I do get responses….but they are always negative!

  84. The time I went for a job interview with a recently picked pimple that was weeping. Oh god, how awful was it to go, knowing it was seeping yuckiness for all to see. I’m 40 and still get pimples because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and it is so embarrassing at my age walking around with zits on my face like some adolescent.

  85. I wish I’d had the confidence to jump out of that plane and onto a beach. I had the opportunity a few years ago but didn’t take it; leaving the parachute, and my dream, firmly packed into the parachute pack.

  86. I have just started out my first job after finishing my degree and man could I use a break! It’s hard enough being the youngest and most inexperienced person in the office but its even harder trying to make yourself look professional when you are a 20 year old who is prone to acne. I’m now into my second month of the job and i’m learning to be less self conscious of my skin but in the first few weeks I definitely could have used a confidence boost!

  87. When my Son was Sick at Christmas Time and Doctors kept turning us away saying it was a Viral Infection. I wish I had the Confidence to tell them that it was More than that. I finally got him Help and he had to spend his Christmas Day having Surgery .

  88. When my youngest daughter was born 4 months ago I rang my parents first to share the good news and the name, my dad’s response to the name was so negative that I ended up changing it. Now I wish I stuck to what we really wanted instead of trying to please someone else.

  89. Everytime I look in the mirror. I am aging and wish that i had the confidence to do it gracefully

  90. I could have used a confidence boost for my very first day of prac teaching for uni. I was so nervous about everything from being asked difficult questions by the kids to what I was wearing that I didn’t get any sleep the night before! Luckily I really enjoyed it, the class was fantastic and from there my confidence grew. However, it would have been amazing if I could have had a confidence boost before that first lesson!

  91. I wish I had the confidence to cmplete my test to get my P’s..failed the last 2 cause I suddenly panic when doing a reverse park

  92. It was my school formal – I hated wearing dresses, I was a bit over-weight, and was set up on a date with a gorgeous chap (courtesy of my friends). I wished I had thrown caution into the wind and let my hair down, but instead I was so worried about the whole thing that I ended up spending much of the night in the loo – sweating and hyperventilating. I look back and wonder where on earth was my confidence back then when I really needed it. Luckily I’m now a force to be reckoned with … no one can bring me down (not even my own silly thoughts) 😉

  93. I could always do with a boost of confidence at the airport!!

    I don’t have a fear of flying…I have a fear of getting off the plane & then getting lost.

    I will follow everyone who was on my flight to the baggage area.
    But i’ve always wished i had the confidence and ability to find my own way…One day perhaps! 🙂

  94. I wish i had confidence now. After being mistaken for my sisters mum 3 times my confidence is non existent… Help!

  95. Two sixteen year old boys who have just started to shave (even though its just once a week) have a few troublesome spot areas on their faces. They are both still at school and feeling somewhat self conscious of their skin, and can’t seem to keep their hands away from their faces. Hiding it I guess. More confidence is definitely needed.

  96. My husband and I are going on a 6 month trip in October and he is keen to make a permanent move internationally. I am not as confident as he is about settling somewhere unfamiliar… please help me.

  97. Meeting my inlaws for the very first time, boy was I nervous and shaking like a leaf,luckily it all went well, much to my relief.

  98. confidence, hmm let me google that term……………………………….
    I avoid mirrors at all costs so I dont have to see my blotchy face

  99. Im 21 and need a kidney transplant im constantly tired i wish i could look and feel like all other girls my age. please give me a pick up to feel good…

  100. When the ‘mean girls’ at school would make me feel awful about myself, I always wished that my confidence could repel that negativity away! It would’ve been incredibly heart-warming!

  101. I wish I had a boost in confidence during my teens. My breakouts made me hide in the background and miss some great opportunities.

  102. at my daughters netball presentation.
    all the other mums are friends and are all gorgeous. i
    have to sit there and try and not look uncomfortable.

  103. To start surfing again, I’ve been out of it for so long that I feel like I’d look like the biggest loser if I started again.

  104. Last week! I have recently just had my second baby and had a terrible pimple flair up that I haven’t had for years 🙁

  105. At my grandmas funeral, I just broke my ribs and had a bad reaction to the tablets I was on and had a break out on my chin area and felt like an odd person left out as it made me even more undercomfort

  106. Most of the women I associate with are 10 years younger and I’ think I’m having a midlife crisis. Really need something to boost my confidence.

  107. I need a boost of confidence now. After letting my amateur niece (love her dearly) try her new founded career in hair extensions, practise on my hair. After two months of pure hell, and not washing my hair as I was afraid of the end result when taking them out. Well things go according to her instructions and I ended up cutting my hair and also been left with chucks of hair falling out. I now am in despair, and have that makes me look like a monster( this is no lie). I am going a dark period, not wanting to go out, wearing a cap for most of the day and missing out on all the fun things I use to do over the weekend. There is a solution, but unfortunately it is going to cost me over $1 which I do not have at present. Any reward now will help.

  108. Public speaking – the bane of my existence.

    I remember my school days – being forced into debating, announcing at school concerts and public speaking contests. WHy was I chosen? Because I sound posh when I speak! Ah yes, I remember staring at the back wall of many a classroom so I didn’t have to watch any of my school friends watching me! And I particularly remember my worst ever public speaking contest, in which not only did I come last, but the judge had to ask if he’d forgotten to mention anyone. And he did – ME!!!!

    Suffice to say, I could have done with more confidence bck then. The confidence to say to the cruel teachers who subjected me to such misery: ‘Thanks but no thanks’. AND to have that extra bit of confidence to show them that ‘No means no….’.

  109. when i left a defacto relationship never looked back i,ve leaped and bound for the 17 years never ever looked back

  110. I am young and I am also really ambitious and at many times I wish I was stronger so I could make a stand.

  111. “First”s of everything – first day at work, first day at uni, first date, first time meeting the new boss… I need confidence for all of these.

  112. To me feeling confident and good about yourself is important to all of us and for me having clear clean skin give me more confidence than alot of other things do. I like to think that when people see me that they are looking at me and not away from me… Due to having bad skin that looks like i dont do all i can to make my skin look as good as it should I believe in Clearasil for great skin, as its been around for along time and that shows me that it works and it works well.So Clearasil is something that gives my confidence a huge boost.

  113. When im around a certain group of girls i feel intimidated by everyone else and feel like i wish i had their confidence ,because it’s confidence that makes a gal so beautiful and what men are attracted to ,how great would it be if men were attracted to cellulite stretch marks a realistic kinda woman (lol) that will be easy haha!

  114. Job interviews and public speaking always make me nervous. A little extra confidence goes a long way in these situations

  115. When i had my first baby and she had colic (she cried continous 24/7) and I wasnt lactating well due to c-section. my MIL was staying with me, and instead of being understanding and supportive , she nearly drove me to depression my constantly nagging about how’ useless’ i was and to just ‘give up’ everytime i attempted to feed my daughter. Those were a very hard three months and i wish i had someone by me who would have helped me out and advised me about my problems, instead of make me feel miserable and worthless. I lost the oppotunity of enjoying my daughter during the most beautiful first three months of a mother and baby’s life.

  116. I needed a huge confidence boost when I started a new job with a ‘third eye’ – the most horrendous pimple between my eyes.

  117. When I was doing music recital at a famous concert hall. I can tell you I could have played my musical instrument MUCH better if I were to have BETTER skin. Somehow I thought being a pimply girl would make people would not want to hear my playing. I was wrong, of course, but tell that to my younger self!

  118. Always. I have very severe eczema and having nice skin on at least one part of my body would give me a needed confidence boost.

  119. At end of last holiday, hubby had heart attack & spent a week in Bangkok where all my toiletries had run out. Oh my poor face suffered with nothing to sooth it. Couldn’t wait to get back to Aussie & the shops.

  120. I am constantly needing a confidence boost, as my life these days is a trial as i battle with the various symptoms i have from suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. Even though im an older lady now at 48, my skin is always looking bad these days, a lot more than when i was younger. I think its due to my medications, but i have constant breakouts all over my face, and parts of my body that make me want to stay indoors and not show my face. I recently bought the daily clearasil face wash and scrub hoping that it will help and i am keeping my fingers crossed. I also had to be filmed at an audtion to go on the show HotSeat and had no self confidence whatsoever, due to how bad my skin looked, and as yet i havent been asked to go on the show. This makes me wonder if i looked so bad on camera thatthey wont choose me as a contstant. But i remain hopeful anyway.

  121. I’m needing a boost of confidence these days to keep up with life.Everything seems to be happening at full speed.Being a older parent to teenagers you have to always be one step in front which isn’t easy.You learn something new everyday and life goes on.But that’s life you have some really good days and some that aren’t crash hot.My family keep me on track to being more confident.!!

  122. I need a boost of confidence when I’m at home thinking about meeting my friend at the gym. I often back out because I feel bad about myself and end up eating on the couch instead

  123. I need a confidence boost when i have to say my speech at my wedding. It’s a bit daunting in front of all those people but it has to be done.

  124. I could have used a boost when I was negotiating with lawyers for a legal settlement, I may actually have got what I was entitled to then.

  125. Every day, honestly, I think everyone needs a boost of confidence daily. If you feel good, life feels good and the universe rewards you for being, living, feeling good and positive.

  126. I wish I’d had a boost of confidence to act back when my mother-in-law was acting a boss at my home and bullying me.

  127. I wish I’d had a boost of confidence when I first met my husband – I could have got my hands on him a few years earlier than I did. I’d have enjoyed that extra time with him – and avoided a couple of lousy boyfriends too!

  128. I needed a boost of confidence when I stepped out of my old car in a car sales yard full of Salesmen ready to pounce when my shoe gave way and I fell straight on my ass. Was amazed not one Salesman was available to help me up. Hence I did not buy a car there!!!!!

  129. I suffer from anxiety attacks. they stopped me from driving and going out shopping. My partner would go to the shops for me.
    In July 2010 he was diagnosed with Asbestos Cancer. I knew I had to have the confidence to drive again. He relied on me for driving him to and from the hospital for the 3 months before he passed away from this horrible disease.

  130. As a teenager I struggled with acne. My confidence level was very low. I was self-conscious and scared to be myself. I could’ve have definitely used a confidence boost.

  131. I wish I had a boost of confidence to say hi to Guy Sebastian in a book store (I’m a huge fan of his music), instead all I could do was peer between a space in a book shelf and giggle.

  132. I dropped off my CV at a bookstore & the assistant looked down her nose at me, probably because I am over 50. Oh well!

  133. My high school reunion. So that I didn’t let those girls from high school who made my life so miserable, downgrade the wonderful achievements that I made since then. I wished I’d had the confidence to stand up to them instead of feeling like I was back at school as the overweight, pimply (yet to discover Clearasil) teenager.

  134. I wish I had had that boost when I was being interviewed for a scholarship. I was too nervous and flubbed a question that I should have answered better had I had the presence of mind.

  135. I used to get terribly nervous at job interviews, especially if there was more than one interviewer. On one occasion I was so nervous I mixed up all my words and said some really stupid things.!

  136. I had a really bad motorbike accident not long ago. Trying to do my hir and wash was really hard. Also along with that I lost confidence in myself, if it came in a bottle I would buy a boxful! 🙂

  137. My high school years are now a distant memory, but I did wish that I had more confidence in my younger years. Having a complexion that wasn’t clear, with a lot of acne didn’t help my self esteem. Waking up in the morning upset, knowing that the boy of my dreams would see me like this! It was as the though the world was coming to an end! However, Clearsil did come to the rescue, and I did move on to a man who had loved me all along, pimples and all!

  138. I dislike going for job intereviews as the people appear to speak to me in such a way I fell silly.

  139. I had bad acne as a teenager. I wish I had the confidence to see my doctor about it sooner than I did, as I was referred to a dermatologist.

  140. I remember years ago, there was a cooking demonstration in the city. A certain media personality/food personality was cooking on the day. They asked for volunteers, but I was so shy that I didn’t put my hand up. I LOVE food. I regret it because I could of been ‘famous’ and appeared in a magazine 🙁

  141. I wish I had a daily boost of confidence – I am not a bad looking gal but my blemished skin is really making me depressed. I can’t bear to face the world without a thick layer of make-up. The thicker the make-up, the more my skin suffered, the more I lacked confidence. It’s a rut I can’t get myself out from and the thought that there is hope in Clearasil means there might still be a light at the end of the tunnel.

  142. Going to visit friends interstate. I get excited, buy a new outfit and get dressed up but always end up feeling like the daggy suburbanite next to my edgy Sydney friends.

  143. I’ve always had an aversion to doctors,medical waiting rooms and hospitals; hence I avoid them for anything that is not totally essential. I would love a boost in confidence in this area so that I feel empowered to go more often.

  144. Proposing to my husband – I felt like he would never do it so I took the bull by the horns. I was pretty sure he would say yes though. It all worked out well, but boy was I nervous!

  145. When telling my mother in law that I ‘loved her help’ and cant get enough of it. I really wanted to say ‘Keep your nose out of it Ive got this!’

  146. I have been is a wheelchair my whole life im great no but going through highschool i wish so much i had a boost of confidence to brush off others cruel comments.

  147. I always wish I had a boost of confidence to take on the management role in my previous job but I always talked myself out of it

  148. When I was 6, whilst helping mum in the kitchen, my dress caught on fire from cooking oil and I was left with horrific burns from the waist down. the burns unit was my home for over a year. I had to learn how to walk and function again.

    Now 30, I look back at my life with a very heavy heart- not because of the incident, but because of the intentional hurdles I placed in front of myself as a result of it. I turned my scars into an excuse and have spent the last 24 years in hiding and missing out on an amazing life. I never learned to swim, ride a bike, wear a bikini, I’ve never worn a dress or mini skirt. I was too scared to get close to anyone in the fear I would be repulsive in their eyes. I spent so much time worried about the opinions of others and spent years living as a chameleon, hiding in the background while the world flourished and thrived around me.

    I wish I had the confidence to stand up tall and show my scars with pride and happiness not self loathe. It’s only in recent years that I have learned, that these scars are a part of me- they are my story and are one of the many threads which makeup a beautiful tapestry of my life.

    For all the years I was bullied and teased, for the moments I wished my life ended on that night for good, I wish I had the confidence to stand up and say, I’m a survivor, I’m strong and most of all, I’m beautiful!

  149. When I was 20-ish I was part of a small 3 piece band and had my first on stage experience singing in front of a room full of people many of them friends – I was so nervous that I had to drink some wine which went straight to my head so before sound check was happening I had to have loads of coffee to get it all right. It ended being the best night and it all turned out fine.

  150. When I was going to my job interview. I didn’t get the job because I was just so nervous. I could have used a confidence booster then.

  151. When I encountered a “jerk” in my place of employment. I wish I had had enough confidence at the time to stand up for myself and a stand against inappropriate behavior!

  152. I could use a boost when I’m performing in concerts on stage, especially when I know that they will videotaped. I would be nice to be on youtube forever, without acne.

  153. I wish I had a boost of confidence on a daily basis as my acne & pimple problems have followed since the early years of university and all throughout. On the rare occasion that my acne decides to recede a bit, even the tiniest bit, I feel and immense boost of confidence as I know people will be listening to me when I talk instead of looking right at my pimples or scars!

  154. I am currently going through a lack of confidence because I need a lot of dental work and I don’t have the finance to do anything about it. My beautiful smile has been placed with a frown. Help I need help to get my smile back.

  155. My wedding! I’ve from horrible acne for years and seems to be getting worse the closer we get to our special day! I’ve spent enough years being the “ugly” one in the picture, I want to look amazing like I feel on the inside!!

  156. I wish I had a boost of confidence when I went for an amazing job that had great benefits… but I didn’t get the FANTASTIC job.

  157. When I had our two kids. I was so nervous and uncertain and I wish I’d had more more faith in myself because they are awesome kids! 🙂

  158. I went to an invite only function and my two favourite radio presenters were there. I was too shy to say hello and how much I liked their work – a confidence boost would have come in handy!

  159. I would like to have more confidence when meeting new people. I want to not feel self-concious, but just be friendly and make them feel welcome.

  160. I could use a boost of confidence going back to school for my senior year. I’ve had many problems with acne over they years, and I’m not going to let anyone intimidate me this year!

  161. I wish I had more confidence on school photo day, I’m always so nervous on the day about pimples on my face that I end up looking dull, pale and drained, yet I’ll be perfectly well and have makeup on to make me look more tanned. I think if I had more confidence my photo would look much better!

  162. When I was with my abusive ex husband. I didn’t have the confidence to stand up for myself for a long time. Thankfully I am now Clear of him!

  163. When meeting new people, especially if I really want to make that great first impression, I usually get so tongue tied I end up being monosyllabic…..or the opposite…which is much worse…mouth just wont stop running,lol!

  164. I need a boost of confidence when I can’t make decisions. I ask what others think but don’t ask myself!

  165. My skin is important to me and I do believe that these products would make my skin feel and look its best. And who wouldnt want to not have great skin. And its great products that assist in keeping skin looking and feeling its best. I could really do with this amazing pack. As a full time carer for me father there is no way i could buy this many wonderful products. So for me and my skin this would be the most wonderful pack that i could wish for. So I am just hoping that I may get lucky. As i am sure everyone else is as well. Thank-you for giving me the chance to enter this wonderful competition.

  166. i recently had a surprise meeting with a very important client. it was at the end of the day so my hair was a mess, my skin looked like it was o fire and i felt sluggish. i would have loved a boost of confidence right then!

  167. Never a pimple or spot to be seen as a teenager but hit my 30’s and my skin decided to break out, now in my 40’s and it is still doing it. I would love the confidence of clear skin just to go outside and face every day and the people I meet without thinking that they are staring at my spots and thinking I should do something about them.

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