Interview: Adam Hynes

Adam Hynes was a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent which lead to him being signed with Universal Music. He has recently released his first single, “Oh My Word” and is about to set off on a Surf Tour in Victoria (dates at the end of the article).

We had a chat with Adam about his career so far, and why he made the decision to choose music over his other love – surfing…

How did your love of music begin?

It all started with the desire to express myself, that raw sound of my story unfolding through a series of notes and melodies. It was like my whole life up until that point of picking up the guitar was bottled up. It was a journey, hopping between life’s chapters trying to find out who I was and what really made me feel as though I belonged.

Then music came up and it gave me everything I was looking for. An excuse to wear my heart on my sleeve, to live by my heart and not my head and be OK with whatever came my way. Music for me is my life, my way of dealing with it.

You were a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent, what was that experience like for you?

The experience was great! I’ll admit when I first auditioned I was sceptical about televised talent shows. I felt it was more about making great TV than about showcasing actual talent itself.

But then I realised it was about showcasing my original songs and in turn sharing my life and stories with complete strangers. The show was so much fun, getting to meet new people, play with some incredibly talented musicians. I would do it all again if I was given the opportunity.

How much has it helped your career?

It has it’s pros and cons but all in all it has help a great deal. Through the show I was able to play my own original tunes and gain such a great fan base from the large audience that watched the show.

I was able to meet new musicians to bounce music ideas off such as my producer and mentor Dorian West. The show was a platform, a grand opportunity to show Australia who I am.

Singer songwriter surfer Adam Hynes

You chose music over surfing, what can you tell us about that?

Surfing for me was an escape, I’ve always love the ocean and found so much peace in it. Being out in the water always cleared my mind and made me feel so free.

But when music came into my world, the early mornings and freezing water never really helped my voice and surfing slowly just faded out of my life till just became a hobby, something I could when I found time. I still love it though.

Tell us about your “Surf Tour”….

It’s me and a few mates, riding down the coast of Australia playing a few shows and in between getting a few waves. It’s the dream really…

What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

I would say AGT, getting to share my original music with so many.

If you could perform with one artist, who would it be?

Dallas Green from City and Colour.

Because we are a girly mag, tell us what products do you use for your hair!?

Ha! Honestly not too much… I guess it doesn’t really see many washes but loves the salt from the ocean…ha!

What made you choose to be an ambassador for Nana Judy and what can you tell us about the brand?

I love their style. A real good vibe, good team, really cool stuff. Check it out!

What is the process of creating an original song?

Starts with a story, an event in my life. Then it becomes chords, melodies a then a hook evolves… I guess there really isn’t any fixed structure for writing an original. They are all so different and they just unfold through a journal and an instrument.

What’s next for Adam Hynes?

At the moment it’s getting my next single “Looking Back” ready for release. Writing, recording and  playing shows just really focusing on music itself.

What does music mean to you?

Music for me is a means of expressing events that words just cannot. It’s the power to evoke emotions, to relate and vent. It’s a whole language in itself and I love being a part of it.

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