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Earth Greetings can only be described as an exquisitely beautiful range of professional stationary printed carbon neutral using vegetables based inks. Heide’s love of Australian nature shows through in the adorable designs of each product.

With a range of greeting cards, bookmarks, wrapping paper, notebooks, writing sets and pens, you’re spoiled for choice. I had the honour of interviewing the lovely creator of Earth Greetings, read on below to see what Heide had to say.

notelets birdy blooms

In your own words, how would you describe Earth Greetings?

Earth Greetings create unique greeting cards & stationery using sustainable methods and materials, inspired by the Australian natural environment.

Where did you get the idea and inspiration to start Earth Greetings?

I got the idea for Earth Greetings in 2003 because I was taking photos as a hobby and particularly loved flowers and nature.  I was encouraged by friends and family who commented that my photos would look great on greeting cards.  I had also worked in a publishing company so had some skills in the area of wholesale.

The inspiration for making Earth Greetings a sustainable business came from my noticing the lack of recycled greeting cards & stationery available to buy.  I used to make all my own cards but found that I was often short on time and wanted to buy something ready-made, but most cards back then were not made from recycled paper.  I couldn’t help but wonder why.  So I researched the options for recycled paper & sustainable printing, and realised it was quite difficult to source back then and also very expensive.  Thankfully it’s a lot easier now as there is more awareness about sustainability.

fairy wrens

What positive impact has Earth Greetings had on the environment?

Through our regular donations to Trees For Life from sales of our boxed Christmas card packs since 2008, Earth Greetings have enabled their volunteers to plant over 27,000 native trees.  The trees revegitate arid farmland, prevent soil erosion, clean the air by soaking up carbon dioxide and return homes to native wildlife.

The designs you use are absolutely gorgeous – I have a soft spot for magpies and adore your “Magpies Meet” – how did you come up with the designs?

Thank you!  I adore magpies too, such strong personalities.  I have an affinity for nature, and spend most weekends getting outdoors somewhere.  Wherever I go walking, I take lots of reference photos of trees, leaves and birds.  I use them as inspiration for all of my designs.  I only depict Australian native flora and fauna in my designs, because I want to bring awareness to the beauty of our local species and encourage people to want to protect it.  Plus there is so much diversity throughout Australia, I never seem to run out of inspiration!

writing set

What are your current best selling items?

Presently it’s our new Wild Life range of die-cut 100% post-consumer waste notelets.  Notelets are little notepads cut to a bird & cloud shape and the covers are screen printed with neon-bright colour. I think they are popular because they are both fun and practical!

What does the future have in store for you?

It’s coming up to ten years since I started Earth Greetings so I have been thinking about this a lot lately!  I would love to have some time off work actually, to travel around Australia bit more.  I hope to return inspired to create new and fresh designs.  I also want to expand my collaboration with other designers which is something I find really exciting.


Thank you to Heide for allowing time for an interview. We congratulate you on nearly ten years of successful business. Us here at Beauty and Lace love your designs and we know our readers will too.

For more information on Earth Greetings, visit the website –

Earth Greetings is one the many products featured in the up-coming Beauty and Lace box, which you can find more information about here.

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