Competition: Lush Honey Farm Gift x 3

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Honey Farm gift 1MB

To bring your week to a cheery start, we have a new competition with Lush. Just perfect for those who favour sweet things, the Honey Farm gift set contains five scrumptious additions designed to wash, bathe and relax you. Each pack … [Read more...]

WIN: Dora in Wonderland and Let’s Learn 1,2,3s

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If your cherished little ones are anything like mine they love to watch the same thing over and over until you can recite the programs in your sleep. So it's a special treat for mums too when there's a new DVD on the block because it offers a break … [Read more...]

Win with Harris

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Locally Roasted Coffee, Crafted for the Discerning Australian Taste Harris Indulges the Taste Buds of Coffee Lovers Around Australia Australia’s coffee culture is booming. We have embraced the dark elixir more wholeheartedly than most countries … [Read more...]

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine (PLUS Win)

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Perfect Prep Image 1

From Closer to Nature is the perfect prep™ machine, and this is one purchase for your little one that you won't regret purchasing. When it is time to transition to bottle feeding this machine has all the features you need for quick and easy … [Read more...]

Competition: Natural Instinct Face Care Range x3

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Say hello to our new competition of the late, which we’re really, really pleased about. There are many reasons to lust over the Natural Instinct range, but we’ll include just a few as to not take up too much of your … [Read more...]

Competition: Lush Ray of Sunshine Gift x 5

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Ray Of Sunshine 1MB

We’re thinking about getting all nice and dirty just so we can get clean with this. Lush’s Ray of Sunshine Gift is perfect for those who prefer showers over baths and contains just the right things to provide that silky, fresh and indulgent … [Read more...]

Closer To Nature – My Favourite Moments (Plus WIN)

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closer to nature logo

As I prepared to send my youngest off to school people invariably started asking if we were going to have any more children. The answer was a resounding no. The medical intervention we needed to fall pregnant with our two children, though at the … [Read more...]

Competition: The Muesli Pack

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Breaking the morning fast can be a tricky thing indeed, particularly because many of us are too incoherent to make sensible decisions. Thankfully The Muesli are clever enough to overcome this problem, now all we tired people need to do is find a ball … [Read more...]

Win a Year’s Supply of Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid

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Win a year’s supply* of the NEW Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid! Available in two fabulous fragrances, Vanilla & Berries and Violet and Apple Blossom, it contains a rich formula which cuts through hard to move grease with ease … [Read more...]

School Holidays With The Kids (Plus WIN with Peppa Pig)

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Easter Treat

The holidays seem to always come around quickly, and keeping the kids entertained for days on end can be tricky. With an almost 3 year old girl and a 5 year old boy their attention spans vary (as do their interests) but here are a few of my favourite … [Read more...]