7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is widely regarded as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, with amazing cuisine, magnificent scenery, and incredibly welcoming people. 

Travellers from the UK were the fifth-largest group of international tourists that visit Italy in 2022, so it’s safe to say we’re in the Italy-loving camp. But with the country offering such a wealth of destinations, where’s most worth your time? 

To help you pick your next favourite location in Italy, here are seven beautiful places you’d be mad to miss!

1. Sicily 

Located just off mainland Italy, Sicily has a wealth of beautiful towns to explore, and its own special cuisine to enjoy.

As such, it’s a good choice if you’ve visited plenty of places on the mainland and want a new adventure.

2. Bologna 

Bologna’s nickname is ‘la Grassa’, or ‘the fat one’. Three guesses why that might be… 

Yes, this bustling city is perfect for foodies, and given its status as a working university town, a great place to visit if you want to step off the most well-trodden parts of the northern Italian tourist trail and get to know ‘real’ Italy.

3. Amalfi Coast 

A glamourous and beautiful backdrop to countless films, the Amalfi coast is a must-visit if you’re heading on an Italy trip

Home to lots of towns and villages straddling a steep, mountainous shoreline, it’s a seafood lover’s dream and a great place to hike, cycle, or hire a boat for a few days.

4. Florence 

Perfect for art lovers, the ancient city of Florence is home to galleries fit to burst with Renaissance, Roman, Greek, and other art treasures.

The Uffizi Gallery is the most popular, though there are plenty of other galleries and museums to get stuck into too. 

5. Lake Garda 

Situated by the Dolomites, Lake Garda is the perfect place for water sports and sailing. 

The dizzying combination of lapping lake water and vertiginous mountaintops is truly breathtaking too, making this a popular choice for engagements and honeymoons.

6. Tuscany 

A lover of the finer things? Tuscany’s rolling countryside is home to stunning vineyards, rich cured meats and fantastic cheeses, making it an epicurean’s dream.

Hire a car, book a few guest rooms, and get exploring! Just make sure to book your restaurant itinerary well in advance – the top eateries in the region can get full up quickly!

7. Venice 

The floating city, of Venice is world-famous thanks to its canals and gondolas. Located in the middle of the blue-green Venetian lagoon, the city spans around 100 small islands, all interlocked by snaking canals. 

If you love architecture, you’ll love this Northern Italian destination – there’s a reason why it’s synonymous with romance.

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