4 Bachelorette Party Destinations

A bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate one last hoorah as a single woman. It’s the last time you get to go out with all your friends without that wedding ring on your finger. Aside from your incredible wedding day, your bachelorette party is the one other thing you think about for years.

Naturally, where you will go and who you will invite is a big deal. Are you going to have your bachelorette party at the beach or in a big city? Are you going to do something extravagant or keep it more lowkey? 

These are all things you need to think about when planning your bachelorette party. To get started with planning you first need to figure out the destination. Whether you want to spend your trip on the beach or at a club, there are countless places that make for great bachelorette party destinations. But as your last hoorah as a single woman, you have to choose a good one. Here are 4 bachelorette party destinations that you can’t go wrong with.

1.   Palm Springs, California

If you live on the West Coast and want to have a relaxing yet lively bachelorette party, Palm Springs is the place to be. Palm Springs is quickly climbing the charts for top bachelorette party destinations, and for good reason! The city is home to lavish and trendy hotels, with stunning pools and views.

You can also rent out an entire vacation villa and get your own private pool to share with your besties. Does anything sound better than that?

2.   Memphis, Tennessee 

Memphis, Tennessee is the perfect bachelorette party destination to bring your girlfriends for a weekend full of fun. There is tons to do in the city, from going on a bachelorette party bike tour to bar hopping on Beale Street. Memphis is known for its music, so make sure you squeeze in some time to see a live performance.

As for a place to stay, be sure to check out the best luxury Memphis, TN hotels for a bachelorette trip that will make lasting memories. 

3.   The Hamptons, New York

If you live in New York City and want to treat your girlfriends to a relaxing yet luxurious bachelorette party that’s not too far outside the city, the Hamptons is the place to go.

The Hamptons is home to some of the most extravagant homes on the east coast, and you’re guaranteed to have stunning beach views. As for activities, there are tons of wineries and high-end restaurants to choose from. If driving isn’t an option, you can splurge on a luxury bus to easily get back and forth from New York City.

4.   Charleston, South Carolina

For a more quiet and relaxed bachelorette party, check out Charleston, South Carolina. There are tons of beautiful hotels in the city that offer everything from personal butlers to pillow menus. You can also do a carriage tour of the city, where you can see several blocks of Charleston’s historic downtown.

You can window shop (or actually shop) at the many stores located downtown. Or, you can go on a sunset cruise to see the city on water. There are plenty of activities in Charleston, but regardless of what you choose, you’re bound to have a great time.

You may only have a bachelorette party once in your life, so you need to make it count. You’re going to be a married woman and entering a new stage of your life before you know it.

So, for your last weekend as a single woman, you want to make lasting memories with your best friends. Whether you want to spend your trip relaxing on the beach or drinking at a club, any of these cities make for a perfect bachelorette party destination.

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