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Thank you to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read The Thief by Allison Butler.

Who doesn’t like a historical romance set in 1402 in Scotland between a handsome Laird and a beautiful, but neglected second-daughter of a neighbouring Laird?

Laird Lachlan Elliot had promised his father on his death bed to marry and produce a legitimate heir to secure their lands and clan. Lachlan doesn’t have time for love and all the problems that come with it! He plans to have a marriage that will be of convenience only.

Lachlan’s lands are on the border with England. He is kept busy with raids on his cattle, he presumes the English are responsible. While out watching to catch the raiders his horse is stolen. Quickly following, he is able to apprehend the thief.

He is astonished to find the thief is a breathtakingly beautiful female. He takes her back to the castle and locks her in a chamber while he thinks about what to do next. He is further amazed when she turns out to be a neighbouring Laird, Lennox Irvine’s daughter Kenzie. Strangely, he only knew of her beautiful older sister, he didn’t know a second daughter existed. An alliance with the Irvine’s would strengthen his border position. This also could be the answer to his marriage problem!

Kenzie is cross with herself for being captured and is busy planning her escape. Horse stealing is an offense punished by the gallows. Kenzie has no plans to ever marry, she has seen how her parent’s marriage was a disaster.

With Lachlan’s plan, her choices are the gallows for horse stealing or an arranged loveless marriage to him! What will she choose?

Lachlan and Kenzie are both strong and independent people. What will the future bring for both of them?

The book is easy to read, and the characters are wonderful. The historical aspect of life in a Scottish Clan and Castle is excellent. A great read, I thoroughly recommend the book.

Allison Butler has written other Scottish historical romance books, I certainly plan to read them.

ISBN: 9780857992567 / Harper Collins Australia

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