BOOK CLUB: Red Wolves

Imagine you’re given a choice. In order to continue living, you had to have a special patch containing a mix of products. What would you do? What lengths would you go to if the availability of the patches was controlled by people with evil intent?

This is the question asked in Adam Hamdy’s latest Scott Pearce novel, Red Wolves.

Scott Pearce who is an ex-M16 officer is fighting hard to work out how to stop the world from being overrun by people who depend on these patches to stay alive.  Pearce is working with a team to work out how to achieve this. 

His team is made up of Brigette, a former French Intelligence worker, Lelia who was once badly injured and now deals with the daily pain from her injuries, and Kyle who spends a lot of his time wishing he was back at home with his family. 

Suddenly thrust into the midst of drug wars and ongoing mass deaths at various locations, the battle is on to work out why all these things are happening. And how they are connected.

This story makes you think about how the innocent can easily become caught up in horrifying plans to cause death, pain, and suffering.

Red Wolves is the second book so far in this series, the first was Black 13. This book works wonderfully as a stand-alone but by reading Black 13 first you will have extra background information on some of the main characters.

I really enjoyed this book and found it very easy to read.  It’s made up of 134 short chapters so it’s one of the books that’s perfect if you are unable to sit for several hours and read without interruption.

A addictive and thought-provoking story.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading Red Wolves by Adam Hamdy. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

ISBN: 978-1509899234

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