CLOSED: Win a Revlon Professional NCF Colour Pack

These days people are more excited than ever to explore and experiment with hair colour. Some say hair colouring can make you feel in charge of your life and reflect your personality. Introducing the NCF (Nutri-Color Filters) from Revlon Professional. NCF is moisturising, semi-permanent hair colour that fades after a few washes!

It’s the perfect colouring product for fun, creative humans who want to refresh their hair colour or adopt a new fashion shade using the latest techniques that guarantee healthy, shiny, toned hair.

The NCF was created using Revlon Professional’s unique 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™. These totally renewed colour formulas (23 inter-mixable direct colour shades) have been designed for colour precision and excellent performance.

The good things about NCF do not stop there, the packaging has also been renewed with recyclable plastic, FSC certified paper and recyclable aluminium!

To help you mix up your style, we have a Revlon Professional hair colour pack up for grabs.

The prize includes:

  • 1 x Nutri Color Filters 3 in 1 cream in Light Beige (931) 240ml
  • 1 x Nutri Color Filters 3 in 1 cream in Light Beige (931) 100ml
  • 1 x Nutri Color Filters 3 in 1 cream in Purple Red (500) 240ml
  • 1 x Nutri Color Filters 3 in 1 cream in Purple Red (500) 100ml
  • 1 x Eksperience Color Protection Sealing Mask
  • 1 x Eksperience Color Protection Hair Cleanser
  • 1 x Eksperience Color Protection Conditioner

If you are looking for temporary colour that conditions your hair, this range is for you.

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below why your hair needs a pick-me-up!

Competition closes 25/05/21 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

47 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win a Revlon Professional NCF Colour Pack

  1. My hair needs a puck me up because it’s going Grey at an alarming rate and I need to find a colour to cover it up

  2. I love colour and think that life is way too short to live it without colour.
    This prize sounds awesome for that fact that you can try different shades without the on going commitment.
    Im working with Special Needs Children and I am sure that they would get a kick out of my long fine hair changing to different shades. My hair deserves some vibrancy in the shade department. Just because im getting older doesnt mean I have to look it.

  3. While matte is a great makeup look it’s not so great for hair. My hair needs a pick me up to bring back the shine.

  4. Washed out and needing a pick me up, I am a slave to the hair colouring master, the salon a thing of the past with covid and time limits.

  5. A few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God), it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha!

  6. Frazzled and split from years of bleaching and now the greys are telling me that I’m moving into the next phase of life but we are not in agreement. I want the world to know I’m here I’m not going anywhere so bring on the colour and confidence!

  7. I’ve just recently spent a couple of weeks in hospital battling Sepsis and my whole body is reacting negatively to all the IV antibiotics I’ve had pumped through me….my hair has gone so dry and lifeless…would love to try something that would brighten me up a little.

  8. My hair needs a pick me up because I’ve been growing it for years and it was beautiful but then I collapsed and ended up fighting for my life in ICU for six weeks. Those six weeks haven’t been kind to my hair and I even got my first greys.

  9. It’s healthy and shiny but could do with a change, and what better way to pick-me-up (& my hair) than with a new exciting colour, changing my whole look.

  10. It’s always up in a bun or pony tail because I can’t get it to look nice when out. It desperately needs a bit of a jazz up!

  11. My hair is dry and tired and drab and in need of a pick me up.
    I can’t go on a holiday but I can change my hair.

  12. Would like my daughter to try these products, her hair has been in poor condition since the birth of her last child and she is finding it hard to find the right products to help.

  13. My hair has been falling out through work stress, so I’d love to see if these products can build it up again.

  14. I would love a pick me up! Being away from my regular hair stylist (my sister) in NZ due to covid has been tough! Plus I LOVE to see her roll her eyes and exclaim “what have you done to your hair this time!!?”

  15. When your co-worker blurts out, “Whoa, I didn’t realise you had so many grey hairs!” before clapping their hand over their mouth, you know it’s time for a hair intervention. Particularly when only a few months before they’d exclaimed, “How can you be 42? Where are the grey hairs?”.

  16. My hair needs a pick me up, because it looks like an exhausted mum after a sleepless night. This is why these days it lives in a mum bun, as I try an mask its LIFELESS-ness. Help bring my hair back to LIFE!

  17. My hair has fallen in love with menopause and they have both ganged up on me and given me the frumpy look.


  19. I have not done a thing to my hair since COVID lockdown last year. It’s my natural colour and looking flat, limp, dull and lifeless.

  20. I have very long thick hair. I often dye it at home with a burgundy colour, which is taking a toll on the health of my hair. It is now very dry and knots much more (such a task to brush with long thick hair). I don’t particularly want to give up on colouring my hair. I’d love to try this (the purple red would be amazing) so I can keep the colour and condition my hair at the same time!!

  21. Revlon Haircare is fabulous and right now I could use a pick me up for my hair. Having hair that looks and feels great makes so much difference and brings that confidence you need to go about your daily life.

  22. Thin and flat hair I have- I laugh at hair straighteners!
    I need a pick me up volumising treat to make my locks bounce and shimmer!

  23. I’m grey, and there’s nothing wrong with that… except I’m so pale skinned I look grey as a ghost.

  24. My hair is going grey, thin-ish all thanks to bleach as a kid. Love Revlon makeup, never tried the Haircare.

  25. As “an elderly person” I often seem invisible. I would love the opportunity to create new colours for my hair, giving me a younger more noticeable look

  26. My hair has hardly changed in 20 years. Now that I’ve hit 40, my hair and my life needs a pick-me-up. I’m ready for the naughty forties!….but not with this hair…..

  27. I would like to win this for my daughter who is both a mid-wife and paramedic. With long hours and awkward shift times she has little time to be pampered, the Revlon Professional Prize would surely do that for her. She makes other peoples lives happier I want to do that for her.

  28. I love Revlon make-up, therefore I dare say if their haircare gave me the same results, I would be 1 very happy consumer.

  29. Looking a little bland,
    Revlon is the perfect brand!
    Needing an uplifting cleanse,
    Assisting in my colour blends.

  30. I certainly need a refreshed hair colour
    Not liking going grey/white. Making me feel aged, while the body and mind is still young

  31. My hair is getting more dull, and grey by the day, a little pick me up, will help me feel better about myself and have great hair to show off to the world!

  32. Oh the well done mum bun on my head, we need to set you free, give you some wave, some colour, some shine!

  33. Honestly 3 kids has taken away the focus from my tresses! I’d love to feel refreshed and like a new woman. For me that’s always been achieved through my hair. I’d love a REVLON pick-me-up…..When my hair is on point…. I CAN TAKE ON ANYTHING!

  34. I’ve just gone a beautiful red colour and want to maintain it and take care of it as the hairdresser has done a fine job!

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