BOOK CLUB:The Bushranger’s Wife

Cheryl Adnams goes beyond the stories of the bushrangers of colonial Australia to the women that love them. What type of woman would marry a bushranger, a criminal?

Prudence has moved from England to Australia with her grandmother Lady Deidre Stanforth. When they are held up by a bushranger, introducing himself as Jack the Devil, on their very first day in Victoria rather than be afraid Prudence is thrilled by the excitement and adventure this new land held.

Jack Fairweather businessman and closet bushranger, Jack the Devil, loves his carefree life and the thrill of the heist. He vows he will never settle down. But after holding up the carriage of Prudence and Lady Stanforth he can’t get the young woman out of his mind.

It’s 1861 and girls are brought up to be subservient and dutiful. Prudence knows this and has done her best to comply but she sees her move to Australia as a last chance to run wild and spread her wings until she must settle into the marriage of a grandmother approved suitor.

I loved Prudence’s character. She was wild, rebellious, full of life and could be persuasive, even quite devious when she wanted something. She was intelligent and inquisitive and was well-read. She was raised to be delicate and dainty but her true nature was to be fierce and determined. The more she tasted freedom the more she wanted. She was a young woman before her time.

Jack was the most delectable anti-hero. Handsome, charming and a true gentleman. Even though he was a bushranger and thus a criminal his cheeky, easy going manner made it easy to look past this. He was the perfect fit for Pru.

The Bushranger’s Wife is a story filled with passion, danger, adventure and the true power of love. It is fast-paced and heartwarming, flirty and sensual. It has all the elements of a perfect romance read.

This was my first book by Cheryl Adnams and I am now eager to read some of Cheryl’s backlist.

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ISBN: 9781489291134
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins

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