WIN: 2 x $100 Pamper Gift Cards Up for Grabs!

The Pamper Gift Card by The Card Network is the first gift card of its kind to cover the entire hair and beauty industry, and can be redeemed at hair and beauty clinics across Australia that accepts EFTPOS – that’s the only requirement!

Unlike any other gift card on the market that has a limited number of participating venues, The Pamper Gift Card allows you to choose anything from a haircut and colour from your go-to hairdresser to a shellac manicure at your local nail bar to a luxury facial or massage at a top salon in the city! 

The Pamper Gift Card is the perfect choice for anyone who deserves some pampering this year, allowing you to choose the type of gift card they receive, while your friend or loved one is free to choose exactly where they want to go.

The Pamper Gift Card is available in denominations of $50 or $100 at Woolworths and Coles nationally or via TCN’s online store. 

We have 2 x $100 Pamper Gift Cards up for grabs! For your chance to win one, tell us about your biggest at-home hair or beauty fail in the comments section below.

Competition closes 09/12/20 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Australian entrants only. Prizes not negotiable. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

61 thoughts on “WIN: 2 x $100 Pamper Gift Cards Up for Grabs!

  1. I put a colour in my hair Christmas morning the whole family was coming for lunch. It was supposed to be. Blonde but I had purple hair only the greys looked horrible

  2. Oh my gosh, this still makes me blush thinking of it…. back in high school I decided to do something about the dark facial hair on my top lip, by bleaching it. Well…. I must have left the bleach on too long because I developed a red itchy rash which was very noticeable…eek!
    I remember by cousin teasing me about my “mou” the next day and lo and behold she did the same thing a few days later! Haha…. lesson learnt, to leave removing facial hair to the professionals!

  3. One night my hair was really irritating me, so I decided to give it a bit of a trim, and maybe thin it out a bit – note to self, this is a really stupid idea when a) you aren’t a hairdresser, and b) you’ve imbibed large quantities of alcohol! So I took to my hair with the hair clippers, and the hair scissors that I have and went to bed quite satisfied. Until I got up in the morning and looked at the complete mess I had made of my hair, semi bald patches, different lengths everywhere – OMG. One desperate phone call to hairdresser friend later, she was at least able to salvage it so it didn’t look like a two year old had given me a haircut. Mind you she’s never let me live it down!

  4. Tried coloring my husband’s greys once, And it was not a pretty sight!
    Made him look quite freakish – little babies cried in fright!! Haha

  5. A friend in high school said that she used a perming kit to straighten her hair, I thought this was a great idea. I put the product in my hair and waited a couple of minutes, then started to brush it through, as the brush was going through, great clumps if hair were falling out. I ended up with a very short and curly bob.

  6. My most memorable and nightmarish at home hair disaster was placing my trust and allowing my Mum to give me a home perm. There I was at 14 years of age with hair that was a frizzy afro nightmare. What was worse was that Mum refused to allow me to stay home from school due to a hair disaster and she kept telling me it looked nice. It didnt look nice at all. I looked like a toilet brush. I refused to every allow my Mum to touch my hair after that.

    1. I had a date with a new man and thought would touch up with some diy tan. Those expiry dates are there for a reason. Turns out you will turn green if you use them. Only thing I would be attractive to that night was Shrek

  7. I was greedy and wanted my hair even blonder than what it was, I put the colour on and left it well after the time frame. When washing out my hair it felt so slimy and the end result was very over processed, dry and damaged hair.

  8. I get up very early in the morning and put my makeup on in the loungeroom while watching TV
    My mum picked me up one day to take me to work and when I got in the car she took one look at me and said what the f#@k have to done you look like BoBo the clown. Needless to say I thought my makeup was okay but with the low light in the loungeroom I had put it on quite heavy with the rosiest cheeks one had ever seen and enough eyeshadow for 10 people.
    That very day I purchased a LED makeup mirror so I would no longer go to work looking like BoBo!!

  9. When I was 14 years old, I borrowed by Nanna’s ‘granny dye’, you know the one with the purple tinge …. that is …. if you just use 2 drops!!!

  10. Around 10 years ago, I dyed my hair a bright cherry red (from my natural black colour) and wanted a funky haircut to go with it so I asked the hairdresser to cut one side short and leave the other side long. I don’t know what I was thinking!

  11. My friend and I decided I’d look great with really blonde hair and went shopping, I ended up with bright orange hair and refused to leave the house until my Mum had gone and purchased a hair colour the same as my natural colour.

  12. My biggest beauty fail was when I was in high school. I noticed that I had some hair on my upper lip, and decided to use hair removal cream to remove it. I left in on for double the time stated, so that it would work *better* (facepalm!)

    When I washed it off I had a bright, itchy, red moustache that lasted a few weeks. Safe to say I asked my mum for help next time I needed to remove hair.

  13. Back when I was a teenager I attempted a home waxing only to rip layers of skin as well as the hair from my chin. Took ages to heal and I have never attempted it since

  14. In university my friends and I decided to save $$ and bleach our own hair. We put our hair into a bun while it was processing and then covered these with the left over bleach hoping to achieve an ombré effect. Surprisingly it didn’t work and instead caused so much weakness that our hair snapped at random lengths all over causing a scary fried look.

  15. I thought I would try something different and I put a semi permanent red colour in my hair. I ended up looking like Ronald McDonald and I kept washing it hoping the red would fade faster.

  16. Tried cutting my daughters long hair during lockdown her beautiful long hair is shoulder length now! Impossible to get that straight line!! So kept readjusting to straighten it out! Hair dressers are magician’s in disguise!! They make it look effortless.

  17. Doing my first ever home colour as a teenager, I applied the mousse to my hair, ensure I had a towel around my shoulders to protect my clothes. I was sitting in my bedroom at the computer only to discover that when I moved some of the foam came off my hair and dripped into my cream carpet. Mum went right off that it stained the carpet and wouldn’t come off. The red patch is still there to this day (I’m now 40). There were no more home colours after that!

  18. Tried to give myself a Brazilian to surprise hubby for his birthday. I had to call my mum to come cut it off because I couldn’t pull it!

  19. Using tanning mousse instead of hair mousse , when someone commented my hair was turning orange it was too late. By the time I washed it off I looked so bad I had to go to the hairdressers.

  20. Decided I could tint my eyebrows at home; how hard can it be, right?Well needless to say having almost black eyebrows for weeks was a lesson learnt in don’t do DYI beauty at home especially when you are a natural blonde with normally light brown eyebrows.

  21. 10 days before my son’s wedding I decided to do strip wax on my upper lip! Never used before and likely won’t again!!! The area I waxed actually blistered and I went into panic mode. Will clear up before the wedding……surely it would. Out comes the vitamin e cream and paw paw ointment. Blisters then sores with redness next!!!
    Come the day of the wedding and still redness, however the makeup artist did a wonderful job of covering it up and making me feel normal.
    My upper lip hair is blonde!!! It’s okay to leave it where nature put it!

  22. My husband asked me to remove some blackheads from his nose. I happily agreed (yes I am gross like that!) but must have squeezed a little too hard in one spot and broke a blood vessel as I suddenly noticed his nose puffing up like a blowfish. After applying ice he was left with a very red and bruised nose for several days. Haha it still makes me laugh (poor hubby!) but I have not been allowed near his nose again (poor me!) lol.

  23. During ISO I tried cutting my fringe – Up and up I went, higher and higher until I realised I have gone too far – now I pin it back under a headband for months

  24. I still cringe about this. My Neighbour was having a Party to announce his and his Partners news that they were expecting a baby. He asked e to give him a Haircut with his clippers. I told him I had never used them before and didn’t want to do it. He kept saying it was easy, a Number 2 comb and just buzz the clippers all over. I finally agreed. He set the clippers up and handed them to me. I started to run the clippers over his head. I hadn’t realised that the comb could come off and it did! I cut from his forehead to the top of his head. It took all the hair off and a bit of the skin.
    He was very understanding – well it was his fault for not setting the clippers up properly.
    I have never touched a pair of clippers since!!!!!!!

  25. When my son was 3 years old ( 16 yrs ago) & we at family backyard boxing day get together & son decided to run his new pull back truck car into my curly hair as I carrying him on my hip! I tried to say no as I have natural curly hair but I was too slow & he wheeled truck into my hair & guess what it got stuck, massively taking lots of hair around wheel rim & it was still making noises right near my ear. I was so so worried I was going to lose half my head of hair to cut the truck out but no my uncle came over & carefully unwind my hair from trucks wheels & after about 10-20mins he managed to get it out with less then 15 strands or so pulled out and didn’t look my hair had been driven over by a big truck. Lol son said sorry & he said he would never do again.

  26. It was a great lesson to learn to colour hair with over confidence. My oldest autistic daughter didn’t read instructions completely, so she had two different colours of hair after her fist time home beauty ritual.

  27. “Go Blonde” they said. “It’ll Be Fun” they said … so I did, using just Hydrogen Peroxide. I ended up with bright orange hair with the texture of straw!

  28. Being in lockdown and my kids hair spiraling out of control.
    I decided cut my kids hair and I will never try again.
    He wore a beanie for 2 weeks till his hair grew back to normal.

  29. When we were in lockdown I thought I’d try waxing my own eyebrows – BIG MISTAKE!
    I ripped a chunk of skin out from between my eyebrows. If that wasn’t bad enough, the scab that formed as it healed just made it look like I had a giant monobrow D:

  30. I decided to go red
    the salon was busy so i dyed myself instead
    the box said leave for 30 minutes no more
    to get the shade you will adore
    OMGoodness red is not for me
    the brightness was apparent for everyone to see
    major fail on my hair
    luckily it was semi permanent with no flair

  31. I decided to do bright red streaks in my long black hair (late 1998?) and bleached the sides myself and left it in too long. When I rinsed it out chunks of hair came out – never again.

  32. I was told to drizzle table spoons of honey into your hair to cure split ends and combat frizz. Well my at home hair treatment was a disaster as I squirted half the jar – thinking the more the merrier. I was itching my scalp for days and a plaque of bees naturally stalked me.

    1. A favourite hair tip of mine is to put chicken poo on your head to promote strength and growth. I think it’s another tip like yours that I will not take up!

  33. I tried to be blonder and on trend at the age of 16 and used peroxide on my hair. I left it in too long and ended up with a bunch of colours like green and some kind of blue, and of course some of that white hair too. I had to live with it for 3 months and was as embarrassed as heck because everyone knew why!

  34. During quarantine I got bored of my hair, that I hadn’t dyed in over three years, so I dyed it. Mistake! I was at a friend’s house and she said she had a box of dye she wasn’t going to use and I thought why not? My lovely, soft, healthy hair is now dry, damaged and breaking off! It must of been a bad batch of dye or something but I very much regret it!

  35. My fail unfortunately involved my best friend…. when we were teenagers I was confident I could give her a “funky” short hair cut, but it just got shorter and shorter and more jagged as I hacked away! It had to be fixed at the hairdresser, her mum was not pleased… as karma would have it I later attempted a haircut on myself, with the same disastrous result! I also convinced my blonde/blue eyed bestie to dye her hair jet black when we were in our “grunge” stage of teenagerhood… again her mum was not pleased!!

    1. P.S This same bestie has a birthday next week, and I’d love to take her out and pamper her as a consolation prize for putting up with my antics over the years!

  36. I thought I was going to look amazing for my 16th birthday and have bleached hair… until it started to break and fall out. I wore a hat to school for weeks!

  37. I tried a bronze tanner on my skin so I didn’t need to spend hours getting a tan, back in the day, when having a tan was considered fashionable. Well it didn’t work out very well as it just looked like streaky face paint all over my face. Didn’t wear off for a long while. Lesson learnt………just go natural!

  38. My Mum cut a fringe for me when I was a teenager and I’m still scared by this event. I have very thick and curly hair and it was just such a disaster and I’ve never had a fringe since!

  39. Lockdown in Melbourne, tried to trim my hair thinking that it’s long enough, I can do it. Ummm well it’s was diagonal at the back so I’ve been wearing it in a ponytail until lockdown ended and I cold get to a hairdresser.

  40. I shampoo and condition my hair every day in the shower. I just can’t seem to get out of this routine and I feel like I’m not totally clean when I don’t.

  41. A few years ago I visited a new hair salon. I’d been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATED IT! It was the wrong colour, it felt dry and when I woke up in the morning every strand was separated from the other and they all stuck up and out in all directions, like I’d been electrocuted during my sleep! I was even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I made it even more brittle. At the time I was thinking of finding a new use for my expensive hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing it at passing cars to see if they slowed down!! Ha, ha!

  42. I brought a face mud mask (it was green and I looked like Jim Carey from the movie The Mask ) all three children got upset and asked me not to do it again. My oldest said he got nightmares over it

  43. A friend of mine was studying hairdressing and she used me as her learning instrument. Most of the styles were great but some were disasters.

  44. The day straighteners came into my life it changed everything. But I remember a hot summer day in Brisbane many years ago and I was getting ready to go out with my partner, now husband. I was showered and I was blow drying my hair in 36 degree heat in a good old Brisbane summer. My hair looked wavy for about 10 minutes and then ‘fuff’ it was curly again. By the time we walked to the restaurant for dinner I looked like I had never touched a styling tool in my whole life!

  45. I thought I would put a colour through my hair to brighten up my day, well not only did the hair colour take very well to my hair making it a lot darker than I would of liked I had missed a bit that was tucked behind my ear on one side.

  46. So the first time waxing my bikini line I didn’t understand that you needed to pull the skin very taut before ripping the wax strip off…needless to say my neighbours heard a whole “damn that girl can cuss” side of me that even I didn’t know existed!! I also had to wear board shorts when swimming for 3 weeks due to the massive bruising plus I scared the crap out of my dog who hid under the bed for 1 hour after my waxing session ‍♀️

  47. My offer to wax hubby’s back! It started off well, but about half way through, he could not withstand the torture any longer!!!!

  48. OMG – never going to dye eyebrows again! Picture this – Its new year’s eve, my hair done like Marylin Munroe. red dress on, fake diamond – now just need darker eyebrows, – yep the eve of NYE I died my eyebrows! Off course they swelled up and were ever so painful..this lasted over a week…the embarrassing part was telling work that I couldn’t come in because I had an allergic reaction to eyebrow die …I swear they thought I was just too hungover from the NYE party I never went to because I looked like something from a horror movie!

  49. I’m guilty of almost any hair and beauty crime imaginable! As a teen/young adult I was always looking for a cheaper option. I’m getter wiser now thank goodness! I do remember once using mayonnaise as a hair mask. I was asked out on a date and wanted my hair to be super soft and shiny. I washed my hair, left the mayonnaise on for an hour and rinsed it out. Well it STANK! I’d blowdried it and didn’t really notice the smell until it was too late eep!

  50. I don’t dye my hair when I’m pregnant, with the result that I look pretty dishevelled and far too gray when clutching a newborn. Doing something about that is part of my recovery process… After my second birth, I was pretty knocked around, and sent my husband out with a list of things to buy – including a hair dye kit.

    So he comes home with a different color to the one I’d specified. I’m usually a light reddish brown; this looked like a mid-brown. I was dubious, but my husband insisted it would come out quite light, and looked nice. I should probably say now that he’s only colored his hair once in his life, and that’s quite a different disaster story. But I was in a weakened state and listened to him.

    The next morning I was on the floor with my kids, and my eldest (then about two years) suddenly grabbed my head. He turned my head from side to side, inspecting my now very dark hair carefully. And then he accusingly said:

    “You’ve got Vegemite hair!”

    That was… not the effect I was hoping for.

  51. Putting highlights in went horribly wrong
    I cried like a river, a teary song
    The colour itself went from brown to red
    A pamper gift card is what I should have said
    I dream of those beautifully pampered locks, Beauty and Lace
    Filled with creativity, style and grace.

  52. My daughter cut my hair. It wasn’t till she started giggling and burping that I realised she was drunk and my hair was crooked.

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