7 Trendy Hairstyles To Try

Hair and beauty go hand in hand; every look is enhanced by the way you wear your hair. There are so many different styles you can go for; short, long, wavy, coloured – the world’s your oyster! If you’re looking to try a new style this year, then you’re in for a wicked treat. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the trendiest hairstyles right now. Not only are they all very beautiful, but they’re also very ‘in’ right now so you can keep up with modern styles!

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Short Curls

Curly hair has become so popular in the last year or so. Everyone seems very jealous of anyone that’s got naturally curly hair. The main style people are very keen on is a short curly look. Give your hair a trim, so it’s shoulder length at the absolute max, then style it so you have natural curls going on. It’s the type of look you should go to a salon to achieve as it can be difficult to get the natural look with a curling iron at home. Maintaining this look is quite difficult, but it’s a very good one to try if you’ve got naturally curly hair and want to try something a bit different to usual.


Short hairstyles have definitely not been as popular as they are right now. It seems like people are less worried about trying something new and cutting their hair. Throw things back to a few years ago, and you’d barely see a shorthaired girl walking down the street. Now, it’s normal to spot a handful during a ten-minute walk! Bobs are at the forefront of the short hair revolution right now. They’re simple, classy, and made even better with a nice fringe.

Crimped Hair

Hairstyles are no different to fashion and beauty trends in that old things come back in after a while. Crimped hair is a style that was very popular in the ‘80s, but it’s making a return this year. It’s a very interesting look, as it makes your hair look a bit wavy and zigzag styled. Think of it as the polar opposite of very loose and wavy hair – everything is tightly crimped together. As it mentions, the key to achieving this style is with a hair crimper. It’s pretty much the only way you can turn straight hair into crimped hair. There are loads of crimped styles you can choose from as well. These days, a lot of celebs are tying their hair back in a long ponytail, then crimping that ponytail. So, you have an effect where the back of the hair is crimped, but the top is still straight and pulled back. Or, you could go for the completely crimped looked where all your hair features this striking zig-zag pattern.


Plaits are a funny hairstyle as they’ve never really gone out of fashion per se. I mean, kids will always wear their hair in plaits because it looks cool! Having said that, adults wearing plaits are usually not that common, until now. Plaits have become way more popular in recent years, and they’re a big trend. You have loads of different styles to choose from here, and I’ve seen dual plaits become very, very, popular amongst young women. However, the main plait trend of this year is the classic schoolgirl look. This is one long plaited ponytail that drapes down your back. It’s elegant, stylish, and just a little bit fun as well!

The Dirty Blonde Look

Hair colour plays an important role in hairstyles these days. Often, certain colours go in and out of fashion, and you need to keep up if you’re keen to dye your hair. Nowadays, certain colours are clearly very popular and trendy. One of the most popular of which is dirty blonde hair. You know what I’m talking about here, it’s the style where you have dark roots, but the majority of your hair is golden blonde. Ironically, it’s a hairstyle that’s pretty much the result of an accident. Back in the day, people with dark hair tried going blonde and would end up with their roots showing through. Instead of it being a failure, it’s now become a very popular trend for you to try out.

Loose Ponytails With Scrunchies

In general, loose ponytails have become very stylish as they represent a nice relaxed hairstyle. It’s the type of style you go for if you’re not really looking to put in much effort, but still want your hair to look neat and tidy. It’s best achieved with straight hair, but this isn’t essential. However, the key to this hairstyle trend is to use a scrunchie with your ponytail. Scrunchies are so popular right now, and they act as a wonderful fashion accessory for your hair. One of the great things about them is that you can match them to your outfit. This helps bring an outfit together and looks particularly gorgeous when matched with a nice summer dress.

Silver/Platinum Blonde Hair

Going back to hair colour trends, and you only have to look at some of the most popular beauty bloggers to find one of the biggest trends this year; silver/platinum blonde hair. Both of these colours are similar to one another, but platinum blonde is just a little bit lighter than silver hair. However, I grouped them together because they’re pretty much the same thing, and you need to have a keen eye to notice the difference! It’s a striking look, but many girls are now going for it because it just looks a little bit magical and stands out. No matter how bad of a hair day you’re having, platinum blonde/silver hair will always look good.

Summer is just around the corner, and many people like to go for a change of hairstyle to signify the change in seasons. So, if you’re thinking about switching up your look, then consider one of the seven hairstyle trends listed above. They’re all gorgeous and can help you make a real statement in the summer sun.

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