Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone who enjoys their Gin, the Gin Baubles set from Gingle Bells could be the perfect choice. This is clever, quirky, and fun and will put some “jolly” back into their Christmas day.

The beautifully packaged gift box comes with six different infused gin baubles. These have a silver ribbon and can be hung on the tree (providing there are no cheeky children in the house).

This will give the lucky recipient the opportunity to try something new, as the flavours include:

  • Wild Hibiscus Flower Gin: 54ml and 37% alc/vol 
  • Fingerlime Gin: 54ml and 37% alc/vol
  • Wattleseed Gin: 50ml and 40%alc/vol
  • Pepperberry Gin: 50ml and 40% alc/vol
  • Butterfly Pea Flower Gin: 50ml and 40% alc/vol
  • Snow Chrysanthemum Gin: 50ml and 40% alc/vol

These can be drunk together for a taste testing session, although they are almost too pretty to drink! Personally, my favourite is the Wild Hibiscus but all of the flavours are interesting and they work well when paired with tonic.

This premium Australian Dry Gin is made in the brands own distillery, and the decorative florals still sit inside the baubles.

I am always looking for gifts which stand out and have a point of difference, and the Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles certainly do that! One set will cost you $79, and there are discounts when buying multiple boxes.

Shop now or browse the cocktail recipes at:

Please drink responsibly

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