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5 x Grants of Australia starter packs up for grabs!

Australia’s original and number one selling natural toothpaste brand, Grants of Australia, is offering Beauty & Lace readers the opportunity to pick up a family starter pack compete with:

  • 3 x toothpastes – Whitening with Baking Soda & Mint, Sensitive with Mint, Mild Mint with Aloe Vera
  • 2 x travel size toothpastes – Fresh Mint with Tea Tree Oil
  • 3 x bamboo toothbrushes – 2 Adult Medium, 1 Adult Soft

Long in the tooth and short on chemical nasties, home-grown health hero, Grants of Australia has been providing health-conscious Aussies with a natural way to fight plaque, prevent cavities and freshen breath for more than 30 years.

Australian made and family owned, the brand’s oral care range for adults and children has evolved from humble beginnings in a Melbourne garage in 1984, to a bustling range of nine natural toothpastes stocked globally, as well as an all-natural mouthwash and eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes. 

Fluoride-free with a cool, minty taste that leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean, the Grants of Australia Whitening with Baking Soda and Mint toothpaste uses baking soda as the key ingredient that makes a great mild abrasive to effectively remove surface stains from your teeth – ideal for those on the hunt for a whiter, brighter smile.

For Aussies with sensitive teeth and gums, the new Grants of Australia Sensitive with Mint helps to fight plaque, prevent cavities and relieve sensitive teeth and gums thanks to the inclusion of Potassium Nitrate, a non-abrasive, safe ingredient that works by immediately calming the nerves in the teeth and blocking pain signals in the brain. 

With a great refreshing taste thanks to the combination of Mint Oil and herbal extracts, this toothpaste offers long term relief when used regularly and is the first Australian-made natural toothpaste to be listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

General Manager and Daughter of Founders, Tammy Seligmann said natural toothpastes have a multitude of health benefits, eliminating in-mouth bacteria naturally without using harmful chemicals found in mainstream brands. 

“Some people can have adverse reactions to ingredients used in conventional toothpaste. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a chemical used to create the foaming action and can cause skin irritation, ulcers or a burning sensation in the mouth while Parabens can cause inflammation. However, Grants of Australia uses neither ingredient. Our natural toothpastes are gentle and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. The healing benefits are also substantial. In fact, people suffering from gingivitis or mouth ulcers may find switching to a natural toothpaste helps diminish these problems,” she said.

Seligmann said that while some people might be sceptical about whether a natural toothpaste will do the same job as its chemical-laden counterparts, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We find that particularly in the case of oral care, Mother Nature has given us some amazing elements to work with, which are just as equipped to protect your teeth from the daily grind, if not more.  Our toothpaste formulas are not just about the harmful ingredients we leave out, but the wonderful, natural ingredients we put in.  Whether it’s Xylitol or herbal extracts, every ingredient in Grants of Australia toothpastes is there because it packs a punch and supports dental health and oral hygiene,” she said.

The Grants of Australia range now boasts nine toothpaste flavours: Mild Mint with Aloe Vera, Fresh Mint with Tea Tree Oil, Propolis with Mint, Xylitol with Cool Mint, Cinnamon with Orange and Neem Oil, and new editions: Sensitive with Mint and Whitening with Baking Soda and Mint. There are also two kids’ natural toothpastes – Blueberry Burst and Strawberry Surprise, as well as a choice of three bamboo toothbrushes and a Xylitol natural mouthwash. 

“Throughout the years we have seen more and more Aussies take an active interest in understanding what chemical consumption does to our bodies, while actively seeking out natural alternatives at affordable prices to help reduce their daily toxic load. We started with a single flavour, and since that time Grants of Australia has been at the forefront of research and development to create formulas that meet the specific needs of our customers.” Seligmann said. 

Grants of Australia is stocked nationally in Coles, Woolworths, Go Vita, Healthy Life, Priceline, health food stores, independent grocery stores. Stockist information and prices can be found at        

For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below, why natural toothpaste is appealing to you and your family!   

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31 thoughts on “Win with Grants of Australia

  1. Natural toothpaste is appealing as I wouldn’t knowingly drink chemicals yet am currently ingesting small amounts every time I brush my teeth.

  2. I would love to give these a try. I’m trying to become more aware of the nasties our family might be ingesting on a day to day basis without even realising it.

  3. Long in the tooth?……….that’s for sure!
    Keeping healthy?……..that’s for sure!
    Reducing toxins? ………that’s for sure!
    Natural toothpaste?………….GRANT’S FOR SURE!

  4. Yes please. I love everything natural. I have been using a different brand of natural toothpaste for a while so i would love the chance to try Grants.

  5. Natural toothpaste sounds like a fantastic way to keep our family’s teeth clean and healthy without toxic chemicals causing damage to our bodies or the environment.

  6. I am becoming more and more aware of all the ways we introduce nasty cancer causing chemicals into our bodies. After either losing or having every member of my family battling cancer except myself, my brother and my children I am now more and more interested in products that DONT contain nasty cancer causing chemicals. I know that Grants is a trusted name.

  7. We’ve switched to organic or natural for so many things we put in our mouth and on our skin so it’s time to change our toothpaste too for the sake of both us and the planet.

  8. Particularly important at the moment with 2 toddlers learning to brush their teeth as spitting toothpaste out at the end is a little tricky.

  9. Using natural toothpaste just makes good health sense – knowing and understanding the ingredients gives me peace of mind.

  10. Natural toothpaste sounds brilliant to me does anybody else worry about what we put in our mouths? need to go back to the very old days when additives chemicals were not even heard ofC

  11. I love the taste of the Greens Mint toothpaste, it’s fresh and tastes great.
    I would love to try the whitening toothpaste and think the travel size would be very useful.

  12. Natural Toothpaste is appealing to me because I would prefer to not have nasty chemicals in my own or my families mouth and the idea of microscopic bits of plastic going into the water ways and polluting our sealife is scary and detrimental to ours and the seas health!

  13. I’ve heard great things about Grants of Australia and they have created something that all Australian families should have, including mine!

  14. There are already too many chemicals in our daily use, a natural toothpaste by Grants of Australia just makes such good sense.

  15. We all need to choose natural as much as possible to help protect our bodies from so many chemicals. We are not sure what they are doing to us, but I believe that the cancer is on the rise because of all the chemical we use., so natural is always a good chose for me and my family.

  16. I now always use a natural toothpaste, having geographic tongue flare ups I find it essential to avoid any chemicals in toothpaste. Grants are absolutely doing us all a favour by concentrating on the natural!

  17. With three kids of primary school age, between them they already have 15 fillings and a root canal. I’d love to try this range in the hope that they enjoy brushing more and take pride in the knowledge that the ingredients are natural.

  18. We have gotten into natural toothpaste recently, although grants is not one that we have tried as of yet. Receiving this wonderful prize pack would be a great opportunity to see if we love these natural toothpaste products and keep them as part of our teeth cleaning routine. We like natural toothpaste as there are no nasties and they are made with natural ingredients with positive benefits.

  19. My family loves natural toothpaste because we all have sensitive teeth. We also try to be conscious of the environment by buying natural, Australian made products for our home.

  20. I’m currently on chemo and dental care is even more important at this time. I want something that’s not a chemical cocktail looking after my teeth and Grants fits the bill

  21. I’m sure Grants Toothpaste
    G ive
    R eally
    A wesome
    N atural
    T oothy
    S miles

    Being the Mum in our family of 6 I am always on the lookout for natural cost effective products.

  22. I’ve got Fibromyalgia, so prefer to use natural products because of all the health problems that chemical-laden products cause.

  23. I’d love to try these, as many popular toothpastes on the market contain micro-plastics. We should all be using natural products.

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