BOOK CLUB: Riverstone Ridge

Author: Mandy Magro
ISBN: 9781489277497
Copy courtesy of the publisher

This novel by bestselling Queensland writer, Mandy Magro, is set in her beloved far north Queensland and is a very Australian love story.

The main character, Nina Jones, was brought up at Riverstone Ridge by her adoptive mother Bea, Nina makes what she sees as a terrible mistake when she is a teenager and runs away from her childhood home, vowing never to return.

Twenty years later Nina is living in central Brisbane, working in a bar, in a relationship she’s not committed to and still wondering about the past.  When Bea dies suddenly she agrees to go back to Riverstone Ridge.  Bea has left her everything, including her dog, and five letters, each to be read one week apart.  Nina is determined not to stay but she rekindles her romance with ex-boyfriend, Logan, who is the local copper and dealing with his own tragedies.  

Nina is adjusting to life on the farm (still determined though to return to Brisbane) and coping with the shocks revealed in Bea’s letters when strange, scary incidents start happening and she is worried she is being stalked – but who by and why?   

This is a story of the ties of place and family, of finding, losing and rediscovering love and life.  The author’s knowledge and love for this part of beautiful Queensland clearly show in the descriptions of the countryside and of life on a regional property.  I enjoyed this novel, the first I’d read by Mandy, and will add her to the list of my authors to look out for.  

Many thanks to Beauty & Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity read this novel.  

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