BOOK CLUB: The Model Wife

By Tricia Stringer
ISBN: 9781489270863
489 Pages / $32.99
Copy: Harper Collins Australia

The Model Wife by Tricia Stringer is a fantastic example of a great Australian family saga which I am sure many readers will relate to.

Natalie and Milt have been married for many years and have three adult daughters.  They live on a farm in country South Australia and ever since they have been married Natalie tends to everyone in the household as well as looking out for her mother in law Olive who lives in town nearby. She also teaches at the local primary school part-time as well as helping the community in fundraising activities. Add to that she also does all the books for the property business. Just lately she is feeling that she has no time to herself and she is starting to run on empty.

Meanwhile, Kate who is the eldest daughter comes home for a while as her husband Sean is a long-distance truck driver, she doesn’t feel well.   Laura, the middle daughter has decided to quit her job as a hairdresser and move back home to sort herself out.   Youngest daughter Bree helps her dad run the property and loves the country life but gets the impression that her dad will never trust her enough to take over in the future.

When a health issue arises for Natalie, it all becomes too much, and she decides she needs major time out from everyone.   As she is packing to head off, she comes across a book that her mother in law gave her when she was first married.  It was called The Model Wife and was a guide for new brides as to the correct way to behave when married.   She had completely forgotten about this book and with her book in tow, she heads off for a journey of self-discovery, leaving everyone at home to figure things out!

This is a big book (almost 500 pages) but it honestly didn’t feel that big.   The story was so engaging it kept me turning the pages, and you could imagine knowing someone like this family and the situations that cropped up.   It’s my first by Tricia but won’t be my last as I loved her style of writing.

Thank you so much to #beautyandlacebooks and #harpercollinsaustralia and #harlequinaustralia for the complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest opinion.

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