10 Best Ways to Stay Active Past 65

Staying active has numerous health benefits which can be increasingly important as we get older. Keeping fit will not only help you to keep up with the grandkids, but reduce the risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Exercise will not only benefit your body, but your mind too! No one is suggesting you climb Mount Everest (unless that is your thing), because there are a range of low impact exercises you can enjoy. Here are the 10 best ways to stay active past 65:

#1 Walking

Walking is one of the best ways to stay active, no matter what your age. Walking is gentler on your joints than running, and you can choose your own pace. It is an activity which can be done all year round, as you can make the most of the sunshine or stomp it out on a treadmill. For extra motivation, check your local area for walking groups. Aim for 10,000 steps a day, these can be recorded with a fitness tracker.

#2 Swimming

Swimming is kind to your body as the water offers additional support. When done regularly, swimming will strengthen your muscles and improve your overall fitness. If you aren’t a confident waterbaby, try a group class such as Aqua Aerobics. These classes are a great way to make new friends and are suitable for all skill levels. Often Aqua Aerobics classes take place in shallow water so possible drowning isn’t an option! If you are less buoyant than you used to be, try an inflatable swim collar.

#3 Gardening

Who says exercise has to be boring? If you have a passion for growing plants, gardening is a great way to keep fit. This type of manual labor works muscles you wouldn’t otherwise use, and can shape, and tone your body. The added benefit is spending time outdoors, which gives you time to clear your head. If you are physically able to, try to include lawn mowing in your gardening activities.

#4 Cycling

They say riding a bike is…like riding a bike! If it has been a while since you have spun the wheels, why not give it a try? Riding is another low impact option and you can pedal as slowly, or as quickly, as you like. Explore the countryside, and the great outdoors with friends and family. 

Cycling will quickly become a new addiction! If you would prefer to ride indoors, there are often senior’s spin classes available. 

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#5 Dancing

Dancing is a good way to keep active, and can also be a fun social activity. It is never too late to try a new style, or pick up where you left off in your younger years. Ballroom dancing, line dancing, and salsa are all good options. To avoid injury, make sure you have the right pair of dance shoes. If you want to impress your grandkids, you could try your hand at hip hop! Dancing never feels like a workout, which is why we love it!

#6 Yoga

As we age our bodies creak more than they used to. It can be harder to get out of bed, or off your favorite armchair! Yoga is one way to keep your muscles leaner for longer, and will keep you feeling flexible. Yoga comes in various levels from beginner to intermediate and all you need is a yoga mat. With persistence you will notice your body improves and some of those aches and pains may even disappear. 

#7 Weights

Over time, bones begin to lose density and muscles can become weak. Weight bearing exercises can slow down the ageing process and help you to feel stronger. Weights aren’t just for your biceps as different exercises can target other areas such as your back, stomach, or legs. If you are considering starting a new routine we recommend consulting with your doctor, and learning the correct way to use any machines from a trained professional. 

#8 Tennis

If you are competitive, even a game of social tennis will give you those feel-good endorphins! Clubs often have matches all year round, in a range of skill levels. Having a weekly commitment will make you more motivated to persevere as you can’t let the other players down. Get the heart rate up with a sport which is inclusive of all ages. Want something less physical, yet still demanding? Why not try table tennis?

#9 Golf

Golf can be as active as you want to make it. Driving around in a golf buggy won’t necessarily make you fit, but taking the time to walk will test your leg muscles! Try a push cart instead! Golf is a sport you can excel at over 65, and with some practice it won’t take long before you reach your handicap goals. 

#10 Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls is a game which requires precision and focus. In addition to increasing coordination, it is a great way to stay active. This is a social sport which is popular among seniors for its low impact, yet technical nature. If you prefer an indoor variety, try ten pin bowling!

You should aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day, but this doesn’t have to be a run or intense workout. The options on this list are all suitable for seniors, and can be customized to suit your unique abilities and limitations. What are you waiting for? Get up and get active and live your best life. You may even make some new friends along the way!

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