How To Get “Red Carpet” Ready

Every few months, the Internet is flooded with inspiring photographs of Hollywood’s biggest stars walking the red carpets. We can’t get enough of their flawless complexions, fashion-forward garments, and impeccable poses. It seems like an impossible task to achieve the same level of perfection at home. But can it be done? You’ll be thrilled to hear the answer is definitely yes. By choosing the right products and investing a little time and effort, you can be camera ready in no time.

It’s All In The Prep

It may seem counter-intuitive, but insiders in the celebrity beauty industry reveal that they spend most of their time prepping their clients’ skin before a drop of make-up is applied. Skin is cleansed and exfoliated, nails are trimmed and hair is cut. One of the first places to start are your legs. You won’t see the big names reaching out for disposable razors or waxing strips to get them silky smooth. Instead they’re opting for a laser hair removal machine. The main reason is longevity. Multiple sessions of laser hair removal can keep skin hair-free for up to 6-months, perfect for anyone with a hectic schedule.

For the face, one of the biggest hits among the rich and famous this year is the HydraFacial. While this treatment costs an astronomical amount, there is an easy way to re-create it at home. Start with a thorough exfoliation of the skin (you can even use all natural products, if you wish). Follow up with a deep cleanse and ideally repeat this step. Then apply a hydrating serum for a dewy glow.

Make Up Secrets

Over the years, there have been more striking make-up looks on the red carpet than we can count. In 2018 one style has been even more popular than the others. This is based on luminous, ethereal looking skin. To get the look, British Institute of Lasers recommend using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy to increase collagen production and re-invigorate skin. Once the skin is prepped, apply an illuminating primer and foundation. Use a re-touching make up pen and concealer to fade darker areas and blemishes. The aim is to make your face look as fresh as possible, so less is more. Add a simple cat eye and a soft rosy lip for to complete the natural glam look.

Hair To Dye For

In keeping with the natural theme, the biggest trends in hair styling have been soft curls and bohemian up-do’s. That’s great news as these hairstyles are easy to do at home. All you need is a heat protector, a set of curling tongs or straighteners (even affordable ones will do), and setting spray. Add glitzy hair accessories such as diamond pins and pretty flowers for something extra special.

Finally it’s all about self-confidence. When you look and feel your best, you will radiate beauty. You may get a helping hand from a pre-event detox or trying gentle meditation to soothe nerves. As a tip, chamomile and dandelion tea is a cheap and natural way to clear toxins out of the body and calm the mind. For us it’s positive proof that not all beauty hacks have to cost the earth!

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