Reading Wrap-Up for July 2018

It’s actually the first of August and I’m doing the wrap-up, I’m impressed with myself. Thanks to Bree at 1girl2manybooks for the original inspiration to start writing wrap-ups; some months I just can’t get motivated to do it but now I’ve started it is something I will continue. I just got sidetracked reading Bree’s wrap-up actually and her wrap-up always makes me jealous.

I am organised and doing this on the 1st of the month but I should be sorting book club lists for August so short and sweet it is, I also need to head in and check the mail hoping to collect birthday parcels for the boy.

Total Books I read in June: 12
11 Female authors/ 1 Male author
9 Adult/1 Young Adult/3 Children’s
10 Fiction novels
12 print/ 0 digital
Books in  series: 0
5 stars on Goodreads: 8
4 stars on Goodreads: 3
Books that qualify for AWW2018:  8
Books for B&L Book Club: 11

July was a massive reading month for me and I’m thrilled. I’m not sure how I managed to up it so far but I’m not complaining, then again I’m sure the 3 children’s books helped grow the numbers.

Standouts for me this month is hard because I rated so many at 5 stars, it was a fabulous month of reading. On The Right Track was a great mix of elements and I loved the characters and their chemistry. The Peacock Summer was an intimate study of people, relationships, art and beauty that I absolutely adored. Her Pretty Face was darkly disturbing and quite suspenseful.

A least favourite is tricky because it’s a tough call sometimes and the one I rated lowest was still a book that I enjoyed but by default that makes it the least favourite.

Many of my reads for July were repeat authors that I have loved in the past so that’s always an exciting prospect and sets up some pretty high expectations too. Picture books aside there were only 3 authors that were new to me and that’s also a wonderful prospect because it opens the doors to so many more amazing stories.

I had a huge pile to get through in July and I didn’t quite get there. I had hoped to sneak two last ones in before we got to August but I sent the callout and prep started eating up my time. I managed to squeeze one of them in but unfortunately it wasn’t to be for the second.

August is looking less daunting but still a hefty pile. I am still waiting on a couple of them to arrive but here are the ones I already have to get started on.

On that note I’m out to get the dishes done.

Have a great day

Happy Reading

We would love to hear if you have read these, what you read and loved in July and what you are looking forward to in August.

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