Win a Smiggle Back to School Pack

Join the Smiggle squad and Get Back to School in Style

When you join the Smiggle squad you get to kick start your year with a whole lot of fun and a good dose of fabulousness!

Smiggle has a range of colourful essentials that are bound to make heading back to school that bit cooler!

  • Need a unique backpack? They’ve got it!
  • Got a list of pens and pencils a mile long? They’ll sort it!
  • Want to go back with something no one else has seen before? You’ll find it at Smiggle!


Check out just some of the huge range of goodies, gadgets and gizmos released especially for back to school!

Everything is available from Smiggle stores nationally (and internationally!!) or online at

But wait there’s (even) more…

Smiggle’s product range is enormous. Everything you need for school, homework or FUN can be found at Smiggle. Smiggle’s products are designed to inspire and develop creativity with original, fun and affordable stationery, accessories, gadgets and more, all in our bright fun, colours of pink, purple, green, blue and black.

We have two Smiggle prize packs to giveaway valued at $61.80 each including:

  • 1x Drawing Visual Diary Notebook, RRP $11.95ea
  • 1x Glitter Markers 10-pack, RRP$19.95ea
  • 1x Scented Pencils 12-pack, RRP $16.95ea
  • 1x 10-Scented Bon Bon Micro Highlighters, RRP $12.95ea

For your chance to win please tell us in the comments section below who you would share these Smiggle goodies with!

Competition closes 24/02/17 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

131 thoughts on “Win a Smiggle Back to School Pack

  1. I am a champion baby-sitter. Not to be too modest. The Smiggle goodies would be fabulous to entertain the little darlings thank you.

  2. I would share this prize between my daughter in law and grand daughter as we all like to colour things in and have fun doing it.

  3. I’d share the SMIGGLE fun with my three children. Santa gave them each a SMIGGLE pencil case for Christmas, it would be great to give them some SMIGGLE pens to put in their cases.

  4. Smiggle will make me giggle as I wriggle my way back into the school year. Would share the goodies out amongst my students.

  5. My niece has just moved south to a new school in qld. Living with my parents shed be stoked to have all the special smiggles gear. Jasmine loves all things SMIGGLE. x

  6. I’d share them with both my daughters. My youngest in particular needs a pick my up after her first week back at school. Her teacher last year was bubbly and friendly and this years teacher is very strict/old-school and doesn’t crack a smile. My daughter is struggling a little with the transition!

  7. Awesome prize!!! I’d give these to my 8 (nearly 9) year old as she has to bring her own pens, pencils and textas this year. Plus it would be a nice extra gift for her bday from Beauty & Lace

  8. My nephew Jeremy who may be 28 but has Down’s Syndrome and absolutely loves to draw and colour. I collect things all year for him for Christmas , these would be a great addition to his collection.

  9. I love stationary and Smiggle is like heaven to me. I would only share my cool stuff with my bestie Brie. Getting all my books and things at the start of the year was my favourite.

  10. I love stationary and Smiggle is like heaven to me. I would share my awesome prizes with my bestie Brie. Nobody else though coz I am precious about my stationary.

  11. With my son and daughter! Daughter would be pretty excited as she is starting kinder this year. Actually we’re all pretty excited about that (for a number of reasons!!).

  12. I would share the glittery fun with my nieces and my son. My oldest niece loves SMIGGLE and loves to doodle and scribble. My son only recently learnt to GIGGLE. It would be gigglelicious to teach him the fun fruity scents. Whilst the youngest niece just learnt to WRIGGLE. BEAUTY AND LACE, If we could be the lucky winners, that would be ACE!

  13. With my daughter.. and the SMIGGLE Glitter pens with Great Gran who delights in colouring pages in her adult ‘calming’ colouring book. She then uses the pages, creating cards for family and friends.. What a ‘with it’ creative lady.

  14. My son would be absolutely thrilled with a “SMIGGLES PACK” , he would be the envy of all kids in his class as he starts back at school in just over a week! Great way to kick start the school year 🙂

  15. I am 5, Mummy showed me the above pictures and I LOVE SMIGGLES. I have a lunchbox and bottle which I take to school. I would share these with my school friends when they come for play overs. thank you Willow

  16. Smiggle inspires creativity, makes the mundane fun,
    I’ve thought hard about who to share this pack with if I won,
    “with my kids” I’d say with a mother’s good grace,
    but I can’t tell a lie on Beauty and Lace,
    so I confess I’d keep it in my hands… and off to work I’d run!

  17. I would share this with my niece because she starts kindy on her 5th birthday. She is very excited and this pack would be great extra present.

  18. My daughter would love to share this with here BFF’s. Theynwojld have so much fun doing arts and crafts together with these.

  19. Such a great prize is best shared for all and so our little boys Cooper and Charlie would learn that sharing with cousin Natasha is a great thing to do

  20. Smiggle is awesome, bright colours, funky designs which stimulate not only their creativity but their freedom to be a little wacky!!! I would share these with my children, not only for school but for fun time with mum (and dad)!

  21. My wonderful artistic, autistic nephew. The super special SMIGGLE Drawing Visual Diary Notebook would be just perfect for his awesome amazing ‘doodles’

  22. My two girls just love bright colours and the Smiggle range. They’d be so happy and would draw pictures and rainbows all day long.

  23. It would be hard not to share,
    When my daughters’ have an artistic flare,
    The Smiggle pack is just what they need,
    Knowing quality is guaranteed;
    Thanks beauty and lace,
    Put a smile on my girl’s face.

  24. My little girl – she’s starting school this year, and we always give our kids a “starting school” pack at the start of their first year – and then a top up in the middle of term one, when first excitement is faltering a little because they’re tired, and a few things are looking a bit used. This pack would be a wonderful thing to share with her to help keep her current excitement about school and stationery high.

  25. My grandson Jamie, he has become quiet the artist from spending so much time in hospital. He would love these and really appreciate them

  26. I would give them to my son. Due to no fault of his own his school supplies are very bare this year. I know he would love to receive this pack. It would be the first time he has ever had something that is special and exciting for school.

  27. My Little Kiddies – they are excited about going back to school and this Smiggle pack would make it even more exciting

  28. I would share this smiggle pack with my lovely niece. We adore smiggle!! Going into a smiggle shop is like receiving a huge warm hug.


  30. I would share these with my children and their friends. Smiggle products make great birthday presents, always puts a smile on their faces.

  31. I’d share these gorgeous Smiggle products with my art-loving Son and Daughter. The three of us draw together day and night! Smiggle is my children’s favourite supply brand and they would delight in these wonders!!

  32. I’d happily share these with my daughters, so they have the perfect Smiggle products at their fingertips when inspiration strikes!

  33. I would love to win for my 8 year old daughter she loves Smiggle, she loves that
    everything is so bright and colourful, it would brighten her day for sure.

  34. My kids have plenty of Smiggle,
    So I’d share with my workmates in the office.
    We could decorate our boring desks with some Smiggle Glitter markers.
    The next office meeting I’d use that colourful notebook to take any notes.
    Using the scented pencils as much as we can, may just cover the funny smell that drifts in from outdoors.
    And those highlighters would replace the mundane yellow highlighters we always use and brighten up all our paperwork

  35. My Girls Fifi and Hannah would Love to Share these Smiggles goodies
    We are happy to support #BeautyandLace #ichoosesa #smiggle
    My girls say Smiggles give them the Giggles ❤

  36. If I was lucky enough to win, I would use them as prizes (read bribes/incentives) for my eldest daughter (age 7). From previous experience, it is amazing how good her behaviour is when there is a Smiggle prize up for grabs!!

  37. My daughters relaxation time is when they take time to draw and let their creative minds run wild. A smiggle pack is just what they need!

  38. My little baby dolls who love drawing and learning to write. They loved the Christmas Smiggle advent calendar and are now addicted to Smiggle!

  39. I would share these with my 2 nieces. They are 4 and 2. They are cheeky and always take my things, so if I share they wont take my things.

  40. I’d share with my beautiful boy,
    Drawing he really does enjoy,
    He has special needs and has just started school,
    A SMIGGLE prize pack would be super cool!
    Art helps him express his feelings you see,
    Helping with emotional regulation guaranteed!

  41. I’d love to share this pack with my endlessly creative daughter who goes through arts supplies at a rate of knots!

  42. I would share with my son,
    between me and him I don’t know who’d have more fun,
    Smiggle is the best that’s certainly true,
    I can’t wait for all the colouring we’d do.

  43. I’d share the prize between my son’s- one who is his first year of school and learning to write and the other who just wants to be like his big brother!!

  44. My nephew is sweeter than chocolate and loves taking ‘Time Out’ to help me garden. This prize ‘Bounty’ would generate no ‘Snickers’ from him !

  45. I’d share them with my bestie’s little girl who just started Kindy last week! She’s a BIG Smiggle fan and I’d be her favourite aunty if I won this for her.

  46. I would share it with my brothers and my friends. I hardly ever get new stationary, so this will definately be an amazing prize to win for me.

  47. +Glitter Markers for my Gran, in-care, who adores colouring in Adult Colouring books;
    + Scented Bon Bon Micro Highlighters for my niece who will be experiencing O Week this week before university study…think these highlighters will be of great use to her;
    +The Drawing Visual Diary Notebook and the Scented Pencils 12-pack,… perfect birthday present for the little artist in this family. SMIGGLE products are so gr8!

  48. My beautiful little boy has started big boy school this year and he is really struggling with how to hold a pencil, I really think that making it fun with Smiggle would really help.

  49. Let’s make teaching and learning fun
    With Smiggle goodies for everyone;
    Bright stationery to inspire
    And light my students’ creative fire!
    They’ll be happy back at school
    With gadgets and gizmos that rule.

  50. My family is very generous,
    But sharing a Smiggle pack?
    If my kids were to see it
    I’d never get it back!

    I’d like to keep it to myself,
    I’m a Smiggle addict for sure,
    But in the end my daughters would get it all,
    Because they love Smiggle even more…

  51. Oh I’d so love to share these with my daughter, but unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to. I’m never allowed to use her Smiggle stuff. She says its a gift from the magic elves that only kids can see, so only kids are allowed to touch.

  52. I’d love to spoil my little one who has just started year 1 this year! She is already obsessed with stationery that is pink, sparkles and glittery and this would make her fall head over heals with the beautiful array of colours and designs!

  53. This would be an amazing package for my kids to open and giggle with Smiggle and create amazing artworks with fun stationary that gets them excited to do great things!

  54. With 2 little girls at home i think we will have fighting over who gets what! even our 13 year old will probably try to grab a couple of items 🙂

  55. I have to small children aged 2 and 4 and we love drawing etc but there is a child less fortunate than us who would really appreciate this gift and be so excited to receive this.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition

  56. My daughter and I love to draw,
    and enjoy colouring even more.
    Smiggle is her favourite brand
    there’s always a Smiggle pen in her hand.
    I’d love to see the look of surprise
    on her beaming face if I win this prize.

  57. If by ‘sharing’ you mean you sit down to use them and never get to lay a hand on them because others take over, then I’ll be ‘sharing’ with my daughters.

  58. My daughter Alice is turning 8 soon,
    With this Smiggle gift she’d be over the moon.
    Hopefully she’ll share with her sister Grace,
    All hell could break loose!! Thanks Beauty and Lace!!

  59. I would share these with my 108 year old great-grandmother. She loves those adult colouring in books and just because you’re old doesn’t mean you can’t have FUN!

  60. My little one started school this year and is the biggest Smiggle fan, as she loves the colourful and unique designs! Winning this pack would give her the biggest smile on her face!

  61. With the children I work with in a primary school, working with children in groups as a teacher aide these highlighters and scented pencils would be a real treat for them to use when they are with me

  62. My son. All I need to say is, “don’t touch these pens etc.” And what does he do? He can’t get enough of them and I find them stashed in his room and wonderful drawings and creativity!

  63. My niece adores Smiggles, Shes had to stay with my folks while there home is being renovated to sell. This would be the bomb easter gift to celebrate her folks home coming. What creative streaks she’ll share when the giggles takeover her art book.

  64. My Daughter! She is a new little Preppie this year, She loves all things stationary and of course colourful! Smiggle is Life!!

  65. I’d share them with my Year 1 class. They love writing, and would absolutely adore some special pencils to use.

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